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The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


A S-Elfless Christmas


Okay. I admit it. I am worried.


Well. This is my first Christmas in charge so to speak.

My first Christmas without Zac.

Before I never really bothered about Christmas, it came, we opened presents, I ate some turkey and it we slept. Zac was the boss, he was ‘le chef’.

Zac and I would sit in the centre of the present opening circle and watch everyone opening gifts that we considered most boring. We thought it was more fun to play with the paper than with most of the things inside.

For instance I was so excited when I heard The Director say The Producer was having an iPad. That sounded interesting. But no, just another electronic gadget. No fun for me.

Although, come to think about it,  she has taken some nice photos of me on it and it has been useful for my blog so I guess iPads are okay really.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Christmas.

Prissy Paws joins us but not really if you understand what I mean. He always sits on Team Leader with his little snub nose in the air, or stares at us with those unnaturally huge eyes of his. He can be quite unnerving. I have heard that everyone has someone like this in the family. Someone who feels they are above everyone else.

Ho! Bloody Ho! - Prissy Paws enjoys Christmas :-)

Ho! Bloody Ho! – Prissy Paws enjoys Christmas 🙂

This year though things are different.

I won’t have my Zac pal which will be sad. My first Christmas without him. The first time I open the presents without him and I am feeling the weight of his loss.

Many of you know I don’t really like responsibility. But it has been thrust upon me with this new puppy – the Behemoth, Raffles. Not only do I miss my Zac, I have to mind the puppy. I have to be an example.

Instead of a nice gentle Christmas of years past we shall be having a ‘Watch that puppy!’, ‘Don’t put it down there!’, ‘Quick! What’s he eating?’ Christmas.

It is going to be tiring. I just know it.

And it has already started – I think.

A couple of days ago I came upon the site of a slaughter in our garden. Yes. In my garden. The place where I stroll, smell the flowers and relax. Is nowhere safe? Obviously not!

My garden as it usually is. Calm, pristine a haven of calmness.

My garden as it usually is. Calm, pristine, a haven of calmness.

Now I have come across the odd feather in the past and even a bit of possum tail, but never anything like this. This was disturbing on the scale of a slasher movie. Think of Scream or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you can imagine my horror.

Judge for yourselves.

Nightmare On Our Street

Nightmare On Our Street

You see? A slaughter.

My blood ran cold.

Look at the colours – those that you can see anyway. Red, green and white.

Then look at this.

A Happy Little Christmas Elf

A Happy Little Christmas Elf

Red, green and white.

I am so worried that Raffles in his puppyness has murdered an elf.

There. I’ve said it. Brought it out into the open. Admitted the unspeakable.

Kill Baby! Kill!

Kill Baby! Kill!

What will SantaPaws say?

Will he leave me any presents if it isn’t me who has torn up an Elf?

Would he notice if he was missing elf?

Would the other elves tell?

Am I responsible?????

Is this the face of innocence or a cold blooded tearer apart of happy little elves.

Is this the face of innocence or a cold blooded ripper apart of happy little elves.

Mollie has been confessing her sins and really I don’t think I have anything to confess.

Okay, I was sometimes a little mean to Zac and ran around and around him when he couldn’t move so well but he always had his own back by body-checking me and sending me flying! It was our special game.

And I suppose I could play with the puppy more but I am flaked out most nights.

On the whole I think I have been good enough for Santa Paws to call but now I think that Raffles may have blown Christmas for all of us.

Maybe I should do some detective work……… First of all we need to know if Santa is missing an elf.

What do you think?

An Australian Poodle in Victoria

An Australian Poodle in Victoria

Elf or not?

Love from Zena, Detective Dog

Searching for Elves in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Searching for missing elves in Gstaad, Switzerland.