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The Princess Looks Back – Part Four

Me - looking back!

Me – looking back!

I hope that some of you are still with me.

Until I started this I had no idea how sad some of the stories would be when written down in black and white and how they might bring tears. I apologize to everyone if I’ve made you sad. Please keep reading.

I will start today by saying a huge thank you to Angel and Chaos over at House Full of Dogs for giving me the super sweet blogging award. I do already have this award but it is lovely to be thought of and you can never have enough pupcakes!

super-sweet-award1-1Don’t you just want to scoff them all?

I then want to thank Little Binky and Granny over at Angel’s Whisper for allowing all their readers to share their Inner Peace Award. Who doesn’t want and need inner peace? I certainly want it. What with pupcakes and inner peace I am a very happy Tibetan right now πŸ™‚

Inner Peace Award

Inner Peace Award

I would like to do as Little Binky did and invite any of my followers to help themselves to this award. Especially those who have stuck through my ‘Looking Back’ series and have found them traumatic. You probably need some inner peace about now!

My last post left The Help and her family in New Zealand. I think she was born with a restless gene though because it wasn’t too long before they were moving again. This time to Switzerland. It was only for two years though so once again she was determined not to get any furpups.

As so often happens with The Help and her family, those two years passed and they began to put down roots. They bought a house over the border into France and as buying a house is a pretty big commitment the signatures hadn’t dried before she was already wanting to add another commitment – a dog.

Of course she told The Boss it was for the sake of number one and number two son. Ha! He wasn’t fooled.

She looked in the local papers and nearly bought a collie. Then they met with a breeder of Sheltie’s and learned that they could be very timid and had been a little over bred in that area so they decided that perhaps that wasn’t the right dog for two active boys.

The Boss didn’t want a big dog like a Newfoundland, Pyrenean or a Bernese Sheepdog which The Help loved so she had to look at smaller models.

They had a lot of children in and out of the house so whatever dog they had needed to be safe and friendly.

Really they were spoilt for choice. There are so many great dogs out there. Mixed breeds and what is termed pure breeds.

There were a few limitations though which made her look very carefully into the type of dog she got. As she was busy driving kids around The Help knew that she couldn’t take a dog for long walks as she had in the past so it had to be a dog which was happy with the large garden they had and the occasional trip out. It had to be friendly and safe with the unpredictable behaviour of children.

Although many of these things depend on training and safe exposure there is little doubt that there were certain breed traits which The Help didn’t feel suitable around children. So many things to think about.

Reading through a book she had come across a Tibetan Terrier and immediately fallen in love with the cuddly looks – well, we are gorgeous! She read about the kind temperament, how good we are with children and how playful we are. All of these things seemed positive, but she didn’t know where to get one.

One day she read about a dog show in a local town. That would be a good place to meet and maybe buy a dog she thought. They even mentioned Tibetan Terriers so she would get to see them.

So they turned up at the show and found the Tibetan Terrier class. These cuddly dogs were gliding around the ring and a strange couple over in the corner had a huge white rug in front of them which they were brushing. The family talked to a few owners and chatted to some of the dogs waiting around and discovered that they were friendly and all the owners were effusive about us.

The strange couple continued to brush the rug and The Help kept looking at them wondering what on earth they were doing. Towards the end of the competition someone went over to them and the lo and behold the rug got up and pranced into the ring! That did it. He was gorgeous and with that laid back personality who could resist getting one.

Whilst at the show they saw an advertisement for a 5month old Tibetan puppy being sold by a breeder about a two hour drive away. Not too bad a distance. The Help would have liked a younger puppy but there were no others nearby.

So a week later, the appointment was made and the family drove for hours to look at the puppy. The Help kept telling number one and number two son that they may not return with the puppy so they found the trip very tedious!

When they arrived at the house it was chaos. It seemed like dogs were everywhere. As well as breeding Tibetan Terriers these ladies also bred Briards, very large cattle herding dogs. Eventually they put the big dogs away and The Help and family were left with about a dozen Tibetan Terriers tearing around a small yard. It was like being in a cake shop for The Help – she would have taken every one but her eyes kept getting drawn to the only white one that was in the group.

She turned to her mother who was with them and expressed the wish that they’d take the white one away because it was the only one she had eyes for, she hadn’t taken any notice of the black and white pups running around.

The breeders eventually cut the white one out of the group and The Help thought that would be good because she could focus on the others. They put the white one on the table and told them that this was the puppy which was for sale. Apparently she was actually golden in colour and much prized. They had specifically bred their bitch with a dog from the UK in order to get a golden but her teeth had come through overshot and therefore she was useless to them. They were very disappointed. The Help not so much.

The first Tibetan for the family

The first Tibetan for the family

So of course the trip home was made with a squirming puppy who vomited into the gear box and got cuddled by The Help – so much for getting a puppy for her sons!

Toffee was a quiet Tibetan. She didn’t care for other dogs which was surprising as she had spent so much of her early life well socialized with the other pups, but she loved The Help. She loved all the family and would go out and play with the boys but The Help was her focus. One thing about us Tibetans is that we do tend to have a favourite in the family.

The Help apologises for the quality of the photos but she hadn’t mastered digital at that time and the photos have been on a few more travels since then.

