The Princess Tails

The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


The Proud Princess

I won!

I won!

I won!

Well, okay. I didn’t win, but I did come runner up.

My friends the piggies (and Basil who is the cutest guinea pig) awarded me runner up for my ‘Over the Shoebox’ caption song for Basil’s picture. If you want to see it go to Hutchagoodlife.

As a prize they made up a collage of ME looking gorgeous and cute which is great don’t you think? I want The Producer to make it into a Christmas Card this year – we are still talking about that.

Wonderful Me by Hutch A Good Life

It’s been a pretty full on week here with The Producer regularly disappearing to visit her father in the hospital. We hope he gets out soon. It has meant we are a little behind with your blogs though and very behind with my blog and my mission to become a celebrity. In fact I am a little concerned, I won’t stay young and beautiful forever and the window of opportunity is narrowing so I feel The Producer needs to really focus on ME.

Anyway. Earlier this week The Producer went to the local pet store where we can get groomed as well (this is the one Hugh Jackman attended which excited Zac so much). It is a small village pet store which is against selling dogs or cats in stores and is very pet friendly. We are allowed in and many of the treats are at dog level so that we can shop for our favourites! The Producer came across these and took a picture because they looked ‘good enough to eat’. Of course they looked good enough to eat, they are good enough to eat. She complained that they looked nicer than the people cupcakes next door in the bakery. Ha! At last someone somewhere has recognised our place in the scheme of things – at the top!

Pup Cakes from our local pet store

More tasty treats for those special occasions

I was a little annoyed that she didn’t bring us back any, but then I am getting a few more treats as they train The Puppy. I like having puppies around, I can boss them a little and I like the fact that they have to do all the work, sit, stay, come etc., and I hang around a get the treats with them. Clever isn’t it?

Talking of Raffles you probably want to know how we’re getting on. Well here are some snaps of him exploring the garden.

Green grass, cream dog, sunshine – what could be better? A black dog obviously!

Raffles tries out the sun lounger for size and comfort

Raffles thinking – no really, he does think – weird isn’t it?

At the moment Raffles doesn’t come to the leash free with me because he hasn’t had all of his vaccinations yet. So The Producer and I go alone and I have a time playing with some other dogs. I feel so much braver now that I have a big dog at home.

It is different than my relationship with Zac. He was my protector and everything to me. With Zac around I could be carefree and a puppy for the rest of my life. Not with Raffles. He is a puppy and although he is bigger and stronger than I am he knows that I call the shots when it comes to playtime.

I return from the park and that is when Zac and I used to tear around the house and have a play. For some reason my blood is up and I’m excited so I have continued this pattern with Raffles. I come home and shortly afterwards we’ll have a romp until I am tired and call a halt and then we do this:

My new bed and my new pal.

Yep. You saw it here first. I let him share my lovely new butterfly bed, although as you can see, he ended up with a bigger share in the end!

I think you can say that we are settling in together. Tomorrow he will have been with us a week.

love Zena, The Pooped Princess


I Am Dog – Hear Me Raw!!

This week has been a confusing one for me. This is where Zac used to help me so much. At night he would explain all these little things I didn’t understand. I’m not sure I could always believe him, but most of the time he was a truthful Tibbie.

I am confused because The Producer called me a guinea pig. Guinea Pig! I am not a guinea pig!

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a guinea pig. Some of my best online pals are guinea pigs. I’m thinking of  Nutty, Nibbles, Buddy and Basil. I have seen their pictures and we are nothing alike.

I am a dog. I am a TT, a Tibbie. A Tibetan Terrier. See. Below is a picture of me and a guinea pig. We are not alike are we?

Sigh. I think it has something to do with this new diet I am on. Raw meat. I love it. Before I would sometimes eat, sometimes not, now I am finishing every meal.
But I know The Producer hasn’t got it for me because I am a picky eater although I prefer the phrase gastronomically challenged.

She is trying this diet to see if it improves my health not wishing to lose another pal too early. At the moment I still scratch my tummy as much as I did but she is watching me!! I never did have the ear infections and joint and bone problems Zac had, so The Producer is not as concerned, she just wants to do the best for me. So I am back to this dilemma of being called a guinea pig.

No offence to guinea pigs but I am The Princess. I am a dog. See. Look at my picture. Does that look like a guinea pig to you? And would guinea pigs eat raw meat? I think not. I am all dog. Judge for yourselves!

Love The Princess – A DOG!!!!