The Princess Tails

The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


The Princess Remembers

I thought growing old would take longer. But here I am at eleven and a half and everyone is telling me how good I look for my age.

I am now on three medications a week but the response is usually, ‘Well what can you expect at her age. Things go wrong.’

Thanks guys!

They say that when you get older you tend to live in the past more and more. Remembering.

So as everyone seems to be saying how old I am I decided to look back.

I decided to get the old photos out and play ‘I remember’.

I remember many more occasions than these but I think it would be too many pages.

I remember when I saw grass for the first time and meeting Zac (my Uncle) who was gentle and taught me everything.


I remember cuddling up with Zac in bed.


I remember Zac playing with me holding a tiny twig and not pulling so I could feel I won.

Friends share......

I remember when the world was new and an exciting place with lots of new smells and sensations.


I remember when I was small enough to fit on a lap with space to spare.


I remember wanting to do whatever Zac did, to go wherever Zac went. I still do.


I remember playing ‘we didn’t do it’ with Zac.


Twigs in the house? Who? Me??????

I remember sharing the fun rocking lounger with Zac.

John & furkids 1

I remember leading Zac a dance.


‘Come on old fella. You’re only two years older than me.’

I remember Zac – the best Tibetan ever.

Walking the dogs 5

I remember Zac teaching me to watch TV. Now I’ve taught Jazz (Raffy isn’t interested).


I remember sharing the chair with Zac, even when he didn’t want me to.


I remember our last time together at the park when Zac didn’t want to walk so we sat in the dust together and our friends came to visit.


I remember my heart breaking in time with Mum’s heart.


I remember lonely walks in the park after Zac left me.


I remember lying in my bed and not wanting to get out.


I remember meeting Raffy for the first time. It was not a success to begin with.


I remember him getting into my bed with me.


I remember introducing Raff to the garden.


I remember tug of war when I won.


I remember him growing.


I remember him growing more.


I remember him growing even more.

IMG_3602 - Version 2

I remember it being hard to share the sofa with Raff.


I remember introducing him to the other poodles at the park.


Daisy chasing a young Raffy with me shouting encouragement.

I remember Raffy playing finding lots of friends at the park. This is Cassie sharing her stick with us.


I remember Christmas at the park with Raffy’s friends.


I remember treats at the park


I remember Raffy and Ollie kissing hello and feeling sooooo embarrassed!


I remember how Raffy squeezing into my bed.


I remember a sleepover with friends.


I remember that bad hair day.


I remember how Raffy and I like the sun.

IMG_6237 2

I remember good and bad, happy and sad and I hope to make more memories even though I am now an older Tibetan.

Cover girl princess

I would love to hear your rememberings one day.

Love Zena – the remarkable Princess 🙂


The Princess Remembers

Nostalgia – a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past.

Do you remember when I first met Raffles and I thought he was big?

Raffles at the beginning

Raffles at the beginning

We used to play in the garden together and have fun.

We would share sniffs and interesting things.


We would run and play in the woods nearby.


And afterwards we would share my special little bed (before someone broke down the edges!!).


And remember when THEY decided that you weren’t allowed on the settee?


Those were the good old days.

They are gone forever.

Now, I have a hard time finding room on MY settee – so much for THEIR good intentions.


I creep into the garden hope to get away without being ‘spotted’. But, I fail.

Can you see me? Raffles can :-(

Can you see me? Raffles can 😦

On my way back in I have to run the gauntlet of an almost seven month who thinks if I’m outside I must want to play but who is three times my weight and size.

Where’s the fun with tug-of-war with those odds?


Once spotted I have no choice but to make a run for the house hoping I can make it before I get savaged.


Today, due to a sore paw (note the right leg is being held up so I am hobbling) I didn’t make it.


Having made it plain that I was in no mood for a game I am ‘escorted’ into the house.


To add insult to injury he even eclipses me in the photographs – I barely get a look in.


Remember when Raffles first came to live with us and I thought he was huge?

Well I was wrong.

Now he is huge!

Keeping cool in the OZ heat and remembering the good old days of three months ago!

Keeping cool in the OZ heat and remembering the good old days of three months ago!

Love from Zena, the thoughful Princess