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What’s in a Name?

The Producer needs to invest in some more headshots!

So. Zac’s Beloved and I have been hashing a few things out, laying down ground rules and trying to come to grips with our new status.

I’m still sad, but I am picking up my life more and looking forward.

I have decided to star in this blog and therefore a few things need to change.

This will be about ME, and will only include others in so far as they affect ME. I have the central role.

This is my house now, I lie wherever I want. I did even try the cream leather chair the other day but was caught out. However, at night……… 🙂

I do not like being left alone. That is really when I miss Zac the most. However hard I try not to I cannot stop the anxiety rising and I panic. I think I am getting better but that is a hard one for me. But more about these things later.

The final piece of business was what to call Zac’s Beloved?

We both agreed that Beloved was the term she and Zac used and it should be preserved for him.

I came up with some great ideas but they were all shot down. I thought Babushka had a nice ring to it but she didn’t want to be thought of as an old Russian grandmother which I suppose I understand as she is neither a grandmother or Russian (though to me she is pretty old) having said that anything over ten looks old to a six year old.

She searched for the right noun for one who is followed constantly, one who is shadowed or stalked. She came up with Victim, Prey, Quarry, Stalkee, but they all have such negative connotations. I follow her around all the time, I’m not about to pounce on her. Anyway I think she was trying to be sarcastic but it’s water off a duck’s back to me.

I thought Mother Superior was rather good but she felt it was too long to type. Darling and Dearest were high on the list but they reminded us too much of the film Lady and the Tramp which was Zac’s favourite.

Then we looked at  Honey, Angel, Cherish, Esteemed, Endeared, Idolized, Respected, Treasured but somehow they just weren’t right. Precious was a good one which was suggested to us, but every time she hears it she thinks of that skeletal creature out of Lord of the Rings and she thought maybe being pictured as an old Russian grandmother might be better.

After being told I wasn’t allowed to sit on the cream chair I came up with a few new ones; Superintendent, Keeper, CEO, Manager, Boss lady, Numero Uno, Controller and Supervisor! Needless to say she wouldn’t allow me to use those. I rest my case.

As I am a Princess I did think of calling her the Queen but I think that gives her a little too much kudos. I am the muse, the inspiration, the artist, the source and focus of this blog and that should not be forgotten.

And that’s when it came to me. She is the one who has to look after me, create the right conditions for me to thrive. She has to supervise my day to day needs and raise funds for my food. She has to hire personnel to take care of my grooming and healthcare needs and accommodation if we travel anywhere.

She will be involved throughout the whole process of this project to spotlight ME.

From henceforth she shall be known as The Producer.

See you later – love Zena, Superstar Princess

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