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The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


The Most Loved Princess


The big boy had a birthday and guess what?


They didn’t remember until two days later. Not like my birthday when Mum bought me a new collar. turns out it wasn’t right, they couldn’t get it to fit quite perfectly but at least I got something.

The Hulk got nothing.


5 years old

I haven’t told him. I’m not that mean. Well. I might tell him sometime, especially if he throws up in my bed again. Then I’ll tell him.

He is now 5. By Mum’s chart that means he is about 36 people years.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think he should be thinking about moving out and looking after himself but of course they won’t hear of it. I guess he would be pretty useless.

I can’t believe he’s been around, a thorn in my side, for almost five years.

I suppose he does have his uses. I wouldn’t want you to think I totally dislike him. It’s more indifference with the rare moment of irritation and the even rarer moment of appreciation.

He is useful at night or when Mum goes out because I don’t like being completely alone.

He’s quite useful in the car although I have to be careful he doesn’t fall on me because he seems to prefer to take most journeys, even long ones, standing up which can be a bit scary.


Totally unaware of his birthday. 

He can have his uses if we need to go away to holiday camp (aka Kennels), though mostly it’s me reassuring him. He doesn’t eat when we’re away so if I’m cunning I can get two meals, though I do think they were on to me last time.

He’s quite good when my nails are broken and bleeding because he licks them and keeps them clean whilst I lie on Mum with her rubbing my tummy. Equal to a health spa really.

He can be quite useful when we’re out because other dogs take one look at his size and tend not to want to engage him in anything other than friendly terms. Of course, once again if one is more aggressive it’s me that has to chase them off. He just runs away.

Best of all his uses is when he leaves me his biscuits which he does on a regular basis. Mum picks up his dish so I don’t get to them, but we have an arrangement. He always takes out a few and drops them on his table (yes, he eats from a table…sigh).

I think just on that fact alone he’s worth keeping around. Otherwise he’s dead space. A huge amount of dead space.


Love from the best loved Princess.


Birthday Blues

Happy birthday to ME

Happy birthday to ME

Happy birthday to ME-E

Happy birthday to ME

Yay!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Not


I am just so excited

Today I am 11 years old. Eleven! Where has the time gone?

TBH I didn’t think I’d make this great age, not after Zac left us at just 8 years, but here I am.

According to the old fashioned understanding of dog years equalling seven human years I would be 77years – 😱 77 years! That is like………OLD.

I was about to panic when Mum told me that understanding has come a long way and now experts acknowledge that it is not as straightforward as that. We age at different rates to people and to other sized dogs – phew!

In fact they do say that the first twelve months is closer to fifteen years in people years. This sounds a bit scary but then we slow down and depending on our size we dogs age at different rates to each other.

This means that as a medium sized dog I am actually 65 years now. If The Hulk (aka Raffy) gets as far as 11 he would be 72 years. By the way he has a birthday next week and will be 5, about 36 in people years. I reckon it’s time for him to leave home and be independent, but Dad spoils him.

So I am 65 years. That’s not so bad. I see people of 65 who can work, run and seem to be pretty good.

I know I’m not in perfect health but with Mum being a member of the diet police I am doing okay.

I have some grey hairs but doesn’t everyone? Mum gets rid of her grey hairs but I like the natural look.

I can still jump onto her lap and still run (but I don’t often want to).

I still sound fierce and bark the alert at any strangers.

I can still catch bird-burglars when they break into the house and I can chase the possums up trees. The Hulk doesn’t even see the possums. He stands in the middle of the grass looking confused and waiting to see which direction to run in.

I am still a brave Tibbie.

I am not afraid of small children and they can pet me, pull my hair or sit on me. I know that if I ignore the bad behaviour this helps to train them and I can reward the good behaviour with a tail wag.

I guess that is what has come out of all these years of living. I am a wise Tibbie. I have learnt stuff. Some of it good, some of it painful but that’s life. Sometimes you suck on life and sometimes life just sucks.

Getting older means that some of your friends and family don’t get to stay around with you. I still miss my soulmate Zac after five years. That will never change and life is emptier without him. I have had to be more independent because he isn’t around for me to rely on. The Hulk is useless, in fact he relies on me. It is tiring.

I wonder if Zac ever found me tiring? No. I am sure he loved every crazy minute of being with me even when I pushed him in the pool! I am sure I enriched his life immensely and it was other things that made him grumpy.

The other problem with getting older is that some of the pals I used to know at the park have moved to the rainbow bridge and I miss them.

The new pups are just not the same. We don’t speak the same language.

But it is what it is.

So what did I get for this auspicious birthday you may well ask?

A big cake?


Liver treats?



I got a new collar and lead. Oh wow! Help me to contain my excitement.


Here it is. As you can see I am dancing about with excitement – not

It isn’t even sparkly – no diamonds, no bling. I’m obviously too old for bling in Mum’s eyes. That is sad.

