The Princess Tails

The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


Wreck It Raff

I am trying to be an understanding princess.

I understand that The Help has two parents she gives a lot of time to.

I understand that The Boss is still recovering from the eye surgery gone wrong and it has been almost five weeks since he could drive.

I understand that he is fed up but at least he does seem to be recovering now.

I understand that The Help had a morning in the hospital having a procedure she won’t talk about and she has lots of appointments for herself, The Boss and her parents.

I understand that we have been lucky not to have missed a morning in the park or my cuddles in the evening despite all of this.

However, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how they could leave me so often alone with ‘Wreck it Raff’ and think it’s okay!

The Evidence

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer


Visiting Hours

The Horror Show

The Horror Show



Child's Play

Child’s Play

Friday 13th

Friday 13th

See No Evil

See No Evil

Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf

He Knows You're Alone!

He Knows You’re Alone!

I understand we are being left a little more than usual …….. but…… H E L P !!!!

With love from Zena, the (safe) and understanding Princess


The Producing Princess

And no. I’m not having puppies or anything like that. The Help saw to that little matter when I was too young to remember 🙂

I have made a movie. Produced, Directed and had a part. Not really the star part in this one because it is hard to do everything.

There comes a time in many a Star’s life when they decide to get behind the camera instead of in front of it. This Saturday I spent some of the time behind the scenes directing the filming.

When the real fun began though I was right there as you can see from the video. That small black streak in the midst of the chase is me. I play with the big guys and gals and I’m having a great time.

See for yourselves.

Oh. And The Help apologises for the music but because of copyright she couldn’t use any of the cool songs we wanted.

Have fun seeing what we get up to and meeting some of the names you may well hear more of on the blog.

If you are not sure who is Raffles and who is Ringo. Raffles is the dirty one! He was groomed today and is clean again. That won’t last beyond tomorrow morning and our park date.

Then the brown one is Cassie, Raffie’s best friend. The red one is Rosie who is best friends with Ollie, who Raffy also loves. Well, he loves everyone. Ollie is the super thin black one with the ballet moves. Daisy is the silver one who you catch glimpses of and then the other black one who comes in at the end is Leo who is only an occasional visitor.

Raffles today after a good groom. Waste of money if you ask me :-)

Raffles today after a good groom. Waste of money if you ask me 🙂 And today is his 8 month birthday.

On another topic just before you go, pop over to Long Life Cats and Dogs where Pixels is taking part in a competition. If you haven’t voted for her, please do. Pixels is very cute and anything she wins will go to support rescue cats and dogs which is a very good cause I’m sure you’ll agree. Thanks everyone.

Love from Zena, the Directing Princess


The Princess Remembers

Nostalgia – a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past.

Do you remember when I first met Raffles and I thought he was big?

Raffles at the beginning

Raffles at the beginning

We used to play in the garden together and have fun.

We would share sniffs and interesting things.


We would run and play in the woods nearby.


And afterwards we would share my special little bed (before someone broke down the edges!!).


And remember when THEY decided that you weren’t allowed on the settee?


Those were the good old days.

They are gone forever.

Now, I have a hard time finding room on MY settee – so much for THEIR good intentions.


I creep into the garden hope to get away without being ‘spotted’. But, I fail.

Can you see me? Raffles can :-(

Can you see me? Raffles can 😦

On my way back in I have to run the gauntlet of an almost seven month who thinks if I’m outside I must want to play but who is three times my weight and size.

Where’s the fun with tug-of-war with those odds?


Once spotted I have no choice but to make a run for the house hoping I can make it before I get savaged.


Today, due to a sore paw (note the right leg is being held up so I am hobbling) I didn’t make it.


Having made it plain that I was in no mood for a game I am ‘escorted’ into the house.


To add insult to injury he even eclipses me in the photographs – I barely get a look in.


Remember when Raffles first came to live with us and I thought he was huge?

Well I was wrong.

