The Princess Tails

The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


The Naked Princess

Well. Not really.

But it feels a bit like it.

Yesterday I was this cute, shaggy and okay I acknowledge it, slightly knotted Tibetan.

Portrait of a shaggy dog

Portrait of a shaggy dog

Then I went to the spa. They bathed me, cut me and combed me and I think they went a little too far!

I feel so naked!

I feel so naked!

And not only do I have to deal with the sudden loss of my long hair (on the one hand it’s easier to run around, on the other I feel strange) but on my return I had to cope with the ministrations of Raffles who was very concerned about where I had been and why I looked different on my return.

'So then I had a bath and they got out the big dryer......'

‘So then I had a bath and they got out the big dryer……’

To my embarrassment the cut revealed that I have been enjoying a few too many puppy treats lately and for the first time in my life I have a little more belly than I should. I am mortified.

Then, to add insult to injury it was a little cold this morning and The Help thought that maybe the short cut might be too much of a shock for me so I had to go out looking like this.

Oh the shame!

Oh the shame! If looks could kill…….

At least it’s purple – the royal colour. See my skinny little legs. I did hear The Help say to keep the leg hair longer. Sigh. It’s always the same when you go to get a haircut. They get carried away and you spend the next few months growing it again. The Help complains about her hair being cut too. It must be a family thing πŸ™‚

For those of you who saw the pictures of our garden yesterday and were so kind about it, we thought we’d show you pictures of what it was like before the big trees came down and they made a big lawn for us to run on.

This was the garden until last year

This was the back garden when Zac & I moved here

The garden until last year

The garden until last year

The Boss worked hard and had it looking pretty. We had a little patch of grass and then we went through the arch and behind that shed you can just see three really big trees. They began to lean rather badly and threaten neighbours. That’s when The Help and The Boss decided that they couldn’t leave them up any more.



That before picture looks great. Zac and I loved exploring the different parts of the garden but nothing would grow down where the shed is because of those big trees. The other problem was that the garden took a lot of water. Not good in a country like Australia where there is so little rain.

The in-between stage.

The in-between stage.

The Boss spent ages moving the plants, then he got someone in to take the trees down and move the sheds and then he had to put down turf. And all this time I couldn’t use the garden.

It was cute before but I guess it was worth it because this is what we have now and as you have all mentioned, it is a great garden for us to run around in – when I feel like running!

A Pergola stands where the big trees used to be so we can sit in the shade and watch the pup playing on the lawn.

A Pergola stands where the big trees used to be so we can sit in the shade and watch the pup playing on the lawn.

What a difference? Do you prefer the before or after? We’re hoping this one won’t use as much water as well as giving us space to run.

Have a good day.

Love from Zena, the plump Princess 😦


The Tardy Princess

It isn’t me that’s tardy – it’s The Help. She can give loads of excuses but the fact remains. She has not blogged about me for days and days and days. This is not good enough. I have a public to keep informed. Perhaps I should switch to Twitter so I can Tweet my every move.

‘Just been to the park BOL. Barked at white Maltese.’


‘Finished most of my dinner. Having a drink now then it’s tummy rub time.’

I do think that I could be popular. After all some of the tweets out there are not as interesting. However, I would still have to use The Help so I expect it would fail.

Now that I’m here I must get on with some lovely business. Our wonderful pal Easy gave me the Liebster award. I don’t know how many of these Liebster awards are out there but this one must have been made with me in mind. It is pink! So thank you, thank you, thank you Easy. If you don’t know Easy he is a very handsome Weimeraner who lives in a French village and leads a very interesting life. I always know I am going to have a smile on my face when I go and visit so I recommend you pop over too.


I need to tell you eleven things about myself:

1. I am in charge of civil disobedience at the park now. Whenever a dog is down I am there barking until it gets up and is safe again. Can’t have the others picking on it.

Me, policing the park

Me, policing the park

2. There is a Jack Russell called Pippin who lives in one of the gardens alongside the park and we love to race up and down barking and snarling at each other but if Pippin comes into the park we ignore each other πŸ™‚ I love a bit of contrariness.