Toffee loved her family

Toffee loved her family

She was definitely a family dog and was very stand offish with strangers and visitors. She had a great bark and frightened people coming to the door but then she would step aside and expect The Help to protect her. That’s what we do – we alert our people to intruders but then it’s up to them to look after us πŸ™‚

Toffee with her wide grin

Toffee with her wide grin

She was bigger than I am, but I know that Zac and I were small for our breed. I often wonder if she would have liked me if we’d ever met. As she wasn’t too keen on other dogs probably not, but you never know, perhaps she only liked other Tibetans.

Toffee hanging out with the family

Toffee hanging out with the family

When The Help first got her she wouldn’t eat very much. Within days though she realized that wasn’t a good idea and from then on the battle was to stop her eating! Every hair cut revealed whether she needed a diet or not. I’m glad to say I have only had that problem since the pup has been around and I’ve occasionally got some of his food.


Like most of us she enjoyed her sleep! In fact she was a little too quiet at times and The Help actually took her to the vet at one point to see if she was okay. Everything came back clear so it was just that she was a passive dog.

Like me she did not like water. What is it with us Tibetans? She also hated snow which I haven’t ever seen. The Help told me that one day when the first snows came she decided to go walking in the forest behind their house. She drove up to the snowline and got out. Toffee was in the car and looking to stay there. She got her out and Toffee looked at her with scorn. Walk? In this? The Help set off, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was a little snow on the ground. Toffee trudged after her trailing a few metres behind. When The Help looked back Toffee stopped and shook her paws to get the snow off. After 20 minutes of walking with a dog in abject misery The Help gave up.

As soon as she turned around, Toffee turned and high tailed it back to the car and sat waiting eagerly to go home!

She was not an active dog. Many a time she went out for a walk with the family only to return in the arms of one of them as she refused to walk any further. Take it from me we Tibetans can be stubborn when we want to be πŸ™‚


She went everywhere with the family and unlike myself never had a thought to go exploring. She hardly needed a lead and although the garden wasn’t fenced she wasn’t interested in leaving it. On their walks she would respond to The Help’s voice and if there was a cat or anything that caught her attention a quick word from The Help would make her ignore it. I could do that, I’m sure I could – if I wanted too.

Anyway, one of her favourite things was to go to the airport. The Boss was always travelling then and Toffee would go to the airport to pick him up. They would tie a bow around her neck and everyone would smile at her and for once she would wag her tail and was friendly. When she saw who it was she was coming to meet they would let the lead go and she would run to them – it was all very Heathcliff and Cathy if you get the picture.

When number two son left to go to University Toffee was almost twelve. She developed Cushings Disease as an elderly dog. Until that point you would never have known she was getting older. At first she responded to treatment but then didn’t. She became very weary and when the time came to put her down she was ready. You could see in her eyes that she just wanted to sleep.

For such a quiet girl she left a big space but it was time for The Help to move on again so she was in no hurry to try and fill the void. Toffee had been a great pal. She saw number one and number two son grow up and was a constant companion to The Help. She did her job and more and she did it beautifully. She is remembered as a lovely girl and all the memories are happy ones. So please, no tissues with this one!

Toffee was their first Tibetan and it is a tribute to her that they went on and got two more when next they settled long enough to be responsible.

Toffee, the golden Tibetan

Toffee, the golden Tibetan

Golden in colour and golden in nature., she was one of the good ones.

With love from Zena, the proud Tibetan


The Pressed Princess

Hello all,

This is really just a catch-up to say sorry we haven’t been around to visit and comment on your blogs and may not be for a few days.

Monday started so well with my receiving my prize from Animal Couriers for being able to match up the names with their travellers (who said I don’t have a brain!). Along with some cards and a wonderful key ring which The Help has pinched, there was also a great fridge magnet.


The Help is looking for ways to attach it to the outside of the house! And no, it doesn’t mean I’m mad (though maybe I could persuade people that The Pup had a screw lose?), but it would certainly made people talk about us which I like πŸ™‚ I rather like being thought moody and interesting enough to deserve a French label. Anyone who is anyone should have a French label!

I think I’ll have another one made which reads ‘Chien cΓ©lΓ¨bre’ πŸ˜€

So that began Monday well, thank you Animal Couriers.

Then Miss Harper Lee nominated me for the Sunshine Award. I do already have this award but was really touched to be thought of again and if you haven’t met Harper Lee you should pop over to her blog. The picture of her as a pup sitting in a basket made my tail wag it is sooooo cute.

Suddenly, Monday went wrong.

The Help took The Boss to have a check up on his eye and the next thing you know we are off to stay with Devon at the Team leader’s house and they are rushing into Melbourne for emergency surgery on a detached retina 😦

They are now back and The Boss is back to the beginning trying to recover with a sore eye.

We coped because we know Team leader well and in fact I had a very comfortable night. The spare bedroom at Team Leader’s house is a very nice room with satin and sequin covers. It looks very pretty and just right for a Princess. So, without Team leader realising it until the morning, I spent the night on the satin, sequinned spare bed and The Pup slept on the floor! I just wish The Help would provide a bed as civilised for me at home!

It was however a sad night for another reason too. You have heard me talk about Prissy Paws? What is a blog without someone to tease and what are stories without a villain? Well, he will be cast as the villain no more. He went to visit the vet on Monday and they discovered that he is the end stage of heart failure. Team Leader is very sad and so are we. We are hoping that his little heart will keep on going for longer than the vet thinks and that he will be here to snarl at us for months to come.

So Monday was a very mixed day and all of this is why we are very behind with things and might be a bit behind for a week or two.