Now he is huge!

Keeping cool in the OZ heat and remembering the good old days of three months ago!

Keeping cool in the OZ heat and remembering the good old days of three months ago!

Love from Zena, the thoughful Princess


A Prance of Poodles

First of all today a couple of administrative issues. Some of you out there, namely CatChat and Molly the Wally never hear from me because I seem to be unable to leave any comments or like your page. I have tried, honestly, and I do want to comment but for some reason the technology won’t let me, but I do enjoy your blogs guys.

In the spirit of change and moving forward I have decided to sack The Producer. Yeah I know. You’re all shocked. I just think the task is beyond her. Just read the above statement and you will realise it’s true. She will henceforth be known as ‘The Help’, because that was what she was put on this earth for – to help me 😀

Another cat friend (yes I do have them), invited his followers to help themselves to an award he had been given. Yeah Sammy from One Spoiled Cat. Thanks buddy.


Sorry Sammy and Savannah, hope we’re still purrfect furrbuds.

So being a friendly kind of gal I helped myself to The Friendly Blogger Award and invite any of my followers to do the same 🙂

The Friendly Blogger Award

The Friendly Blogger Award

Now. As most of you know I am a Tibetan Terrier. Some of you have heard of us, many of you have never met one before. Down at the leash free people often think I am some kind of an ‘oodle’, a Shnoodle or Spoodle seem to be the most common misconceptions. This is understandable because of the ragged haircuts I keep getting from The Help.

However, in all my years of visiting the leash free I have never met another Tibetan Terrier. We are THAT special.

Before we had Raffles, we did see a couple of Standard Poodles who came a few times a week. Now that we have Raffles it seems like there are Standards crawling out of every crevice in our village – it seems that they are very common popular.

One non Standard Poodle owner who was stood watching the crowd play together (for some reason they all seem to gravitate to each other and play only with other Standards), called them a ‘Prance of Poodles’.

So here are some of Rafi’s pals who he meets up with regularly. My job is to make sure the pup is okay and I can tell you I come back from the park exhausted these days. No more walking in gentile fashion with The Help whilst Zac sits in the middle of the park watching the world. Now it’s helter skelter from one end to the other trying to make sure the Pup keeps safe. Having a puppy is hard work as I’ve mentioned before.

So here are some of the Poodles who make up Rafi’s Pals and the ‘Prance of Poodles’ at our local leash free.

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Long before The Help had even considered a standard poodle she met Coco. She actually offended the owner by asking if she was a purebred or crossed with a dalmation (gasp of horror!), she didn’t know you could get poodles with this sort of a colouring. Fortunately the owner eventually forgot it was her who asked such an insulting question and is talking to her again!



Coco shares her life with a red Standard called Jacques. He loves balls so doesn’t play with the others in the same way, he is just interested in chasing that little yellow tennis ball.

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy is an elegant silver standard who comes usually at weekends. You can see that Rafi is still in his puppy coat and has yet to match the elegance of these more mature dogs. There am I, right in the middle checking that he doesn’t get out of his depth.

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

See what I mean about the quiet walks being a thing of the past? Now that I spend my time rushing after Rafi my fitness levels have really improved.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie is his best friend. They play together most days because we time our leash free visits to coincide so that they can meet up and tire each other out! I have to monitor it all though as you can tell from the next picture. Cassie is brown with the most amazing golden tips to her coat. Women pay a fortune to get that look.

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Here I am checking that all is well. Cassie and Raffles are forever throwing themselves on the floor and wrestling together which is why he tends to be a grey Standard Poodle rather than a cream one!

Rosie is another pal who we see lots of. She comes from the same kennel as Rafi but has a different Mum & Dad. As you can see I really have to be in the middle of everything and often have to get vocal to keep things in check.

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rosie is a red poodle and she is very playful too. I find it strange that poodles come in so many different colours which often have little relation to the colour of their parents. I have a black & white mum and a black dad and I am black with a white star on my tummy. That to me makes sense and is logical.

