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Christmas Thoughts

Hello all,

It has been many months since my last communication and it has been a sad time. With the death of team leader the fun has gone out of the family a little and I haven’t felt like posting. Losing a parent is huge so I’ve cut Mum a lot of slack as she comes to term with her father not being there any more.

Things have been changing everywhere and it has been hard to keep up with it all.

At this time as we remember happier Christmas’ in the past I just wanted to send a Happy Christmas to everyone out there.

Zena Happy Christmas


So – okay, I’ve blown that because now it’s Boxing Day here in OZ!

Nevertheless I will show you our Christmas outfits, maybe they’ll come in handy next year.

Raffy delivering gifts

With the death of Prissy Paws a new dog has entered our pack. He is called Jazz and as you can see is a Raffy mini-me. As if one poodle wasn’t enough I now have to cope with a giant 40kg one and a small 5 kg one. He is a toy poodle but I don’t want to play with him so he’s really Raffy’s toy.



Some things never change and one of them is Raff. He hasn’t got braver, and I don’t think he’s got any bigger (thank goodness). Jazz may not reach is knee caps but he chases him around the garden and the only time I see him look worried is when Raffy gets excited. When Raff gets excited he tends to lose control of his legs and his brakes still haven’t improved.

Jazz’s favourite game is to hide under one of the garden chairs and wait until Raff walks unsuspecting and innocent up the garden. When he gets within metres of the chair a barking fury runs out and Raffy is off down the garden with a tiny cream fluff ball nipping at his heels. Needless to say they both love it and when they are not chasing each other, playing tug or hiding balls under MY bed, they are kissing and licking. Ugh. Get a room.

Raff and mini-me Jazz

Raff and mini-me Jazz

For some reason although Raff loves Jazz and plays with him way more than he plays with me (because I don’t indulge him), he doesn’t really like him sleeping in the same bed, maybe he’s afraid he’ll roll over and squash him, not an impossibility.

So Jazz likes to share my bed. I’m and easy-going Tibby so I let him squeeze into a corner of mine but I do think it’s a bit of a liberty. However, I was well brought up and taught to share so I do. Most of the time however I spend the day pretending neither of them exist as seen below.

All I want for Christmas is peace never mind good will.

All I want for Christmas is peace never mind good will.

I did get a bit annoyed one day shortly after Jazz entered our family. He and Raffy were playing tug. Tug! I ask you. 40 kilos of poodle against a cotton wool ball. The outcome is inevitable isn’t it? Every time I play tug with Raff, unless Mum joins in, one pull from him and I’m in the next room and Raff is strutting down the garden with the toy. Not so with Jazz. He could send him into the next village with a toss of his head but no….. when he plays tug with Jazz he stands there holding the toy and lets Jazz jump around between his front legs pulling and tugging until his energy runs out and then he LETS him have the toy! Is that fair? Mum even has it on film as they coo over how sweet Raff is to Jazz. How about being sweet to the one he lives with – ME. That would go down a little better in this quarter I can tell you.

This season we also have Tuppy staying with us. Poor Tuppy. She is used to a quiet life as an only dog and all of a sudden she has to cope with us. I am no trouble as you can imagine but Jazz is the little-poodle-who-never-sleeps. If he isn’t setting her off by barking at a shadow that passes the house he is jumping over us trying to get someone to play with him. Tuppy and I are dignified ladies of eight years old so we just put our heads down, screw our eyes tightly shut and ignore him.

The new improved svelte Tuppy

The new improved svelte Tuppy

Tuppy has lost a lot of weight since she’s been looked after by Number One Son. She is can actually run now. Her belly no longer scrapes the ground and she doesn’t limp. She could make a fortune with ‘Weight Watchers’ if she’d only followed one of their diets. She should be a celebrity but there is only room for one in the family and that’s me. However (some of you may relate – Mum does) although the body is thinner the mind is still focused and that focus is food. She lives for her meals and the one consolation of being away from Number One Son and his family is that we get way more treats 🙂

Tuppy waiting for the next meal

Tuppy waiting for the next meal

Christmas Day we went to the park and played with our pals whilst our people chatted, drank bubbly and ate cheese and strawberries. Each to his own. BUT Mum had made these fantastic cookies with peanut butter and bacon for us dogs so everyone at the park got a taster and everyone got to take a few home with them as a present.

Peanut Butter and Bacon Poodle Cookies

Peanut Butter and Bacon Poodle Cookies

We still have some left and we all love them so I shall be ordering requesting that she make those again. These however were in poodle shapes. I bet she couldn’t find a Tibetan Terrier shaped cookie cutter or she would have made them all TT’s. That will be another order request, that she find a Tibetan Terrier cookie cutter or maybe cut them by freehand what do you think?

