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The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle

The Princess Comes Clean


No. This is not about the state of my coat.

This is an update on the pup.

As most of you know, the whole purpose of getting a BIG pup was for me to have a bodyguard. How is it going you ask? Not quite according to plan I say!

For all his size he is a very gentle guy.

For once I got to the sofa first and he has to squish up on one side :-) See how big he is?

For once I got to the sofa first and he has to squish up on one side 🙂 See how big he is?

Miss Eight was here last week and he ran around with her and never once in the two days of play did he knock her over or hurt her and yet he can be such a klutz!

He causes endless amusement with the others at the dog park because he always seems just a few beats behind the other dogs. He is still playing chase when they have switched to hide and seek and then they have broken out from the trees and he’s still waiting on the other side! He is the kid who is counting to a hundred playing hide and seek and all the others have gone off to watch tv without telling him 🙂

Decisions, decisions. To play chase with Diesel, puppy school pal and German Shepherd, or chew the stick with Rosie and Cassie? BTW if you look closely just where Diesel's head should be that's me playing with him.

Decisions, decisions. To play chase with Diesel, puppy school pal and German Shepherd, or chew the stick with Rosie and Cassie? BTW if you look closely just where Diesel’s head should be that’s me playing with him.

It makes me laugh too and I would love to have Zac at my side to have a chuckle, but of course if I’d had Zac, Raffles wouldn’t be here. Ah well, I’ll chuckle anyway!

I do wonder if he will ever assert himself. Last week a huge black lab decided he rather fancied Raffy and Raffles who is bigger and heavier just stood there. It didn’t occur to him to be nasty or even to shake him off. Sometimes his good nature goes a little too far!

I guess that is the problem with being the baby of the group. None of the other dogs really take you very seriously and you are always trying to catch up and talking about catching up you should see him run! Don’t get me wrong, he can go quite fast, but he needs about half the dog park to work up the speed and then there is the moment when the other poodles, who are all a little smaller and lighter on their feet, decide to turn. He has done some spectacular face-plants! He just does not have the grace of the others. We’re not sure if that will come or if he’s just too big a specimen to be graceful with it.

I don’t care that he can’t turn on a sixpence, I just need him to turn on any potential threats to ME. That is looking less and less likely. In new situations he usually looks to me to make him feel safe.

I do admit to feeling more secure when he is around than when I was as an only. And I do occasionally see glimpses of potential, like when he tore apart some hapless toy which was unrecognisable by the time he’d finished and he did manage to look really nasty once – see what you think.

This looks fairly fierce right? You'd never know he was just catching bubbles!

This looks fairly fierce right? You’d never know he was just catching bubbles!

As you may know I haven’t always behaved very well in the car and  The Help hates to take me out in it. I’ll just remind you of the piece I wrote about my howling and turning on the hazard lights when left for five minutes in the supermarket car park. If you’ve forgotten just go to The Impenitent Princess to read all about it. I used to wind Zac up too so the both of us would whine and complain. For this reason The Help and The Boss have taken The Pup out in the car by himself. Because I’m a bad influence – moi????

You can imagine how surprised I was when instead of going out for our usual walk last week we were loaded in the car. I immediately began whining and making a fuss but Raffles just sat there looking down his nose at me with such a solid calm expression that all of a sudden I didn’t feel quite so nervous. In fact, I felt rather silly so I sat down and shut up.

We had a peaceful journey The Help was amazed and pleased. I’m not promising that I’ll be so good every time but perhaps whining and jumping around and getting a large standard poodle puppy excited in a confined space is not good for my health!

So although the jury is still out on whether he is actually ever going to protect me, one thing no-one can argue with is that he’s a good natured hulk and I even permit him to play with me from time to time although it usually ends up with me being a very soggy princess! For all his huge size and weight he hasn’t hurt me so that has to be in his favour.

I have decided that I will have to spend some time training the guy. I’ll let you know how the lessons work out.

NEWSFLASH                       EMERGENCY                  HELP!

I began this post several days ago.

Today the dreaded event happened, the unthinkable. I was tortured and did Raffles help, well sort of. He licked me whilst I endured………… A BATH

The torture chamber

The torture chamber

Suffering for the sake of cleanliness.

Suffering for the sake of cleanliness.

