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The Boy Did Good

Mollie & Alfie's Valentine Ball Invitation

Mollie & Ranger’s Valentine Ball Invitation

This post was going to be different. Mollie and Ranger are throwing a Valentine’s Ball and all are invited. I haven’t met Ranger before but he is a cute Scottie with a great sense of humour so he and Mollie will make great hosts for the big bash.

As you can imagine I got a date quite quickly but I wasn’t even sure that the Pup should go.

Having put the question out there, it was unanimous, he should be allowed to join the fun. I told him and he was thrilled.

Then he realised he needed a partner so I put together this photo.

I was all ready to post a lonely hearts column.

You know the sort of thing. Good looking guy seeks charming lady, no strings attached, for a night of fun at Mollie & Ranger’s Valentine Ball.

Good looking guy seeks girl

Good looking guy seeks girl

I figured I should help the little guy out a little bit or he might end up having to go with one of the turtles which could have disastrous results for the turtle! He is still only six months and his legs don’t always obey directions.

Anyway, then stepped up the gorgeous Lady Litchfield and Raffles shall go to the ball and not only go to the ball but go with one of the most influential and beautiful. So it has all worked out perfectly.

He has his grooming date set for the end of the month so he should look great and as he’s with Litchi, I won’t have to worry about him at all and will be able to enjoy my date with Basil 🙂

He deserves it. Raffles I mean. He’s done well this week. Even I concede that much.

I mentioned briefly that we had Miss Seven staying with us. Her Mum was in Ethiopia visiting son Number One who is working there at the moment – don’t ask, it’s all very complicated and not at all how a normal pack behaves.

So Miss Seven came to stay. She had a great day running around with Raffles. He followed her about, ran when she did, lay down when she did, stopped when she did – you get the picture.

Considering that he can be such a klutz and he weighs more than she does and is almost as tall, he did very well and didn’t knock her over once in the three days she was with us. That in itself is impressive – but wait – there’s more!

The Gentle Giant at 6 months

The Gentle Shaggy Giant at 6 months

Bedtime is not Miss Seven’s favourite time. That is not unusual with little people. Our little Miss Seven feels like I do when I’m left alone. She gets anxious and in our house the main bedroom is separated from the rest of the bedrooms by the kitchen/family room. That seemed like miles and miles to Miss Seven and she did not like it at all!

Lights were left on, doors were left open and she was warned that Raffles and I might join her. This pleased her no end.

So she went to bed, tucked herself up with her teddies and cuddly toys and as soon as she was in bed Raffles lay himself down at the foot of the bed and stayed with her all night. I know! Amazing right? He didn’t come in to join us in the lounge, he stayed with her. He knew she needed him. Even I had to admit that it was sweet.

I went in when it was our bedtime and jumped on the bed. That was very cool. For three nights, Raffles slept at the foot of the bed and kept her company and I went in at bedtime and made myself comfortable on the bed 😀

I’m hoping she’s going to come and stay again soon!

In the meantime I am trying to dress the Pup and he is getting rather worried as you can see from this photo hee hee.

'And I have to carry a cane and dance?"

‘And I have to carry a cane and dance?”

Never fear, we’ll do our best to spruce him up for the lovely Lady Litchfield on the night.

Love from Zena, the impish Princess


The Petrified Princess

Good grief! It’s not a puppy, it’s a pony! I kid you not.

Yesterday was the big day. I could sense the excitement. Fragile items were cleared away, new toys prepared and ‘new arrival’ could be sensed in the air.

I can’t say I knew what to expect but I did expect a puppy. Puppies are small and cute right? They tumble along, lie on their backs and everyone goes ‘ahhhh’.

Not my puppy.

What does The Producer do but turn up with this enormous ‘thing’ calling it a puppy. I have my doubts. You judge from the pics. Does this look like a 14 week puppy to you? This thing is bigger than I am.

Anyway, they bring it home and I am excited. A friend thinks I. Nice after being so sad and depressed since Zac crossed the rainbow bridge. He was nervous of me, me! Little me. Great, thought I and reassured him that I was friendly. I must have overdone it though because the next thing I know he’s growling.

