The Princess Tails

The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle

The Princess Imagines


You may think I am sitting on a stool but……


I am actually the first Tibetan to climb Chomolungma.

Zena on Mount Everest

What do you mean I never did scale Mount Everest?

Well I’m sure I would have if I’d ever gone to Tibet. And stop trying to push me off.


This may look like a comfortable sofa but…….


I risked life and limb leaping over rocks and through torrents of water to reach this haven.

Zena jumping from rock to rock

You may think I am playing on the beach but ……….


Really I am exploring the great Sahara desert. I can tell you it takes ages to get the sand out of my coat.

Zena in the Sahara

You may think Raffy and I are just playing in the reserve but…….


We are actually hunting the rare Snow Leopard (which is even more rare in our village in Australia let me tell you!).

Zena hunts a snow leopard

Or maybe it’s the neighbour’s cat. Just maybe.


You may think I am trying to dig for treats but……..


I am actually exploring the Yanacocha mine searching for gold.

Zena in a gold mine

Sadly no gold – no treats. Spotted before I could grab a mouthful. But such an innocent face.


Sometimes we have to spice life up a bit and an imagination is a great thing to have.

I have tried to tell Raffy that but ……

He just likes to look pretty.

I can do both 😉


Love from Zena, the imaginative Princess xxx

Author: Zena

I am The Princess (aka Zena), niece of Zac the All Black and awesome Tibetan Terrier who took me in when I was just a six week pup and tried to teach me all he knew. When I was six and he was eight, Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge and all of a sudden I was alone. I could no longer be the ditzy, happy-go-lucky pup that I had been. This is a diary of how one Princess managed when the world turned real.

18 thoughts on “The Princess Imagines

  1. Squeeee!! Princess Zena, you have the bestest ever imagination!! I wish I could join you.

  2. You’re not supposed to have dreams for Halloween. You’re supposed to have nightmares.

  3. woohoo love you Zeena!

  4. you are much better like that inidana jones-guy… but no gold? and no treats? that’s not good, but maybe you will find the whole el dorado town once … a terrier can do that, I’m sure ;o)

  5. BaaWaaHaa….. I just loved your postie. BOL.

  6. Enjoy your adventures – real or imaginary!

  7. Hi Zena. A person or pup or cat never gets bored when they have a good imagination. You must be continuously entertained!

  8. MOL…You are so cute, Princess…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

  9. Oh Zena I think you must be the bravest pooch going around!!
    What amazing adventures you have!!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie 🙂

  10. Pawkisses for a Happy independence day to all of you🎆🎉🐾😙💙❤💙❤💙❤

  11. We hope you feel better soon, Purrincess and purray also for you. I’m to weak to talk, but I bring some Healing Pawkisses especially for you ❤ ❤ ❤

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