All of you take care and keep on having fun and normal communications will resume as soon as possible.

The carpet? You seriously expect me to sleep on the carpet? Where are my satin sheets? Where are my sequins? Pffft

The carpet? You seriously expect me to sleep on the carpet? Where are my satin sheets? Where are my sequins? Pffft!

Love from, Zena, Le Chien célèbre,

Raffles, Le Chien Lunatique

and The Help


The Panicked Princess

There is a saying ‘You snooze, you lose’.

I’m beginning to think that the world of awards is rather like that.

A few days ago lovely Little Binky from Angelswhisper were kind enough to think of me for the new WordPress Family Award. I was chuffed. It’s a lovely award with a beautiful sentiment behind it so thank you so much for thinking of me Little Binky.

I posted my Park Day post for Gizmo and then before I could turn around my lovely guinea pig pals (I’m sure Basil was behind it), over at Hutchagoodlife had given me the award too!


Isn’t it a great award?

Quoted from the Rules:Β  β€œThis is an award for everyone who is part of the β€œWord Press Family” I started this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can. The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here. I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before. This represents β€œFamily” we never meet, but are there for us as family. It is my honour to start this award”

The rules are as follows:

1. Display the award logo on your blog. (tick)

2.Β Link back to the person who nominated you. (tick,tick)

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family (tick)

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them (soon to be tick)

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as Β a friend, and spread the love.

Now you will understand the snoozing and losing aspect of awards. I have noticed that most of my WordPress pals have been given this award in the 24 hours it has taken me to get The Help to the computer.

I had decided that I was therefore going to throw the award open to anyone who hasn’t yet received it and then (as is a female’s prerogative), I changed my mind. I know that some of you have probably already received this award but I want to thank you for supporting me and entering into the ‘spirit’ of the fun of this blog and for sharing your lives and humour with us. In no particular order but with sincere thanks:

1. Our Furever Family who at this time are going through a very tough time and one that all of us can understand and sympathise with.

2. Cat From Hell. Nellie you’re always fun and full of wise advice too.

3. One Spoiled Cat. Sammy, I’m still enjoying the camping competition and looking forward to the pyjama party!

4. Jasper’s Doggy World. My pals over the pond.

5. Long Life Cats and Dogs. We really pulled together to try and get pixels over the line and we almost did it. It was truly a family affair!

6. Clowie’s Corner. One of my first and most loyal supporters who followed Zac before keeping step with me.

7. Easy. No award list would skip Easy and I’m sure he’s already been given the award over and over, but I wouldn’t leave him out.

Now one of my other most faithful and greatest supporters are not WordPress but (horror) using other blog publication applications so I’m not sure if it is entirely in the rules to pass the award on to them but I don’t care!

8. Mollie. Mollie and Alfie are the greatest fun and the most faithful friends and now have a most exciting shop too. I will not leave them off my list!

There are many more of you. In fact most of you who follow me probably deserve this award! In which case, please feel free to take the last two places on my list and help yourself to this award πŸ˜€

I do too have eyes!

I do too have eyes!

Love from Zena, the family Princess πŸ™‚


The Activist Princess

What an exciting week!

The Help thought it was going to be a quiet week……..wrong!

She thought she’d be able to get a post out before today……wrong!

She thought I’d let her have Sunday off ……… wrong!

If I tell you that the last quiet moment we had was when Miss Eight came to visit you might realise the sort of week we’ve had!

But first. I must catch you up on my campaign success. Yes. Really.

Most of you will no doubt be aware that for the last few weeks there has been a gigantic struggle going on. This struggle was brought to our attention by Wallace and Samuel in The Chronicles of Wallace and Samuel blog.

These two noble dogs sought our support after their dad decided they were not allowed on the couch. Dogdom everywhere rushed to the rescue.

Support was overwhelming. We noble animals rose to the battle cry and sat/lay and slept on our couches all around the world in an attempt to sweep away the unjust discrimination under which Wallace and Samuel were living.

Raffles and I entered the fray. I became political! Here is an excerpt from the speech which I gave to the dogs at the park to rally support for this needy cause

“I say to my furry friends as I said to Raffles, I have nothing to offer but fluff, cuteness and my charm. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in Australia. We shall fight in the UK. We shall fight with growing strength all over the world. We shall fight in the bedrooms. We shall fight in the lounges. We shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, we should fail then our fluffy forces would carry on the struggle until our power and might overcomes and brings forth rescue and liberation’.

And so the battle began.

We battled in the kitchen

We battled in the kitchen

I campaigned in the lounge

I campaigned in the lounge

The big boy made his bid for equality. (face blurred to protect the innocent)

The big boy made his bid for equality.
(face blurred to protect the innocent)

Determined to stand by our furry brothers in their time of crisis we left no opportunity for support be wasted. At every chance we were on those couches. Sacrifice was paramount in our minds as we clambered up and down, up and down.

Exhausted and scarred from the battle we finally got the news.


Wallace and Samuel won the right to go onto the couch (with some conditions attached it’s true but Rome wasn’t built in a day).

At last. The gigantic struggle was over and we could take a well earned break from the campaign.

Exhausted but triumphant. We sleep the sleep of conquerors.

Exhausted but triumphant. We sleep the sleep of conquerors.

And not only did we get the satisfaction of having thrown our fur behind a really great cause but we won a great badge too πŸ™‚

Our award

Our award

We would have posted our success immediately but The Help had to drive The BossΒ  into Melbourne for an eye operation (yuck).