Rafi had an apricot mum and a black dad and turned out cream – weird. Rosie’s mum was apricot too and her dad was black.

I have heard it said that black is the true colour of the poodle and that makes sense to me. Black is a cool colour 🙂

This is Ollie

This is Ollie

Ollie is another pal from the same kennel. He and Rosie are always together and it is good for Rafi to have a male role-model. Ollie and Rosie are about two years of age now, Cassie is one year and of course Rafi is six months.

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me int he foreground

This picture was taken a month a go and the little guy has grown a little. This is Ringo. Ringo is the star (yeah, I admit it) of the leash free. He arrives sitting up in the back of his convertible with sunglasses on to protect his eyes.

He jumps out and struts his stuff. He comes into the park and you can only say that he prances. His tail is up, his head is up and he is ready to party. He is white and handsome and boy does he know it! He and Rafi both like Cassie so we are a little concerned about what might happen when the little guy begins to feel he is a big boy! At the moment he is content to her0-worship Ringo and Ringo is used to that!

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

King Ringo

King Ringo

Undisputed King of the Poodles and loving it. Some there think Rafi is going to be just as handsome and even bigger than Ringo. At the moment all I see is a gawky guy who falls over his huge paws!

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

The scrum

The scrum

Taken this morning Ollie, Rosie, Rafi and Cassie meet up for a good time. As you can see, I am right there with them. Afraid of big dogs – me? Not any more 🙂

Pudle-Hunds at play

Pudel-Hunds at play

Again, just this morning. Rafi on the left, then Cassie, ME in the middle and Rosie on the right. Behind us Chief the border collie and Roxy the long haired collie wait to herd any stragglers and help me to keep score!

I actually think there could be a soap opera in this.

What will happen when Ringo realises that he has a rival for Cassie’s attentions?

Will Cassie be able to continue to keep both Rafi and Ringo entranced.

Will Ollie move up and take a more central role in the drama?

Will Rosie feel left out and will Rafi ever look as good as Ringo?

Tune in for other exciting adventures in the leash free 😀

And what am I doing now?

As you can imagine. After such a morning, I am going to sleep – for the rest of the day!

Love – Zena, the exhausted Princess


The Four Little Piggies & Princess Zena (based on The Three Pigs)

Princess Zena: As Princess Zena
Raffles: Raffles, The Personal Trainer
Doggie: Evil Doggie
Piggies: number 1 – Nutty, 
Piggie number 2 – Nibbles, 
Piggie number 3 – Buddy, 
Piggie number 4 – Basil

Brief appearance by: Mollie


Four little pigs were walking in a forest one day and they found a beautiful Princess crying quietly.

Beautiful Princess Zena crying in the forest

‘What are you doing here beautiful princess?’ they asked, ‘The woods are not safe. There is a big, black evil Doggie who roams about playing rough and peeing on things.’

Evil Doggie planning his next move

Princess Zena, for it was indeed that famous beauty, looked afraid.
‘I didn’t know he came here as well. He is the cause of all my troubles.’
Basil, who had become instantly smitten with the beautiful princess stepped forward.

‘We will help you Princess Zena.’ he said,  ‘We are the bravest piggies in the land.’

The four brave piggies: Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Nutty, Nibbles & Buddy exchanged looks. Their whiskers quivered. What was Basil letting them in for now? They were only little guinea pigs, how could they overcome Doggie?

Princess Zena raised her beautiful brown eyes still swimming with tears.
‘Can you really help me?’ she asked with wonder in her voice. ‘What amazing piggies you must be indeed.’

Basil puffed out his little chest and squeaked, ‘Whatever it is, we will help. Won’t we Nibbles, Nutty & Buddy?’
He turned to the other piggies who were shamed into offering to help too.
‘Of course, of course,’ they whiffled and were rewarded with a big smile from the beautiful Princess Zena.