3. The Help is growing my hair longer again which means more brushing 😦 but I am prettier πŸ™‚

See my curl? The longer my coat the more it will wave :-)

See my curl? The longer my coat the more it will wave πŸ™‚

4. Right at this moment I am lying in front of the air conditioner because it’s over 32 C outside!

5. Also right now I am not feeling too well. I haven’t eaten cheesecake Easy but I still feel that there is a queasiness in my tummy. Raffles was ill for a few days and got to eat cooked chicken and rice. I am hoping for the same!

6. I am the main guard dog in the house now. The puppy looks to me for when to bark! I’m looking forward to handing over those duties in a few months.

7. I have decided recently that I have been too easy on The Help. To keep her on her toes and to keep the focus on me I have begun to insist on variety for dinner, and I don’t like it all mixed up. It has to be kept in separate little compartments πŸ™‚ After all, I am a Princess!

8. I have never eaten ice-cream. I think this is a great lack in my life and it has become one of my ambitions to try ice cream one day, simply because so many of you tell me how good it is on your blogs.

9. I am able to eat a whole bowl of food very quickly and leave the half of a little white pill that The Help wants me to eat. Do it every time πŸ™‚

10. Michelle who lives in France is staying with me at the moment so I am getting even more cuddles and attention πŸ™‚ You can read about my french cousins Boodle and Dunthorne here in Zac‘s blog. I’m sorry she couldn’t bring the dogs with her, we could have had fun but I do understand it’s a long way for them to come.

11. I am an honorary poodle at the park and since Raffles and Ringo have grown so similar I also have to check the right dog goes home with the right owner! Can you spot the difference in the photo above or below?

See what I mean? I'm keeping the big dogs in order.

See what I mean? Where’s Raffles? I’m keeping the big dogs in order.

Now Easy has asked me eleven more questions which I have to answer (phew).

1. What was your favourite book/movie in your childhood? Lady and the Tramp. I love Lady and wanted curly hair just like hers.

2. What was the animal of your dreams as a child? Pegasus because he can fly and sometimes I watch the birds and think it would be cool to fly. Then when I joined Zac he told me that horses were evil so my dreams of Pegasus whisking me up into the tree tops was abandoned.

3. Can you read books or watch movies about anipals without an happy end? No, I am made sad too easily. Life has been sad enough I don’t want to read about sad stories!

4. If you have to describe your anipal with one word, what would you choose? I asked The Help about this and she paused and then said ‘Uncomplicated’. Not sure I like that. When Zac was with me she would have called me joyful.

5. If you had to pick β€œThe animal of the year” who would it be? Now that Zac isn’t here I guess I can like horses again so it would have to the racehorse Black Caviar.

6. Is there any animal of the world who scares you? Pretty much any animal that shows it’s teeth but in particular bears. As we don’t have bears in Australia I will continue to be scared of sharks in the water and snakes in the long grass.

7. Have you ever tried Dog- or Cat food? The Help tells me that when she was a child she ate the dog’s chocolate drops! Really you cannot take her anywhere.

8. Would you like to understand Dog- or Cat language? I would love The Help to be better at dog so that she can understand what I am saying faster.

9. Would you like do know what your anipals are thinking? Really? She thinks she does but thankfully she doesn’t πŸ™‚

10. What was the funniest thing what you bought for your anipal? Raffles! Here was I expecting a cute little puppy and in walked colossus – very amusing.

Now I’m not going to award anyone because I don’t know who has this award. Probably most of you by now.

What I will say is that if you are reading this and don’t have it please help yourself πŸ™‚

Now I must go and continue to prepare my tent for the camping trip with Sammy. I’ve completed my scavenger hunt and now I’m just getting a few bits and pieces together a Princess needs to go camping. Remember, I do not like to get wet, muddy or too hot. I like soft cushions, good food and company. So camping should be right up my street BOL πŸ˜€

Lying on the carpet in the air conditioning planning what to take on Sammy's camping trip. What a great way to spend Sunday.

Lying on the carpet in the air conditioning planning what to take on Sammy’s camping trip. What a great way to spend Sunday.

Love Zena, the rather warm Princess.


The Fashionista Princess

Having talked about my own fashion line for a while I thought I would let you know some of the hottest trends for Princess dogs out there at the moment and the sorts of things I’m interested in because being a Princess isn’t easy. It takes sacrifice and investment, The Producer needs to understand that she should invest in me and that it’s worth her sacrifice!