They had to stay overnight and this meant that the behemoth and I got to stay with Prissy Paws (yuck!).

Fortunately Prissy Paws lives with Team leader and Team Leaderess who likes to give us cuddles and treats so that is definitely a good thing.

I enjoyed staying with them for a short time. I had three beds to choose from so I made sure that I occupied each of them through the day. This meant that my smell was everywhere which made me feel at home and also the pup was never quite sure where I was so it was harder for him to find me πŸ™‚

As it happens he was very busy exploring the new garden and entrancing Team Leader so I had a great holiday.

Now we are back together with The Help and the Boss and the Boss has a very sore and funny looking eye.

He can’t see properly and says it is like looking through a bowl half full of murky water which sloshes around when you move. Yuck!

In order to have his eye heal properly he has to assume one of my favourite positions. I thought he was mocking me at first but when I realised that it was doctors orders I decided to support him and join in.

Adopting the head down position (on the couch) in order to support The Boss who has to do this through the day.

Adopting the head down position (on the couch) in order to support The Boss who has to do this through the day.

Having published my success as an campaigner I am going to let The Help rest now and normal posting should resume shortly. We are still preparing photos of past furpals but as it was BD (before digital) they are not great!

Just before I go I’ll share a little something from Miss Eight’s visit.

Rosewater and Lemon cupcakes decorated by Miss Eight.

Rosewater and Lemon cupcakes decorated by Miss Eight.

See those. Cupcakes. Lot’s of cupcakes. Did we get any? No.

Reason for an uprising…….. quite possibly. What do you think?

I think I’ll just go and join The Boss doing the head flop whilst I work out the logistics.

For now, haveΒ  a Happy Sunday everyone.

Love from Zena, the smug Princess


The Catch-Up Princess

A thousand apologies to everyone because I have not been able to visit all your blogs, reply to anyone or keep you up to date on my every little movement.

This is due to The Helps inability to manage a visitor, ill health, doctors appointments, life in general and ME. I should come first shouldn’t I?

Don’t get me wrong. She makes sure I have food, water and the behemoth for company but as for making me a star, well she has totally dropped the ball.

So this post is by way of being a catch up post. A quick summary of our busy lives for the last few weeks.

As you know. Auntie Shelfie came to visit.

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

This was great. More cuddles and attention for ME. Not only that but a couple of times we had some girl-time and she took me to the village to get coffee. Coffee! Just like Zac used to do with son number two. I felt very special and sophisticated and I was sorry when Auntie Shelfie left. Needless to say I haven’t been to the village for coffee since 😦

The first thing Auntie Shelfie did when she walked in was to dress Raffles and I up in the latest French fashions.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Blue boy

Blue boy

The idea was good, but what she couldn’t have known is that this fashion was like a red rag to a bull for Raffie – it just gave him another way to drag me around! Before he could destroy me or the neck finery The Help removed it. She always is a bit of a spoilsport!

For the first few days of Auntie’s visit is was hot. Very hot. Meltingly hot. This was good for us because everyone stayed inside in the air-conditioning.

Then the weather cooled down a bit and then they were off. Visiting this place and that place. Shopping here, there and everywhere.

Before we knew it the holiday was over and Auntie Shelfie had to return to Boodle and Dunthorne which made us sad. Raffles has been into the room she used several times looking for her. I have told him she’s gone but he still hopes she might make a sudden reappearance.

The Boss took her to the airport and they had to put an extra plane on to carry the shopping.


Everyone in the village loved her and hopes that she comes back soon. She came to the park with us most mornings and saw the Poodle Pack for herself. Yes, there really are 5-7 Standard Poodles who meet regularly at the leash free – and not by prior arrangement.

I was told she arrived back safely to a relieved and happy Boodle and Dunthorne but minus one case. I hope she gets it soon or all that shopping was wasted!

As well as Auntie Shelfie’s visit there was of course Sammy’s Camping Trip. This was awesome. Sammy arranged lots of fun things to do and although my tent didn’t win the best tent, I won the scavenger hunt which is amazing.


And I get to sport the wonderful Sammy badge above for taking part.

If this wasn’t enough fun, I was tagged by Angel’s Whisper. Go take a trip and see her if you haven’t visited.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond Angel but you see it was a rather busy few weeks.

I haven’t been tagged before but it seems a little like being given an award except there isn’t a pretty badge.

First of all I have to post the rules:

1. Post these rules

2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post

4. Create eleven new questions to tag new people to answer

4. Go to their blogs and let them know they have been tagged

Post a photo of ME. Hmm-mm. Difficult. So many photographs, so little room. I have decided to be creative and post eleven photos with the facts πŸ™‚

I like to sleep in the most unexpected places. I love the blood rushing to my head.

I like to sleep in the most unexpected places. I love the blood rushing to my head.

I adore belly rubs

I adore belly rubs

My perching skills come in handy living with the behemoth.

My perching skills come in handy living with the behemoth.

I usually spend the day (and sometimes part of the night) on the big bed and leave the small one to Big Boy.

I usually spend the day (and sometimes part of the night) on the big bed and leave the small one to Big Boy.

I have absolutely no idea why some people confuse Ringo and Raffles at the park. They smell completely different.

I have absolutely no idea why some people confuse Ringo and Raffles at the park. They smell completely different.

I am often amazed at how cute I am. Especially with my hair growing longer.

I am often amazed at how cute I am. Especially with my hair growing longer.