We have a new pack at the park too. With Rosie gone we now have Lola (always want to sing when I say that name for some reason).

Lola 10 months

Lola 10 months

The gang Christmas day

The gang Christmas day – Geordie, a beautiful apricot standard poodle just walking off left, Raffy centre back  dirty and dusty from a roll in the dust, Cassie wearing fetching tinsel in the centre, Lola on the right, me in the foreground and some random strange miniature black poodle who I don’t know!

If I begin writing again I’ll tell you more about her and our other park pals later.

For now I just want to hope that you all had a good Christmas and that 2015 is a brighter year.

Remembering happier Christmas' and of absent friends

Remembering happier Christmas’ and of absent friends

Cheers from Zena, still a Princess


2013 Starts With A Surprise


Well, just when I thought the year had started on a very sour note I had a wonderful surprise. Due to our lovely, kind and funny blogger over at Mollie and Alfie.

The sour note? I got butchered. Have you ever gone for a haircut and come out just hoping to get home and hide yourself until it’s grown? That’s me. I am now under the desk and throwing The Producer reproachful looks.

I was looking very cute and shaggy. Everyone said so. But the hot weather is coming and I keep getting puppy slobbered and chewed so The Producer decided I needed a trim and a bath. If it had only been a trim I could have tolerated it – but you can see pink skin in places!! I really think she needs to be sacked. How can I maintain my level of stardom with such a look? Paris Hilton never had this problem. The Kardashians can get decent haircuts, why not me?

I was the laughing stock of the dog park. Actually, I tell a lie. I went unnoticed at the dog park.

Before we had Raffles we used to go to the leash free and walk around and come home. We would occasionally see a Standard Poodle or two. All of a sudden we have Raffles and Standard Poodles are crawling out of our village in droves. Someone decided to call them a ‘Prance of Poodles’ as they ran around the reserve.

But I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Today is about ME and about MOLLIE and about saying a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

There was I, feeling self-conscious and hiding under the desk when the postman came and delivered a parcel to me. Princess Zena it said. I would have loved to have heard the comments at the Post Office 🙂

My Prezzie (had to hide the address because The Producer is paranoid)

My Prezzie (had to hide the address because The Producer is paranoid)

I was very surprised because I wasn’t expecting anything. When I opened it there was a beautiful Christmas card from Mollie, Alfie & their Mum along with a wonderful chicken treat for myself and Raffles which we will save until tomorrow.

I know Christmas is gone and so it is officially late, but it came at just the right time when I was feeling so low.

My Goodies - which I will share because 2013 should begin with a good deed :-)

My Goodies – which I will share because 2013 should begin with a good deed 🙂

So a ENORMOUS thank you to Mollie, Alfie and their Mum for our Christmas treats and cards and more than anything for thinking of us. You are the best and we really appreciate all that you do and all the encouragement you send our way.

This means 2013 has started in a fantastic way – with a prezzie for me! May the rest of the year continue with the focus on ME 😀

If photographs of me are a little sparse for a few weeks you know why!!

I also popped into Sammy to celebrate the New Year and discovered it was his birthday so I grabbed his birthday badge to decorate my blog today. Being on the other side of the world means I am usually early or late for things, but I don’t think anyone minds 🙂


May 2013 be a great year for you all and we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Love from Zena, the pretty pleased Princess 😀


Happy Christmas

From all of us here in OZ

From Prissy Paws, the unwitting victim of much of our humour throughout the year and probably the next:


From the pup Raffles who is still only five months and growing!


Our Christmas will look a little bit like this:


And I expect to spend most of the day assuming the position on the chair!!

And of course being in OZ where the temperatures are rising, rather than snowflakes and snowmen, this is more the style of Christmas which we will be celebrating:


Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, in whatever style you enjoy and we’ll catch you on the ‘other side’ 😀

With love from a festive Princess Zena xxx


The Next Big Thing Award


I have another award!! What a great Christmas present. This is all down to my pal Easy

If you don’t know Easy you really should pop over and catch up with him. If you do know him then you understand why this award is so important to me. Easy is smart. He knows talent when he sees it! He runs his staff so well, he gets to sleep on the bed, eat what he wants and @TEOTD he just rules.