‘So just what is the problem?’ asked Buddy feeling that he should be a little more assertive in this fairy tail.

‘Well, it is like this,’ shared the Princess. ‘Since my wonderful Zac died I have been so lonely and sad that I wanted to find another companion to play with me and protect me. So I put my profile on a dating site and waited to see who would contact me.’

Nibbles gasped, ‘Don’t you know how risky that is?’

‘I do now,’ said The Princess, ‘But I did think it was a good idea at the time. I was so lonely I would have done anything.’

Buddy nodded. He had lost a pal, he knew how it felt.

Princess Zena continued with her story. ‘I was contacted by quite a few possible candidates including Doggie who described himself as a cute cavoodle who liked to play gentle games and was willing to sleep on the tiles.’

Now it was Nutty who gasped.

Princess Zena nodded,  ‘As you know, he is nothing of the kind. He is a big Spanish Water Dog who likes water and mud and all the things I hate!’ she shuddered.

‘Before I knew who he really was I arranged to meet with him and bring him home with me but a kind Collie called Mollie warned me that he had lied in his profile, something to do with liking to win, so I politely declined his offer to move in with me.’

Basil quivered with indignation. Fancy trying to trick such a sweet and innocent little thing as Princess Zena.

‘After that experience,’ continued the Princess, ‘I decided that advertising for a companion was not a good idea so I withdrew my details and instead I employed a personal trainer to keep me fit. His name is Raffles and he keeps me running and working out all day!

When Doggie heard about this he was angry and he has sworn to get even with me because he doesn’t like to lose.

So Raffles and I ran into these woods to hide from him, but I am afraid and cold because we have nowhere to stay and I don’t like the rain. Princess Zena began to cry again.

Princess Zena & Raffles running into the forest

At this point Raffles came out from behind a tree and looked at the piggies rather nervously.

‘It is alright Raffie,’ said Princess Zena, ‘These Piggies are going to help us.’
She turned trusting eyes onto the piggies and they were filled with pride at her faith in them and became determined to outwit Doggie.

‘Wait a moment,’ said Basil, and he took his three friends to one side and they had a discussion.

They all agreed that the first thing that was needed was a shelter to protect Princess Zena but unfortunately they could not agree on how to build this shelter.

Nutty felt that a cardboard house was all that was needed and it had the added benefit of being very quick and easy to make which meant they would have plenty of time to enjoy some of the forest foods before Doggie came.

So he chewed and chewed and before long his cardboard house was ready. He tried it out. Perfect! And with so much time to spare before evening he could fill up on that wonderful patch of fresh grass he had seen.

Nutty working on his cardboard house

Basil inspected Nutty’s house but did not feel it was really strong enough to withstand an angry Doggie.

Basil inspecting Nutty’s finished house

Like Basil, Nibbles was not very sure that the cardboard house would be strong enough to stop Doggie, so he collected a lot of straw from the forest floor to build his house. It smelt so good too, and as soon as he finished the house he went ambling off to eat some dandelions he had spotted.

Nibbles’ straw house

Buddy looked at the cardboard house and the house of straw and thought that they were both a little flimsy. He wanted to build the best house.
‘I know,’ he thought, ‘I will build my house of sticks.’
So he collected a lot of sticks and built his house and he was very pleased with it. He couldn’t see where Basil was but he wasn’t concerned. His house of sticks would protect them from Doggie. He snuffled off to find some wild strawberries to eat.

Buddy’s house of sticks

Basil saw the houses his pals had built and was very concerned. They didn’t look strong enough to protect Princess Zena from the evil Doggie.

He looked at the angle of the sun and measured the distance from the trees and he spent all day building a villa out of brick with roof tiles, an open fire and double glazed windows because he was concerned about the environment and heat loss.
He worked all day and hadn’t eaten at all and when he finished his house he was very tired but he was also pleased. He’d even built a little pool so that Raffles could teach Princess Zena to swim and exercise!