In the spirit of full disclosure I admit to sometimes eating grass!

In the spirit of full disclosure I admit to sometimes eating grass!

And being a role model to a pup is really difficult, but I was generous enough to show him where the freshest, best grass was so he could throw up too!

And being a role model to a pup is really difficult, but I was generous enough to show him where the freshest, best grass was so he could throw up too!

And my favourite occupation is lying around and thinking. Or failing that, just lying around!

And my favourite occupation is lying around and thinking. Or failing that, just lying around! Here in the Pergola.

Lying on the carpet

Lying on the carpet

Lying on the tiles

Lying on the tiles

Now stick with me whilst I answer Angel’s questions.

1. Which do you prefer, water or milk? Water.

2. Do you like rain or snow? Neither

3. Do you believe in Furry-land? I live in furry-land.

4. Do you believe in Angels? Yes.

5. What do you do if you find a lot of money? I’d give it to The Help who would probably buy a bigger house or a new computer!

6. When are you the most active and when you are the most laziest inactive? I’m active between 8.45am and 9.45am at the park. The rest of the day is recovering.

7. What do you do if you had to take care of your own dinner? Eat Raffles’ dinner or cry.

8. Where would you fly to if you had wings? The Rainbow Bridge to visit Zac and the pals who are there.

9. How do you show your affection? By allowing belly rubs.

10. What color is your favorite? Pink of course.

11. What smell is your favorite? Chicken.

Now I think that this has been a long enough post and if you have read it to the bottom award yourselves a pat on the back.

Easter is hurtling towards us now so I leave you with this warning. There is only one Easter Bunny though there are many pretenders. If you see this imposter do not be taken in πŸ˜€

Easter Bunny Prissy Paws

Easter Bunny Prissy Paws


Love Zena, finally back with a post!


The Tardy Princess

It isn’t me that’s tardy – it’s The Help. She can give loads of excuses but the fact remains. She has not blogged about me for days and days and days. This is not good enough. I have a public to keep informed. Perhaps I should switch to Twitter so I can Tweet my every move.

‘Just been to the park BOL. Barked at white Maltese.’


‘Finished most of my dinner. Having a drink now then it’s tummy rub time.’

I do think that I could be popular. After all some of the tweets out there are not as interesting. However, I would still have to use The Help so I expect it would fail.

Now that I’m here I must get on with some lovely business. Our wonderful pal Easy gave me the Liebster award. I don’t know how many of these Liebster awards are out there but this one must have been made with me in mind. It is pink! So thank you, thank you, thank you Easy. If you don’t know Easy he is a very handsome Weimeraner who lives in a French village and leads a very interesting life. I always know I am going to have a smile on my face when I go and visit so I recommend you pop over too.


I need to tell you eleven things about myself:

1. I am in charge of civil disobedience at the park now. Whenever a dog is down I am there barking until it gets up and is safe again. Can’t have the others picking on it.

Me, policing the park

Me, policing the park

2. There is a Jack Russell called Pippin who lives in one of the gardens alongside the park and we love to race up and down barking and snarling at each other but if Pippin comes into the park we ignore each other πŸ™‚ I love a bit of contrariness.

3. The Help is growing my hair longer again which means more brushing 😦 but I am prettier πŸ™‚

See my curl? The longer my coat the more it will wave :-)

See my curl? The longer my coat the more it will wave πŸ™‚

4. Right at this moment I am lying in front of the air conditioner because it’s over 32 C outside!

5. Also right now I am not feeling too well. I haven’t eaten cheesecake Easy but I still feel that there is a queasiness in my tummy. Raffles was ill for a few days and got to eat cooked chicken and rice. I am hoping for the same!

6. I am the main guard dog in the house now. The puppy looks to me for when to bark! I’m looking forward to handing over those duties in a few months.

7. I have decided recently that I have been too easy on The Help. To keep her on her toes and to keep the focus on me I have begun to insist on variety for dinner, and I don’t like it all mixed up. It has to be kept in separate little compartments πŸ™‚ After all, I am a Princess!

8. I have never eaten ice-cream. I think this is a great lack in my life and it has become one of my ambitions to try ice cream one day, simply because so many of you tell me how good it is on your blogs.

9. I am able to eat a whole bowl of food very quickly and leave the half of a little white pill that The Help wants me to eat. Do it every time πŸ™‚

10. Michelle who lives in France is staying with me at the moment so I am getting even more cuddles and attention πŸ™‚ You can read about my french cousins Boodle and Dunthorne here in Zac‘s blog. I’m sorry she couldn’t bring the dogs with her, we could have had fun but I do understand it’s a long way for them to come.

11. I am an honorary poodle at the park and since Raffles and Ringo have grown so similar I also have to check the right dog goes home with the right owner! Can you spot the difference in the photo above or below?

See what I mean? I'm keeping the big dogs in order.

See what I mean? Where’s Raffles? I’m keeping the big dogs in order.

Now Easy has asked me eleven more questions which I have to answer (phew).

1. What was your favourite book/movie in your childhood? Lady and the Tramp. I love Lady and wanted curly hair just like hers.

2. What was the animal of your dreams as a child? Pegasus because he can fly and sometimes I watch the birds and think it would be cool to fly. Then when I joined Zac he told me that horses were evil so my dreams of Pegasus whisking me up into the tree tops was abandoned.

3. Can you read books or watch movies about anipals without an happy end? No, I am made sad too easily. Life has been sad enough I don’t want to read about sad stories!