It may look like we’re having fun but believe you me I’m running, running for my life!

The Producer told him not to (far too gently in my opinion) and then the fun really started. We went into the house and I thought we’d have a little play. Trouble is he decided to take it far to seriously and went for me – twice! I think The Producer should have done more than growl at him, she should have sent him back!

She told me I should have put him in his place but I’m not that sort of a dog.

This is his ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look. They tell me he’s a Standard Poodle, oh yes, crossed with what I want to know – a Polar Bear?
Actually Polaris is his kennel name so I think I might be on the right track there.

To add insult to injury when night came we had to sleep in the same area. We had a few beds to choose from but of course he wanted mine, my special new bed. This time The Producer wasn’t there to help me so guess what! He slept in my butterfly bed and got his smell all over it – yuck.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the other big bed was nearby and The Producer didn’t get up until 3.00am to let him out. Too late! He’d poohed and peed in the big bed which meant he’d ruined both of them for me. No quiet peaceful night for me.  He didn’t cry – I did!

‘No Name’ sitting with The Producer’s Beloved – that man is 6 feet tall and that dog is sitting down!! Puppy??? Do they think I’m stupid?

I am not impressed.

All today he’s been coming the puppy, trying to play, let bygones be bygones. Huh! I am not happy and I am not going to pretend I am. Also, I don’t trust him. He still wants to get into whatever bed I’m in and as I won’t get in with him I have to vacate it to him. He is playing power games – at 14 weeks!

They haven’t agreed on a name yet. I think they should call him ‘Ivan the Terrible’.

Get used to the photos (unless they send him away – yay!) because The Producer has already indicated what a relief it is to photograph a non-black dog and even I, not his fan, admit he is handsome.

I am not sure where this relationship is going but I have heard of them talking about puppy training classes beginning next week. I hope it’s live in!

Love The Pessimistic Princess


The Impenitent Princess

Monday dawns and we should be celebrating the return of Miss Mollie and the end of a drama which you can read here if you haven’t already caught up.

I even have another award for my indispensable involvement in the whole affair (affair being the operative word here!). Thanks Mollie & Alfie for the award – any time you put on another drama I’m right here 🙂

However, rather than celebrating, The Dictator, not The Producer you note, is a little upset with me and I am  annoyed with her.

We got back from our walk. All was well. I’d played with a couple of friends and had a good run. I was feeling good.

Me… out walking, well, posing in the middle of my walk.

We walked in through the door and the car keys came out. My heart sank. She was going out.

Then she said ‘Car’.

‘Great’, I thought,  ‘I’m coming too.’

I leapt into the car with my usual flair and cried all the way to the shops – again – my usual way of travelling.

The Dictator left me to shop. Cracked open the windows and left me. Left me!

She took me in the car because she knows I get anxious. It’s called separation anxiety.


Get it?

Separation. That means I do not like to be left alone – anywhere. And I’m going to show it, or rather sound it.

So as soon as she left I began to cry louder. She told me she wasn’t going to be long, but how did I know? Anyway, the length of time doesn’t matter to me.

When crying didn’t work, I moved into the front passenger seat and began to howl. Head up, lips pursed and howled like the wolves do at the moon in the movies. It felt quite good. And it got me lots of attention.

I know she could hear me as she stepped out of the supermarket because I could feel the vibes from her.

She remotely unlocked the car which is the signal for me that she is returning so I immediately stopped howling and jumped around with a big smile on my face.

She got into the car and quietly told me to get into the back seat and patted me. So I did but we don’t drive off. Not immediately.

She had to spend five minutes looking for the hazard light button which I had switched on and which she has never had to use before!

A guy came up to tell her what I’d done so I reckon I had made quite a stir 🙂

Well! I was perfectly justified in turning them on. What a hazard lights for if not to indicate some sort of a problem?

She didn’t tell me off but I could tell she was disappointed and just a little bit embarrassed. Actually, quite a lot embarrassed.

It’s separation anxiety – what part of separation does she not understand!

So I’m asleep now and she’s preparing dinner and has told me that I’m not going to the supermarket with her ever again.

Repentant? Me? Do I look Repentant?

Love the Proud Princess