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2013 Starts With A Surprise


Well, just when I thought the year had started on a very sour note I had a wonderful surprise. Due to our lovely, kind and funny blogger over at Mollie and Alfie.

The sour note? I got butchered. Have you ever gone for a haircut and come out just hoping to get home and hide yourself until it’s grown? That’s me. I am now under the desk and throwing The Producer reproachful looks.

I was looking very cute and shaggy. Everyone said so. But the hot weather is coming and I keep getting puppy slobbered and chewed so The Producer decided I needed a trim and a bath. If it had only been a trim I could have tolerated it – but you can see pink skin in places!! I really think she needs to be sacked. How can I maintain my level of stardom with such a look? Paris Hilton never had this problem. The Kardashians can get decent haircuts, why not me?

I was the laughing stock of the dog park. Actually, I tell a lie. I went unnoticed at the dog park.

Before we had Raffles we used to go to the leash free and walk around and come home. We would occasionally see a Standard Poodle or two. All of a sudden we have Raffles and Standard Poodles are crawling out of our village in droves. Someone decided to call them a ‘Prance of Poodles’ as they ran around the reserve.

But I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Today is about ME and about MOLLIE and about saying a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

There was I, feeling self-conscious and hiding under the desk when the postman came and delivered a parcel to me. Princess Zena it said. I would have loved to have heard the comments at the Post Office 🙂

My Prezzie (had to hide the address because The Producer is paranoid)

My Prezzie (had to hide the address because The Producer is paranoid)

I was very surprised because I wasn’t expecting anything. When I opened it there was a beautiful Christmas card from Mollie, Alfie & their Mum along with a wonderful chicken treat for myself and Raffles which we will save until tomorrow.

I know Christmas is gone and so it is officially late, but it came at just the right time when I was feeling so low.

My Goodies - which I will share because 2013 should begin with a good deed :-)

My Goodies – which I will share because 2013 should begin with a good deed 🙂

So a ENORMOUS thank you to Mollie, Alfie and their Mum for our Christmas treats and cards and more than anything for thinking of us. You are the best and we really appreciate all that you do and all the encouragement you send our way.

This means 2013 has started in a fantastic way – with a prezzie for me! May the rest of the year continue with the focus on ME 😀

If photographs of me are a little sparse for a few weeks you know why!!

I also popped into Sammy to celebrate the New Year and discovered it was his birthday so I grabbed his birthday badge to decorate my blog today. Being on the other side of the world means I am usually early or late for things, but I don’t think anyone minds 🙂


May 2013 be a great year for you all and we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Love from Zena, the pretty pleased Princess 😀