4. If you have to describe your anipal with one word, what would you choose? I asked The Help about this and she paused and then said ‘Uncomplicated’. Not sure I like that. When Zac was with me she would have called me joyful.

5. If you had to pick β€œThe animal of the year” who would it be? Now that Zac isn’t here I guess I can like horses again so it would have to the racehorse Black Caviar.

6. Is there any animal of the world who scares you? Pretty much any animal that shows it’s teeth but in particular bears. As we don’t have bears in Australia I will continue to be scared of sharks in the water and snakes in the long grass.

7. Have you ever tried Dog- or Cat food? The Help tells me that when she was a child she ate the dog’s chocolate drops! Really you cannot take her anywhere.

8. Would you like to understand Dog- or Cat language? I would love The Help to be better at dog so that she can understand what I am saying faster.

9. Would you like do know what your anipals are thinking? Really? She thinks she does but thankfully she doesn’t πŸ™‚

10. What was the funniest thing what you bought for your anipal? Raffles! Here was I expecting a cute little puppy and in walked colossus – very amusing.

Now I’m not going to award anyone because I don’t know who has this award. Probably most of you by now.

What I will say is that if you are reading this and don’t have it please help yourself πŸ™‚

Now I must go and continue to prepare my tent for the camping trip with Sammy. I’ve completed my scavenger hunt and now I’m just getting a few bits and pieces together a Princess needs to go camping. Remember, I do not like to get wet, muddy or too hot. I like soft cushions, good food and company. So camping should be right up my street BOL πŸ˜€

Lying on the carpet in the air conditioning planning what to take on Sammy's camping trip. What a great way to spend Sunday.

Lying on the carpet in the air conditioning planning what to take on Sammy’s camping trip. What a great way to spend Sunday.

Love Zena, the rather warm Princess.


Sharing the Love & Happy Birthday Miss Eight

So we’ve been a little quiet on the blog front. I can tell you it has been anything but quiet on the ground here.

Not only has there been a flurry of behind-the-scenes activity to get my outfit organised for the Valentine’s Ball, but we are also having a few family health issues.

This has not been fun. The Help’s father has been having some health issues over the last twelve months. Then two days ago her mother decided to get sick too and The Help was out at the hospital until 4.30am! Was I glad to see her safely home. And now her mother is safely home too so I hope we can breathe and relax.

Fortunately her mother is doing quite well and I am hoping normal service (focus on ME) will resume again soon.

Mollie & Alfie's Valentine Ball Invitation

Mollie & Alfie’s Valentine Ball Invitation

Mollie, Alfie & Ranger are busy organising the ball. Rather them than The Help is all I can say. I don’t think she’ll be able to organise herself out of a paper bag at the moment! I had huge problems getting the outfit for the ball to my taste but I think we got there in the end. Hope you’ll all come and join in – just have a peep. We’ll let you know when it’s on, then you can vote for me πŸ˜‰

There is a rumour (started by Ranger) that Cinderella will be there. What is a ball without Cinderella? Raffles and I had a chat, we think it could be Doggy! Yes, really. You wait and see.

Talking of the pup (pup…ha!), he had to go to the vet this week and have a vaccination. He didn’t even notice because at the moment of impact The Help gave him a treat. Yes. He is THAT easy! The shock came when it was weigh in time. At just 7 months he is 27.6 kilos. He is not fat however, it is all big poodle muscle.

I tried to play tug-of-war with him last week. You can imagine how that went. Raffles got the toy, I got the toy. Raffles tugged, I staggered off to one side and found I didn’t have the toy any more! We are not altogether compatible in the weight and strength stakes.

I do think however, that I have a stronger stomach than he does. He seems to get sick quite a lot. Maybe it was the vaccination, maybe it was his dinner but 6.00 am this morning he starts all the signs of being sick. Not able to go outside, which he usually does on these occasions, he decided (as he has done in the past) that my bed was the place to be sick in. My bed! What’s wrong with his? So I scrabbled at the door to get The Help up. She slept through it but The Boss heard me and came out to help. Raffles was still sick on my bed, but only a little bit. So now The Help has to wash it – teach her to get up faster when I tell her to the next time πŸ˜€

As this is the month of love there has been a lovely award going around. The Why I love Thee Award created by Nerissa and her family who are obviously very talented because it is a lovely award.

Nerissa passed this award onto Nellie who has passed it along to everyone! Now, I’m not sure if the original aim of this lovely award was only for cats but …… TOUGH! I’m a friend of Nellie’s and I WANT this one!!!!


You can see why I like it can’t you? It is really pretty, so thank you Nellie for allowing all your pals to have this award and thank you to Nerissa’s Mum for making it πŸ™‚

There are rules, but they are simple. Thank the one who gave it to you, post the award, tell everyone why you love someone and then nominate a friend or friends and pass it on.

I thought about who I should talk about because I have a lot of love for those around me. I am growing to love Raffles because he helps me to feel safe when we’re alone, I love The Boss because he is gentle and kind and looks after me. I love The Help’s parents because they come by a lot and it is always fun to see them. I love Miss Seven who is actually Miss Eight today and I love number one and number two sons but I don’t see enough of them.

Really, it is obvious. I have to tell you that for all the joking and sarcasm I love The Help.

I love her because she is always looking out for me. She feeds me. She walks me. She makes sure I’m safe when we’re out and she makes safe places for me when Raffles decides he wants to play and I don’t.