Basil’s villa

Just as he stepped back to admire his house there was a crashing through the woods and he heard Princess Zena scream.

‘Quick!’ shouted Nutty, ‘Into my cardboard house.’

The little piggies, Raffles and Princess Zena rushed into the little cardboard house. It was a very tight fit and they couldn’t really move. Raffles was afraid.

From outside they heard a roar from Doggie. ‘I will not lose,’ he roared. ‘I will break down your house and I’ll pee on your heads.’

The little friends looked at each other in horror! Pee on their heads?

No sooner had Doggie uttered the threat than he swiped the cardboard house to one side with his paw and the Piggies had to cling to Raffles as they ran with Princess Zena to safety.

Raffles, Zena and the four piggies fleeing from Doggie deeper into the forest

‘Quick!’ Shouted Nibbles, run to my house of straw, ‘That will stop him. The six friends ran very fast into the house of straw.

Princess Zena’s eyes were wide with fear and Raffles was shaking as they crowded into the house. Princess Zena began to sneeze as her allergies reacted to the straw.
They had only just had enough time to catch their breath when there was another roar from Doggie and he laughed at their house of straw.

“I’m coming in to pee on your heads.’ he yelled, and then his nose twitched and he gave an enormous sneeze which blew away the house of straw.

Princess Zena, Raffles, Basil, Buddy, Nibbles and Nutty were too stunned to move for a moment and then as Doggie sneezed again because of all the straw in his hair they took the opportunity to run as Doggie demolished the house of straw.

Doggie destroying the house of straw

‘To my house of sticks.’ commanded a rather puffed Buddy and again the pals rushed through the darkening woods, Doggie close behind them.
They reached the stick house just in time and slammed the door. Raffles thought that it was a good job he was a puppy and very fit because all this running around with four piggies on his back was very tiring.

The Pals fleeing the house of straw and running to the house of sticks

Inside the house of sticks they quaked with fear as Doggie circled the house muttering threats and swearing.

‘Ha!’ He laughed, ‘Do not think you are safe for I am Doggie the Dastardly and I will get in and pee on your heads.’

He then began to dig at the foundations of the house of sticks and they could hear him chewing up the sticks at an alarming rate.

Before long a tooth protruded through the walls and Princess Zena screamed.

‘Now I will be proved right!’ shouted Basil. ‘Quick, run to my villa and you shall be safe.’

So once again with the piggies on his back and Princess Zena holding onto his tail Raffles ran through the forest, Basil shouting directions into his ears.

Doggie finishing off the house of sticks

At last they reached the lovely modern villa he had built out of brick and finished with render.

They fell gratefully into the huge room and Raffles lay panting in front of the beautiful open fire whilst Princess Zena fussed about organising beds and supper for everyone.

Suddenly they froze as they heard once again the mocking laughter of Doggie!

‘Do you think this huge, thick wooden door can stop me? I will get in and pee on your heads!’ he screamed and he proceeded to dig at the door and the walls.

But Basil had made the foundations too deep and Doggie gave up. He was very cross.

Then he tried to break down the door but it was too strong.

He tried to jump in and break the glass but he couldn’t reach the windows.

Princess Zena was so happy. She and Raffles were safe at last and it was all due to Basil. She gave Basil a shining look and thanked him profusely. He puffed his little white furry chest out with pride and Princess Zena gave him the ZAG – the Princess Zena Award for Gallantry.

Raffles, Princess Zena and the four piggies snuggle up together for a rest before supper.

The friends were chatting in front of the fire and nibbling the remains of supper when Princess Zena heard a whining outside.

She looked out and her kind heart softened. It had begun to rain and Doggie was sat by the door shivering.

Wet Doggie!

He saw her looking out of the window and his head drooped.

‘What shall we do?’ she asked the others.

‘It is a trick.’ Scowled Raffles. ‘Let him stay out in the rain.’