Yet more implements of torture

Yet more implements of torture

Hiding out in my bed in case The Help decides I'm not dry enough!

Hiding out in my bed in case The Help decides I’m not dry enough!

So now I really have come clean, externally and internally! I should feel better right? Confession is a sort of therapy. Admitting the pup is a useless bodyguard should be cathartic? So why don’t I feel better?

Oh, I know (sarcastic tone).

It’s because I’m still slightly damp and The Help is going to want to brush my tail soon. That’s why!

Have a good day everyone, back soon with the promised furballs of the past. The Help is trying to find a photo which she can publish.

love from Zena, the sparkling Princess.

Author: Zena

I am The Princess (aka Zena), niece of Zac the All Black and awesome Tibetan Terrier who took me in when I was just a six week pup and tried to teach me all he knew. When I was six and he was eight, Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge and all of a sudden I was alone. I could no longer be the ditzy, happy-go-lucky pup that I had been. This is a diary of how one Princess managed when the world turned real.

42 thoughts on “The Princess Comes Clean

  1. Aww glad he calmed you and he’s making you feel more secure.

  2. Glad you are giving your little big bro a chance! I think things will work out great.

  3. Zena, you claim you’re not a real terrier. You’re welcome in the Scottish Terrier club. The second picture says “you belong”!

    • Thank you I take that as a great compliment 😀
      Funny thing is, I was always afraid of the big dogs until Raffles came along, now pff – bring them on!!

  4. Aw Zena…perhaps Raffles has come into your life not as a protector but a zen master (ok, “master” may be a little ambitious but let’s go with it). Maybe his purpose is to show you how to have fun again…to laugh at yourself and to stay calm (whether you’re in the car or the torture chamber / bath).

    Wally & Sammy

    • Hmmmm…..quite interested in the Zen thing, after all my name is ZENa, I think you may have a point and I should explore this angle of our relationship. Thanks guys, food for thought 🙂

  5. The gentle giant, Hay Zena 🙂 He might teach you not to whine in the car though .. I must say that photo of you both on the couch is adorable Raffles has got huge..BOL Bath I saw the blow dryer there..that is so what I have to go through..Bawahahwaaw Have a great day xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • He is a gentle giant Mollie. We both race for the couch, whoever gets there first gets to lie full out. If it’s him, there’s no room for me! I sympathise with the bath and hair blowing thing, thank goodness it’s over for a time that’s all I can say. But I had to get dolled up for the PJ party 😉

  6. That’s sweet that Raffles looks to you to protect him. I wish I had a bro or sis to look out for me. When boy doggies want to get too friendly with me, I just sit down and give them a ‘what do you think you’re doing?’ look. Seems to work and no growling or barking required. Maybe Raffles could try that next time.
    ps. I love the pic of you and Raffles in the matching onesies!

    • I’ll give him that tip Misaki, it might help! You wouldn’t believe the number of outfits we tried on before deciding on those, I decided to pamper to the boy and not have anything too frilly and pink, though having seen what Naughty Nellie’s wearing I think I’ll have to get one of those!

  7. Well Zena, I’d say you and Raffles STILL make a great pair even if he’s not quite the “guard doggy” you had hoped for – at least not YET. He’s still a pup so who knows if he’ll finally grow into his size and become the WHITE KNIGHT instead of the PALE PUP and stand by your side to protect you! Speaking of YOU – I must admit you look nice and fluffy and squeaky clean post-bath. I know it’s not a FUN thing but it probably does feel good (and smell good) to get cleaned up from time to time huh? I have to use my TONGUE to keep clean….you get a torture chamber!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • One of the reasons I have to have a bath is Raffles’ tongue!! He does tend to get over affectionate and he licks me – a lot! I like the White Knight idea though most of the time he’ll be the Grubby Knight!! I think I’d swop the torture table for the tongue any day but we dogs just ain’t equipped with the right scouring tongue so I’m destined to endure the torture chamber for many years to come.

  8. I think you may be underestimating him – he did try to hold your paw while you were suffering, which actually is mighty brave as the help could have easily decided to baff him and he would have been an easy target sat next to you. I wouldn’t have done that!!

  9. Zena, we have a thing about baths – well, when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘I’. I think they are a complete waste of time and I’m known to show my disdain by making a determined effort to get dirty again in oh, 1 minute from being released from the chamber!!!