I can see the difficulty.

Being older I have everything I need and most things that I want I can’t have because they’re bad for me or impossible dreams.

Getting older is challenging.

Getting older with ill health is tough. Things the other dogs take for granted like bones and fatty treats are bad for me. They can go to coffee with their family and enjoy tucking in to all sorts of things – not me. I have to sit on the sidelines of life and watch them have fun. Even some dogs that are older than me can have the stuff I can’t have and do the things I can’t do. It doesn’t seem fair.

Just watching them tear around the park after a ball or just running for the joy of it makes me feel tired. I used to do that, before I got sick.

Still, I guess I have to try and look on the bright side. I’m still here.

I can still walk to the park in the mornings, although I don’t always want to, and I do get to enjoy a comfortable house with lots of soft beds which I do want.

My house is warm in the cold weather and cool in the hot weather and dry in the wet weather. I like that. Mum knows I like it. Just as I like lying on her all evening so she can rub my itchy tummy and I can sleep, or watch television. There are still some good things I can enjoy.

Things could be worse. I acknowledge I am a pampered pooch – but then – I’m worth it.

So here I am on my special day enjoying my favourite activity – sleeping next to Mum and wishing time would slow down a little for all our sakes.


Happy 11 years Zena

Love from the old mature and wise Princess


The Persuasive Princess

Most of you will all be preparing for Mollie‘s birthday party.

The ‘little’ guy and I will be there and have learnt that we have to step up our game costume-wise if we’re not to look like real losers.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve tried.

As The Help always wanted a Newfoundland I decided to make her dream come true.

Zena that famous Newfie

Zena that famous Newfie

What do you think? Look pretty good don’t I. If I was that size I could roll the pup instead of the other way around. Looks like a rather heavy coat to walk around in though so I figured I might try something different.

I could revert to my superhero outfit.

Zena - The Diamond Dazzler

Zena – The Diamond Dazzler

It’s cool but I play with it a lot so I figure I need a change.

There’s always our Christmas outfits.

Raffles & Zena

Raffles & Zena

When we tried them on though the boy has grown out of his and he refuses to be an elf again anyway!

I thought of going in my evening dress.

Princess Zena all dressed up

Princess Zena all dressed up

I thought it was a little boring though and when I saw Misaki’s outfits I realised I had to think outside the box a little.

The Help is always calling me a little monkey so that helped me think of the next costume.

Monkey Zena

Monkey Zena

What do you think of that one? A natural in the trees aren’t I?

And then I wondered about going as a bear.

Hear me roar!

Hear me roar!

Again though, rather a hot coat but very scary which would be fun.

So what do you think I should go as?

Of course the guy and I could go in our dancing gear.

Zena & Raffles in sync

Zena & Raffles in sync

Just feel you’ve seen that one and we need to surprise.

After trying on and discarding lots of different outfits, I have finally chosen one 🙂

Then it was the boy’s turn. If you thought I was difficult…… just see some of these!

He thought he’d rather like to go to the party as a fireman.

Let me put out your fire!

Let me put out your fire!

When I laughed at him and told him he looked like a male stripper he was very offended.

So then he decided that he could be a body builder.

Now those muscles are genuine unlike the ones in the picture above

Now those muscles are genuine unlike the ones in the picture above

Again, I wasn’t too keen on him prancing around in a pair of speedos all evening so I sent him back to the drawing board and this was his next choice.

The Incredible Raffy-hulk

The Incredible Raffy-hulk

I began to see a pattern emerging here so I wasn’t surprised by this suggestion.



It wasn’t too awful but I suggested he think about something more original. Imagine my surprise with his next choice, influenced by the recent election of two popes in Blogville.

Swiss Guard Raffles ready to protect the popes

Swiss Guard Raffles ready to protect the popes

I thought that was pretty good but he really wanted to show off his muscles a little more. I suggested he get in touch with his feminine side and this is what he came up with next.

Angel Raffles

Angel Raffles

I think this one has to be my favourite. Which one is yours?

After all that hard work I’m going to go and rest, but I will leave you with a gift for the guys out there who enjoy such items.

The Help saw this down by the beach next to us and had to take a photo to make you guys jealous. Do any of you have such creative bins near you to (as Easy so eloquently puts it) autograph?

Wheelie Bin Beach Huts

Wheelie Bin Beach Huts

See you all at Mollie & Alfie’s 2nd April when you will see which outfit Raffles and I chose in the end.

Love from Zena, The Creative Princess.


Sharing the Love & Happy Birthday Miss Eight

So we’ve been a little quiet on the blog front. I can tell you it has been anything but quiet on the ground here.

Not only has there been a flurry of behind-the-scenes activity to get my outfit organised for the Valentine’s Ball, but we are also having a few family health issues.