Nutty thought of his cardboard house and shivered. ‘I don’t want to let him in to pee on my head.’ he said.

Nibbles agreed. ‘After all, he brought it on himself because he won’t accept losing.’ he said.

But Basil and Princess Zena were not so sure.

It was very cold outside and Doggie looked very miserable and sad. Surely he had learnt his lesson?

Basil opened the window just a little bit. ‘If we let you in do you promise on your honour to be good?’ he asked.

Doggie looked hopeful, ‘I do, I do,’ he answered quickly. A little too quickly Raffles thought and he scowled. He did not trust Doggie.

He went to the window and showed his puppy teeth.
‘If you come in, do you promise not to pee on our heads?’

Doggie looked shocked.

‘I never said I would pee on your heads.’ he said, ‘That would be disgusting! I said I would pee on your beds! Peeing on your heads!! Yuck. I would never do that!’

And he looked so hurt that they had believed such a nasty thing of him that Princess Zena decided to open the door and let him come in but before she did she made him promise not to pee on their beds either!

Doggie looked a little shamefaced. ‘Alright,’ he said, ‘I don’t do that anymore anyway.’

So they let Doggie in to sit by the fire and finish off the supper and they all became great friends and promised to have lots of play dates and share Raffles as a personal trainer, so Doggie won anyway!


Zena rolling out the tension after a hard workout from Raffles!

Love from the Zena, the Playful Princess

Thanks to Hutch a Good Life, Doggy’s Style and for allowing me to use their photos and to Mollie for her brief, but important appearance!


The Playful Princess

Many people have asked The Producer for a video. She is not very technical so you have to forgive the quality, the shakes and the boring bit in the middle! However, it does show you how much I am suffering! She is also mean and hasn’t paid for a video upgrade so you have to watch this through YouTube. I just hope she gets it right.

Love from The Pitiful Princess 🙂


The Prankster Princess


Day two (gasp)

Still here (gasp)

Only a little mauled (panting) fur a bit wet.

No sign of him leaving yet, beginning to give up hope (gasp) send help soon………

The ‘Frenemy’. You can tell he’s dangerous

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

“Listen to me, mister. You’re my knight in shining armor. Don’t you forget it. “

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

Okay, Okay, I’ll come clean. As is obvious from the blurry photos above this morning I caved. I’m not proud of it, I had intended to hold out for longer but who could resist this?

“You had me at ‘hello.'”

He has whined, grovelled, licked and pestered me since last night to play with him. I wasn’t going to give in that easily. He needn’t think that he can just come crawling back and I’ll respond immediately. So I made him wait and work.

The Producer finally realised that he had made my bed smell awful and washed it. That was one good thing. Then she put it under a table and although he can get into it, it is harder so he prefers his big one. I’m allowed on the red sofa he isn’t. Although he doesn’t realise that yet and he tried to follow me onto it after our game this morning and fell sprawling onto the kitchen floor legs flailing! Very funny. He is remarkably uncoordinated.

So with these rules in place I chose, I CHOSE, to play. The blurry photos above are the best that The Producer could do under the circumstances, I hope to train her to do better in future.

I hate to say it but you might all be right. With time we might be pals and if we’re not, well, he certainly will make a good bodyguard and a very handsome accessory!

I have learnt that I’m stronger than I thought. If I ignore him it drives him nuts hee! hee! The revenge of the older dog. I may be smaller but …… size isn’t everything!!

Oh and they have finally settled on a name. He is Raffles, Raffi for short. The Producer was going with Polo because that was her beloveds favourite but he gave in this morning. I don’t think it had anything to do with the nicknames she was using like: ‘Po-face’ and ‘Po-belle’ (that last one she pronounced like poubelle, french for rubbish bin), she plays dirty!

So my almost pal Raffles and I bid you adieu – love from The Princess, stirred but not shaken (and yes I do know that is the wrong way around but it is how I feel)