I love her because she sat up with me for three nights holding me as I cried when Zac died.

I love her because even though Raffles isn’t the pup I would have chosen, she did get him because she was thinking of me and he will grow into a fantastic pal.

I love her because I can depend on her.

I love her because every night, after dinner I jump up on her and she rubs my tummy. And if she stops a gentle ‘bop’ from my paw reminds her to continue πŸ™‚

I love her because she loves me and she shows me in lots of ways that I am special to her and I do the same to her.

I was never in a horrible home. I haven’t had a background of abuse or cruelty. The Help found me when I was a tiny pup (as pups should be) and straight away I was loved, nurtured and protected. I am a very lucky Tibetan and I have The Help and her family (and Zac) to thank for that and I do. I love them all and I am thankful that I have never had to be afraid of those around me who are supposed to care for me.

Okay. Sloppiness over……. πŸ˜€

I also want to pass this on to those who read this blog and enjoy such things. Like Nellie, you have helped me and shown love to me in different ways and so now I give this award to you.

I think I shall make that my Oscar acceptance speech πŸ˜€

Today is Miss Seven’s birthday so she shall now be known as Miss Eight. We cannot believe it! Eight! We met her first when she was about six and she has grown a lot since then, though Raffles is heavier!

So to Miss Eight who is fast becoming able to read this blog herself:

I Hope you have a wonderful birthday and Raffles sends hugs, licks and cuddles as do we all – except of course The Help and The Boss who just send hugs and love!!


Love from Zena, the Loving & Lovely Princess


REALITY Princess

After the activity of the leash free it is great to come home and find that two of our pals have kindly chosen us for a new award.

The Reality Blog Award

The Reality Blog Award

I want to thank Hutch a Good Life, Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and the beautiful Basil and a new friend we are following Peace, Love and Whiskers.

Hutch a Good Life is a creative blog run by four guinea pigs and their mum.

Peace, Love and Whiskers calls itself an amazing blog about amazing animals. I think it could be an amazing blog about animals πŸ™‚

The rules and instruction for this award are as follows . . .

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them.

3) Answer the 5 simple questions. (see below)

4) Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify each of them. (see below)

5) Display the award on your blog somewhere.

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?

I would like to be taller. Being able to run under Raffles has its advantages but I have discovered that bigger dogs get noticed more and I’m all about being noticed.

2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be? any year?

I would like to be two again. At two, Zac was four and was still well enough to play with me. We were like two puppies chasing and playing all day. They were good days.

3) What is one thing that really scares you?

Being alone. I cannot tolerate being alone. I cry, scream and get very upset. That is why Raffles came on the scene – he’s my comforter, minder and personal trainer!

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

I still dream of being a major star. I am a minor star but I would like to be bigger. Will I achieve it? I’m not sure. I don’t think The Help is good enough and in this world you need a good team around you to succeed.

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

The owner of our local petshop. Just give me one day as her and I’d clear the store of treats and choose a new bed, new collar and some new toys!!

Now the tricky part, nominating.

Texas, A Cat in New York

The Lonely Dogs

Raising Daisy

Easy Weimeraner

Mollie & AlfieΒ  I know you love them πŸ™‚

Savannah’s Paw Tracks

One Spoiled Cat

The Misadventures of Misaki

Jasper’s Doggy World

All That Jazz Cat

One Blue Dog

Love from Zenz, The Really Energised and Amazing, Lovely, Inspiring and Touching Princess πŸ˜€



A Prance of Poodles

First of all today a couple of administrative issues. Some of you out there, namely CatChat and Molly the Wally never hear from me because I seem to be unable to leave any comments or like your page. I have tried, honestly, and I do want to comment but for some reason the technology won’t let me, but I do enjoy your blogs guys.

In the spirit of change and moving forward I have decided to sack The Producer. Yeah I know. You’re all shocked. I just think the task is beyond her. Just read the above statement and you will realise it’s true. She will henceforth be known as ‘The Help’, because that was what she was put on this earth for – to help me πŸ˜€

Another cat friend (yes I do have them), invited his followers to help themselves to an award he had been given. Yeah Sammy from One Spoiled Cat. Thanks buddy.


Sorry Sammy and Savannah, hope we’re still purrfect furrbuds.

So being a friendly kind of gal I helped myself to The Friendly Blogger Award and invite any of my followers to do the same πŸ™‚

The Friendly Blogger Award

The Friendly Blogger Award

Now. As most of you know I am a Tibetan Terrier. Some of you have heard of us, many of you have never met one before. Down at the leash free people often think I am some kind of an ‘oodle’, a Shnoodle or Spoodle seem to be the most common misconceptions. This is understandable because of the ragged haircuts I keep getting from The Help.

However, in all my years of visiting the leash free I have never met another Tibetan Terrier. We are THAT special.

Before we had Raffles, we did see a couple of Standard Poodles who came a few times a week. Now that we have Raffles it seems like there are Standards crawling out of every crevice in our village – it seems that they are very common popular.

One non Standard Poodle owner who was stood watching the crowd play together (for some reason they all seem to gravitate to each other and play only with other Standards), called them a ‘Prance of Poodles’.

So here are some of Rafi’s pals who he meets up with regularly. My job is to make sure the pup is okay and I can tell you I come back from the park exhausted these days. No more walking in gentile fashion with The Help whilst Zac sits in the middle of the park watching the world. Now it’s helter skelter from one end to the other trying to make sure the Pup keeps safe. Having a puppy is hard work as I’ve mentioned before.