This has not been fun. The Help’s father has been having some health issues over the last twelve months. Then two days ago her mother decided to get sick too and The Help was out at the hospital until 4.30am! Was I glad to see her safely home. And now her mother is safely home too so I hope we can breathe and relax.

Fortunately her mother is doing quite well and I am hoping normal service (focus on ME) will resume again soon.

Mollie & Alfie's Valentine Ball Invitation

Mollie & Alfie’s Valentine Ball Invitation

Mollie, Alfie & Ranger are busy organising the ball. Rather them than The Help is all I can say. I don’t think she’ll be able to organise herself out of a paper bag at the moment! I had huge problems getting the outfit for the ball to my taste but I think we got there in the end. Hope you’ll all come and join in – just have a peep. We’ll let you know when it’s on, then you can vote for me 😉

There is a rumour (started by Ranger) that Cinderella will be there. What is a ball without Cinderella? Raffles and I had a chat, we think it could be Doggy! Yes, really. You wait and see.

Talking of the pup (pup…ha!), he had to go to the vet this week and have a vaccination. He didn’t even notice because at the moment of impact The Help gave him a treat. Yes. He is THAT easy! The shock came when it was weigh in time. At just 7 months he is 27.6 kilos. He is not fat however, it is all big poodle muscle.

I tried to play tug-of-war with him last week. You can imagine how that went. Raffles got the toy, I got the toy. Raffles tugged, I staggered off to one side and found I didn’t have the toy any more! We are not altogether compatible in the weight and strength stakes.

I do think however, that I have a stronger stomach than he does. He seems to get sick quite a lot. Maybe it was the vaccination, maybe it was his dinner but 6.00 am this morning he starts all the signs of being sick. Not able to go outside, which he usually does on these occasions, he decided (as he has done in the past) that my bed was the place to be sick in. My bed! What’s wrong with his? So I scrabbled at the door to get The Help up. She slept through it but The Boss heard me and came out to help. Raffles was still sick on my bed, but only a little bit. So now The Help has to wash it – teach her to get up faster when I tell her to the next time 😀

As this is the month of love there has been a lovely award going around. The Why I love Thee Award created by Nerissa and her family who are obviously very talented because it is a lovely award.

Nerissa passed this award onto Nellie who has passed it along to everyone! Now, I’m not sure if the original aim of this lovely award was only for cats but …… TOUGH! I’m a friend of Nellie’s and I WANT this one!!!!


You can see why I like it can’t you? It is really pretty, so thank you Nellie for allowing all your pals to have this award and thank you to Nerissa’s Mum for making it 🙂

There are rules, but they are simple. Thank the one who gave it to you, post the award, tell everyone why you love someone and then nominate a friend or friends and pass it on.

I thought about who I should talk about because I have a lot of love for those around me. I am growing to love Raffles because he helps me to feel safe when we’re alone, I love The Boss because he is gentle and kind and looks after me. I love The Help’s parents because they come by a lot and it is always fun to see them. I love Miss Seven who is actually Miss Eight today and I love number one and number two sons but I don’t see enough of them.

Really, it is obvious. I have to tell you that for all the joking and sarcasm I love The Help.

I love her because she is always looking out for me. She feeds me. She walks me. She makes sure I’m safe when we’re out and she makes safe places for me when Raffles decides he wants to play and I don’t.

I love her because she sat up with me for three nights holding me as I cried when Zac died.

I love her because even though Raffles isn’t the pup I would have chosen, she did get him because she was thinking of me and he will grow into a fantastic pal.

I love her because I can depend on her.

I love her because every night, after dinner I jump up on her and she rubs my tummy. And if she stops a gentle ‘bop’ from my paw reminds her to continue 🙂

I love her because she loves me and she shows me in lots of ways that I am special to her and I do the same to her.

I was never in a horrible home. I haven’t had a background of abuse or cruelty. The Help found me when I was a tiny pup (as pups should be) and straight away I was loved, nurtured and protected. I am a very lucky Tibetan and I have The Help and her family (and Zac) to thank for that and I do. I love them all and I am thankful that I have never had to be afraid of those around me who are supposed to care for me.

Okay. Sloppiness over……. 😀

I also want to pass this on to those who read this blog and enjoy such things. Like Nellie, you have helped me and shown love to me in different ways and so now I give this award to you.

I think I shall make that my Oscar acceptance speech 😀

Today is Miss Seven’s birthday so she shall now be known as Miss Eight. We cannot believe it! Eight! We met her first when she was about six and she has grown a lot since then, though Raffles is heavier!

So to Miss Eight who is fast becoming able to read this blog herself:

I Hope you have a wonderful birthday and Raffles sends hugs, licks and cuddles as do we all – except of course The Help and The Boss who just send hugs and love!!


Love from Zena, the Loving & Lovely Princess