    We think it’s great that Raffles is showing some potential – and what a treat that he calmed you down in the car as cars really are the best fun because they take you to LOADS of interesting places!!!



    • I applaud your determination Groucho. Sadly if I went out and got myself too dirty I’d be straight back into that bath again! I shall try and make my peace with the car 😉

  10. Zena it sounds like Raffles is just the pawfect brofur fur you and the two of you are just adorable in your jammies … Sorry about the (bath)…It happens to the best of us

    • I guess your right about the baths. (blush) glad you like the onesies. This was the guys choice. I wanted pink and frilly but he wouldn’t hear of it so we compromised!

  11. Love the picture of Raffles catching bubbles. My mommy didn’t see the bubble initially, and then when she read the caption she laughed! Maybe if The Help explained to Raffles more clearly that you are a princess he would up his protective game? Maybe not. 😉

    • 😀 I’ll do a little training and testing in the coming weeks and then I’ll reassess the situation, after all, I’m a modern princess – I can be my own bodyguard!

  12. I think that all of Raffle’s quirks just makes him that much more endearing!

  13. Torture?!! *gasps* I’ll save you Princess.

    Lots of loving
    A Secret Squeaking Admirer

  14. He was catching bubbles? I thought, he fought against Godzilla and the whole world … You? a bad influence? never. you are a black influence, but never a bad… For the car-thingy, I have a solution (or my staff thinks THEY found the solution – pure imagination): They thought I would act like Rambo in the car, because the reasons we used it, were always bad for me (vet, shopping&waiting alone). Now we use the car only for things I like, every second day we drive to a park, forest,beach or to other places where I have fun. They call it “positive acknowledgement”. I call it well trained staff hahaha… btw: as I was a puppy, I thought the bathtub is the worst thing of the world, now I know is better: it’s the hairdryer… oh Princess I hate this thing….

    • I wouldn’t have thought your lovely short coat needed a hair dryer Easy – mine takes ages and ages and ages and it still isn’t dry. I think I’m very brave about the whole thing but I get bored sitting still and very bored sitting still with water running over me which is why I try and climb out and than everyone starts shouting!
      I’m glad you are liking the car more and going to exciting places, that is very clever of you. You are a master at training your staff, you’ll have to give us tips.

  15. He will eventually master the arts of turning and stopping, Doggy still hasn’t but he’s working on it. He rolls when he takes tights turns, he’s getting faster and heavier.
    I”m glad de car ride was uneventful, having a horse out of control would be disastrous.
    And the bath, well, you know Doggy loves water so that has never been an issue at home.
    Your coat looks beautiful tho.

    • Thanks, personally i couldn’t see a lot of difference in the coat, except I didn’t smell of puppy slobber but give him a day! Yeah I think you’re right I really have to watch the car from now on or I’ll be starring in a disaster movie and not the Princess Tails!

  16. I love the photo of you and Raffles on the couch and I was impressed of his protecting act, as far as you can call it that way…. You look great after the bath, Princess, I’m sure you smell like roses. Pawkiss 🙂

    • Little Binky, I did briefly smell very pretty (according to The Help), the pup very quickly licked me and made me smell familiar again!

  17. Yous knows, me feels that way about Kozmo sometimes too!

  18. Maybe he’s just pretending to be nice to surprise potential villains?

  19. I was very clumsy as a puppy, I still can’t turn on a sixpence – although I have mastered a rather neat turn for my size.
    I’m sure Raffles makes quite a good deterrent against bullies, even if he’s not a bodyguard yet.

    • He does Clowie, his size is enough of a deterrent and because he is so big he doesn’t seem to be particularly fearful of other dogs. Although he met a deerhound for the first time last week, that was amusing!

  20. Oh Princess Zena, I am so sorry to hear about your awful ordeal, having a bath. You poor thing. However, I do believe that, if you found yourself in any real danger, Raffles would certainly defend you. You’d be surprised what can happen when a real emergency raises its head. Had a good giggle and can just picture poor Raffles taking nose dives whilst turning and always being a step behind the game. He’ll grow into this legs – eventually.

    • I do wonder what would happen if there was trouble. Would he run to me to protect him or run to me to protect me? Hoping I don’t have to find out!

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