I’m not sure if there are any rules to The Next Big Thing Award so I’m just putting it out here and if you have come to this page, help yourself to this award as a reward for coming to see me. A41&14A as the guys in the feathery hats used to say 🙂


I think I shall take this award as my 2013 New Year’s Resolution.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet around here at the moment. The Behemoth continues to grow, but far from being a bodyguard I find myself watching over him at the park. Well I guess he is still only 5 months! I am AAS.

ATM we are working on our Christmas Blog card – you would think it was  the Queen’s speech! 😀

The Producer won’t make the card until Raffles has been washed and poufed tomorrow. I keep telling her that this blog is all about me but I have not been able to move her yet. I just hope she doesn’t lose sight of who’s important here. AFAIUI this is The Princess Tails and he aint no princess.

So adieu pals for the moment. Thank you Easy for my award and I’m loving your Britmas Christmas saga. ALOL at most of it which is great therapy at this time of the year.

BITMT enjoy a Christmas Greeting from Prissy Paws!


Love from Princess Zena – The Next Big Thing


A S-Elfless Christmas


Okay. I admit it. I am worried.


Well. This is my first Christmas in charge so to speak.

My first Christmas without Zac.

Before I never really bothered about Christmas, it came, we opened presents, I ate some turkey and it we slept. Zac was the boss, he was ‘le chef’.

Zac and I would sit in the centre of the present opening circle and watch everyone opening gifts that we considered most boring. We thought it was more fun to play with the paper than with most of the things inside.

For instance I was so excited when I heard The Director say The Producer was having an iPad. That sounded interesting. But no, just another electronic gadget. No fun for me.

Although, come to think about it,  she has taken some nice photos of me on it and it has been useful for my blog so I guess iPads are okay really.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Christmas.

Prissy Paws joins us but not really if you understand what I mean. He always sits on Team Leader with his little snub nose in the air, or stares at us with those unnaturally huge eyes of his. He can be quite unnerving. I have heard that everyone has someone like this in the family. Someone who feels they are above everyone else.

Ho! Bloody Ho! - Prissy Paws enjoys Christmas :-)

Ho! Bloody Ho! – Prissy Paws enjoys Christmas 🙂

This year though things are different.

I won’t have my Zac pal which will be sad. My first Christmas without him. The first time I open the presents without him and I am feeling the weight of his loss.

Many of you know I don’t really like responsibility. But it has been thrust upon me with this new puppy – the Behemoth, Raffles. Not only do I miss my Zac, I have to mind the puppy. I have to be an example.

Instead of a nice gentle Christmas of years past we shall be having a ‘Watch that puppy!’, ‘Don’t put it down there!’, ‘Quick! What’s he eating?’ Christmas.

It is going to be tiring. I just know it.

And it has already started – I think.

A couple of days ago I came upon the site of a slaughter in our garden. Yes. In my garden. The place where I stroll, smell the flowers and relax. Is nowhere safe? Obviously not!

My garden as it usually is. Calm, pristine a haven of calmness.

My garden as it usually is. Calm, pristine, a haven of calmness.

Now I have come across the odd feather in the past and even a bit of possum tail, but never anything like this. This was disturbing on the scale of a slasher movie. Think of Scream or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and you can imagine my horror.

Judge for yourselves.

Nightmare On Our Street

Nightmare On Our Street

You see? A slaughter.

My blood ran cold.

Look at the colours – those that you can see anyway. Red, green and white.

Then look at this.

A Happy Little Christmas Elf

A Happy Little Christmas Elf

Red, green and white.

I am so worried that Raffles in his puppyness has murdered an elf.

There. I’ve said it. Brought it out into the open. Admitted the unspeakable.

Kill Baby! Kill!

Kill Baby! Kill!

What will SantaPaws say?

Will he leave me any presents if it isn’t me who has torn up an Elf?

Would he notice if he was missing elf?

Would the other elves tell?

Am I responsible?????

Is this the face of innocence or a cold blooded tearer apart of happy little elves.

Is this the face of innocence or a cold blooded ripper apart of happy little elves.

Mollie has been confessing her sins and really I don’t think I have anything to confess.

Okay, I was sometimes a little mean to Zac and ran around and around him when he couldn’t move so well but he always had his own back by body-checking me and sending me flying! It was our special game.

And I suppose I could play with the puppy more but I am flaked out most nights.

On the whole I think I have been good enough for Santa Paws to call but now I think that Raffles may have blown Christmas for all of us.

Maybe I should do some detective work……… First of all we need to know if Santa is missing an elf.

What do you think?

An Australian Poodle in Victoria

An Australian Poodle in Victoria

Elf or not?

Love from Zena, Detective Dog

Searching for Elves in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Searching for missing elves in Gstaad, Switzerland.