For those of us who are graced with longer locks, hair accessories may be just the thing to brighten up a dull day and draw attention to the eyes, always an important feature of us dogs.

These are just two girly examples of the types of things that can be found. Guys if you want something I’m sure I can do some research!

Now just having had a new bed I’m all set in that department. I love my furry butterfly Zena Cave, but if I had spied this little number before The Producer had left I might have put in an order.

Clearly the little dog would not be part of the bargain. I would probably want to add pink chiffon curtains and perhaps a little touch of Swarovski crystals to the crown. Perhaps Lady Litchfield would like this one?

In OZ now we are moving towards the summer and although our spring has been remarkably wet so far (for us) when the sun does shine it does get bright. These glasses are pictured in gold but I of course would want them in pink with crystals inset along the sides.

The Producer isn’t really into coats and clothes for me, though she buys enough for herself, but I went and found a selection anyway just to give you all an idea of the sorts of things you can buy for yourselves.

A raincoat, a must for these wet spring mornings

The gold is great for any shade of coat

I am not a fan of the car as you know. I do tend to be a tad impatient about arriving and find it hard to settle. This mode of transport looks quite comfortable but I’m not sure it would help me to become a better traveller, once again, dog not included!

Most of us dogs have a collar, guys and gals, and I believe that too little thought is given to these essential items. I myself have been given a red leather collar – red leather! No imagination! I have posted the one below which I think is much more suited to my desired status of celebrity, bling is a must if you want to be noticed.

Christmas is coming and if your people want to get you that gift which has that rock-chic vibe let them know that you want your own guitar!

Impress the guy or gal next door with one of these

And if you are new in the market of accessories here is just a little of what you can try to persuade your people to buy for you. The stuffed dog is a model but would make a great toy to chew.

Inevitably fashion can go a little too extreme and although these methods of transport may make these very little furry friends happy, this is not how I want my public to view me!

Finally here is a little something which I have created in order to really add that celebrity gloss. The trainer Cesar has highlighted how many dogs like to carry things in a backpack so I have created my own modelled by a friendly Puli. In this bag all the essentials can be held including, as pictured, the necessary celebrity accoutrement to add a little style to your walks.

So those are my fashion tips folks – lots of love from the Mischievous Princess

PS: For those who are new to my blog, none of these things are for sale through me, and nothing in this post is to be taken seriously. This is all very much tongue in cheek πŸ™‚

PPS: A more serious and possibly disquieting announcement could be on the way soon – can you guess? Some of you should because I’ve left hints on your comments.

The Perturbed Princess


The Price of Princessdom

Being a Princess is not as easy as you might think. Now that I have a blog there is a public out there and I have to be ready for the moment when I am discovered.

My idea of being ready is sitting around looking pretty which I can do without trying.

I’m ready for my public now

But The Producer had other ideas. She decided I needed a wash. I went along with it. What’s a girl to do? Personal hygiene is important.

We gals never look our best at this stage!

So I had a bath. I didn’t complain or cry like Zac would have. I was brave. Not happy, but brave.

Read my face! No more baths.

I came out very wet as you can see.

This whole thing had better be worth it!

The Producer dried me with a loud machine and brushed me which I do not like but she told me I would be even more beautiful it so I suffered. Again, I was brave.

Looking like Doggy’s sister here!

Then the final product – voila! What? Well do you see any difference?

BEFORE – Looking gorgeous in the great outdoors

All that suffering. All that wetness. All that brushing and I look the same. Judge for yourselves.

AFTER – Blow Dried, Primped and NO DIFFERENCE!!!!

Okay so I smell good to The Producer but the dogs at the park laughed at me.

And I feel soft for The Producer to cuddle but was it worth it? I would say a resounding NO!

And what’s more to add insult to injury having recently called me a guinea pig The Producer has once again cast doubts on my doghood just because I have refused to eat a bone today! Well it was messy and bloody with meat still on it! I know I am eating a raw diet but let’s not push it.

So the bone is sitting out there on the grass and The Producer has sadly moaned about how Zac would have loved it and I have looked at her reproachfully and told her that if she hadn’t bathed me and made me smell ‘nice’ I would probably have eaten the thing, as it is I don’t think I will.

It’s all her fault! So there.Β  From the Pouting Princess