So here are some of the Poodles who make up Rafi’s Pals and the ‘Prance of Poodles’ at our local leash free.

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Long before The Help had even considered a standard poodle she met Coco. She actually offended the owner by asking if she was a purebred or crossed with a dalmation (gasp of horror!), she didn’t know you could get poodles with this sort of a colouring. Fortunately the owner eventually forgot it was her who asked such an insulting question and is talking to her again!



Coco shares her life with a red Standard called Jacques. He loves balls so doesn’t play with the others in the same way, he is just interested in chasing that little yellow tennis ball.

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy is an elegant silver standard who comes usually at weekends. You can see that Rafi is still in his puppy coat and has yet to match the elegance of these more mature dogs. There am I, right in the middle checking that he doesn’t get out of his depth.

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

See what I mean about the quiet walks being a thing of the past? Now that I spend my time rushing after Rafi my fitness levels have really improved.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie is his best friend. They play together most days because we time our leash free visits to coincide so that they can meet up and tire each other out! I have to monitor it all though as you can tell from the next picture. Cassie is brown with the most amazing golden tips to her coat. Women pay a fortune to get that look.

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Here I am checking that all is well. Cassie and Raffles are forever throwing themselves on the floor and wrestling together which is why he tends to be a grey Standard Poodle rather than a cream one!

Rosie is another pal who we see lots of. She comes from the same kennel as Rafi but has a different Mum & Dad. As you can see I really have to be in the middle of everything and often have to get vocal to keep things in check.

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rosie is a red poodle and she is very playful too. I find it strange that poodles come in so many different colours which often have little relation to the colour of their parents. I have a black & white mum and a black dad and I am black with a white star on my tummy. That to me makes sense and is logical.

Rafi had an apricot mum and a black dad and turned out cream – weird. Rosie’s mum was apricot too and her dad was black.

I have heard it said that black is the true colour of the poodle and that makes sense to me. Black is a cool colour πŸ™‚

This is Ollie

This is Ollie

Ollie is another pal from the same kennel. He and Rosie are always together and it is good for Rafi to have a male role-model. Ollie and Rosie are about two years of age now, Cassie is one year and of course Rafi is six months.

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me int he foreground

This picture was taken a month a go and the little guy has grown a little. This is Ringo. Ringo is the star (yeah, I admit it) of the leash free. He arrives sitting up in the back of his convertible with sunglasses on to protect his eyes.

He jumps out and struts his stuff. He comes into the park and you can only say that he prances. His tail is up, his head is up and he is ready to party. He is white and handsome and boy does he know it! He and Rafi both like Cassie so we are a little concerned about what might happen when the little guy begins to feel he is a big boy! At the moment he is content to her0-worship Ringo and Ringo is used to that!

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

King Ringo

King Ringo

Undisputed King of the Poodles and loving it. Some there think Rafi is going to be just as handsome and even bigger than Ringo. At the moment all I see is a gawky guy who falls over his huge paws!

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

The scrum

The scrum

Taken this morning Ollie, Rosie, Rafi and Cassie meet up for a good time. As you can see, I am right there with them. Afraid of big dogs – me? Not any more πŸ™‚

Pudle-Hunds at play

Pudel-Hunds at play

Again, just this morning. Rafi on the left, then Cassie, ME in the middle and Rosie on the right. Behind us Chief the border collie and Roxy the long haired collie wait to herd any stragglers and help me to keep score!

I actually think there could be a soap opera in this.

What will happen when Ringo realises that he has a rival for Cassie’s attentions?

Will Cassie be able to continue to keep both Rafi and Ringo entranced.

Will Ollie move up and take a more central role in the drama?

Will Rosie feel left out and will Rafi ever look as good as Ringo?

Tune in for other exciting adventures in the leash free πŸ˜€

And what am I doing now?

As you can imagine. After such a morning, I am going to sleep – for the rest of the day!

Love – Zena, the exhausted Princess


The Next Big Thing Award


I have another award!! What a great Christmas present. This is all down to my pal Easy

If you don’t know Easy you really should pop over and catch up with him. If you do know him then you understand why this award is so important to me. Easy is smart. He knows talent when he sees it! He runs his staff so well, he gets to sleep on the bed, eat what he wants and @TEOTD he just rules.

I’m not sure if there are any rules to The Next Big Thing Award so I’m just putting it out here and if you have come to this page, help yourself to this award as a reward for coming to see me. A41&14A as the guys in the feathery hats used to say πŸ™‚


I think I shall take this award as my 2013 New Year’s Resolution.

Otherwise, things are pretty quiet around here at the moment. The Behemoth continues to grow, but far from being a bodyguard I find myself watching over him at the park. Well I guess he is still only 5 months! I am AAS.

ATM we are working on our Christmas Blog card – you would think it wasΒ  the Queen’s speech! πŸ˜€

The Producer won’t make the card until Raffles has been washed and poufed tomorrow. I keep telling her that this blog is all about me but I have not been able to move her yet. I just hope she doesn’t lose sight of who’s important here. AFAIUI this is The Princess Tails and he aint no princess.

So adieu pals for the moment. Thank you Easy for my award and I’m loving your Britmas Christmas saga. ALOL at most of it which is great therapy at this time of the year.

BITMT enjoy a Christmas Greeting from Prissy Paws!


Love from Princess Zena – The Next Big Thing