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The Present Princess

Yesterday is the past,

Tomorrow’s the future,

But today is a gift.

That’s why it’s called the present 🙂

by Bill Keane

I came across this quote this week and thought it was good.

Over the last few posts I’ve been looking into the past, I cannot look into the future with any degree of certainty, but I can enjoy today. So that is what I decided to do.

Then when I was checking the blogs I follow what do I find? A present! Really! Isn’t that neat? It must be a sign. I must live in the present with presents. I’ll have to make sure The Help understands this.

Here is my present. An award from Savvy over at Savannah’s Paw Tracks.

My favourite Thing Award

My favourite Things Award

Isn’t it pretty? It’s even in my favourite red (my collar and lead are red). And all those gorgeous flowers, just what I need to brighten up a windy winters day.

So a huge thank you goes to Savannah’s Paw Tracks for picking me to receive this pretty award. It doesn’t have too many rules which is great. I only have to thank Savvy which being a well brought up Tibetan I would have done without the rules!

Then I have to tell you my six favourite things.

Then I have to pass it on – if I want to 😉

So, here goes.

My Six Favourite Things:

1. My new bed. I know, I know. To some of you this may seem boring but I am a Princess. I like my comfort and my very special bed that was bought for me just after Zac ran away to the Rainbow Bridge got all squashed by the puppy. Last week The Help went out and bought me a new special bed and it goes under the table in the hall so that the big guy cannot smush it!

My new bed :-)

My new bed 🙂

2. This sort of relates to number one. I love (and need) my hiding places. The places I can go to escape the big guy when he wants to play and I don’t want to be played with. He is usually pretty good and leaves me alone, I don’t get sucked quite as much as I used to but if he is excited I need my Zena only zones.

Escape Zone 1 - under the desk (can you see me on the screen?)

Escape Zone 1 – under the desk (can you see me on the screen?)

Zena Escape Zone number 2 - on the sofa in the lounge that the big boy isn't allowed on. I love this one :-)

Zena Escape Zone number 2 – on the sofa in the lounge that the big boy isn’t allowed on. I love this one 🙂

3. My third favourite thing is puppies. Proper puppies. Not puppies like Raffles who come already bigger than me, little puppies. There is a spaniel puppy that comes to the park a lot. I think it’s lost it’s legs because it is so tiny! I love playing with that puppy and I don’t even mind when it hangs off my ears with it’s sharp teeth. I would like a puppy. I don’t have a photo of Barley the spaniel puppy yet, but I’ll have to remember to get The Help to take one.

4. My fourth favourite thing is evenings when I get to lie on The Help and she rubs my tummy. If she doesn’t get arm ache she rubs my tummy most of the evening. I like that.

5. My fifth favourite thing might surprise you. It’s Raffles. I know he can be a bit full-on for me when he wants to play but I have said before that I am not a Princess who likes to be alone and I rather like going to the park with Raffles. He is one of the biggest dogs we see in the park and it makes me feel very safe. He is very gentle for his size and sometimes when I’m getting a cuddle from The Help he comes up and begins licking under my neck and I make a sort of purring sound, I can’t help it! So I am glad he’s around and I’m not alone. It is good to have company.

Raffles - 10 months

Raffles – 10 months

6. My sixth favourite thing would be my collar. The Help has ordered me a new one, the same as Raffles. It is still red and I hope I like it as much. It is very odd but I am rather like Lady from Lady and the Tramp. I am proud of my collar and I feel undressed without it. When I have to have one of those horrible baths I am not comfortable until my collar goes back on again. I am naked without it!

This has been interesting. There are lots of things that I like and it was hard to choose six. I didn’t choose my family because I think it is obvious that for all of us our favourite things would be our people.

Now who to pass this onto who has not already received it…..hmmm…… tricky.

1. Little Binky at Angel’s Whisper. I would love to know your six favourite things.

2. Gizmo over at Terrier Torrent should have some amusing favourite things.

3. Easy over at Easy Weimaraner is bound to make you chuckle with his six favourite things.

Now to another blogville matter of importance.

Many of you know that Savvy has been doing an amazing job in helping Leo. Leo was sick and Savvy and family got him all better again. But Savvy has been through a lot in the past and is only just recovering from a lot of trauma and sadly cannot cope with Leo too.

This means that Leo needs his own home, his own castle where he can be doted upon and loved as he should be. Go here to learn more about the sort of place that Leo is looking for.

leos-castle-smallOkay. Perhaps Leo won’t mind if he doesn’t live in a castle with all those turrets (think of the cleaning). But he really does need his own place before he gets too settled in to what is Savvy’s home.

So if you know anyone who fits the criteria; loves cats, patient, calm, wants an indoor cat, currently without a furpal, stay at home and willing to be adored for the rest of their lives. If you think you are that person, or know someone who could be that person please contact Savvy’s Mom.

In our look back series we talked about a lot of pets who were adopted by The Help and with time and patience every one of them turned out to be fantastic. Leo will be too, he just needs to be given the right chance and the right castle.

I know we are a long way away, but I’m hoping some of our followers may be close to the area and you never know – perhaps even now someone is reading this who knows where Leo’s furrever home could be.

I leave you with a quick update on Prissy Paws who you may remember was diagnosed with a stage four heart murmur a couple of months ago. He is okay. He is sleeping a lot now and sadly he is still grumpy with us and doesn’t like us near him, but we understand that and accept him for who he is. He is not in pain but he finds it difficult to play with his toys now. Maybe he’ll figure in one of our stories again soon, but this time I might give him a more heroic role!

Devon or Prissy Paws last weekend when he visited us.

Devon or Prissy Paws last weekend when he visited us.

Have a great day everyone, enjoy the present

Love from Zena, the caring Princess