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The Camping Princess


I am very excited.

I am going camping. Really. This is a first for me. Sammy over at One Spoiled Cat (don’t you just love that title?) is doing all the hard work and arranging things. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my pals on the blogosphere and doing cool stuff.

I know I’ll have fun when I get there but right now all I can think about is the packing.

Number One Son likes to camp so I thought he might be able to give me some tips but he likes to travel light. A sleeping bag, a tent and a backpack. That is all. A backpack!

Not happy!

Not happy!

Can you see my problem? That backpack is fine for my toothbrush (yes, I have one), and one of my coat brushes, my bowl and perhaps my lead but I couldn’t get anything else in it. So I am a bit worried.

Fortunately I have Auntie Shelfie from France staying with me at the moment.

PS: Boodle and Dunthorne, I am looking after her well, giving her lots of attention and taking her for a walk to the dog park every day. She did slip up once using your nickname of Dunny but we explained to her what that meant in Australia (an outdoor loo) which she had forgotten. Now she uses Dunthorne. You can thank me by sending me some French treats c/o The Help.

As Auntie Shelfie has done lots of travelling and likes pink I respect her opinions.

After all, she travelled light coming to OZ for two weeks as you can see below.

Shelfie travels light

Shelfie travels light

Auntie has been all over the world and knows the art of packing everything so I have taken advice from her on how much luggage we should take for this camping trip. I think the motto is be prepared for anything and everything.

Then Clowie from Clowie’s Corner gave me a wonderful idea (she is a very clever Pyrenean Mountain who I listen to a lot). She suggested that Raffles is big enough to carry the luggage so I don’t have to.

Brilliant! That means the Pup gets to go but only because he’s useful and I get to pack everything I need for the time away. We are dividing our trip between the woods and the beach so that means packing for both. With Raffles pulling the luggage I don’t need to worry about weight.

Sammy mentioned that he’s packing his binoculars for bird watching (?watching….. really Sammy?).

I have to plan some leisure items to pack. Raffles is easy, throw in some squeaky toys and he’s happy. I am more discerning. I usually lay back and enjoy television at night so I think I’m going to have to take a mini iPad along. Anyone have one to give away? The Help hasn’t got one of those yet.

Getting in the holiday mood

Getting in the holiday mood

So after taking lessons from Auntie Shelfie I have decided that I need lots of stuff with me ‘just in case’. My second best collar in case my best collar breaks. My third bag of treats in case I finish my first two and my second best bowl in case someone forgets their bowl. You get the idea? Even an extra bag in case I bring stuff home with me. I wouldn’t have thought of that one without Shelfie.

Auntie Shelfie has been enjoying the hot weather we have here in Melbourne and has been to the beach a few times so she advised me on what I needed to get a good tan.

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

As well as the things I have I will need to buy some new stuff. I need a hat for the beach, a hat for the woods. A parasol for the sun, an umbrella for the rain. I may even need a new outfit or two although Auntie Shelfie tells me it’s more fun to buy those when you get to your destination.

pizap.Zena on the beach

I know beaches but when it comes to the woods I am a little unsure what to expect.

What should I pack? I have thought of insect repellent. I am hoping there are no snakes or bears because as you know I do not like snakes or bears and I don’t think you can buy snake or bear repellent (there’s a niche in the market there for somebody).

I think I might have to get night vision goggles for the wood part of the camping trip.

pizap.Zena in the woods

As the pup has agreed to pull me we decided we should put in some practice. So if you happen to live just outside Melbourne and see us rushing by don’t worry – it isn’t Father Christmas.


I’m not sure I’ve got everything yet. I’ll check with Aunt Shelfie when she returns from the village where she is off – you guessed it – shopping.

They are putting out the red carpet and plying her with champagne as we speak. There has not been such an upturn in the economy for years. She has made a lot of boutiques very, very happy this week 🙂

I have a new hero 😀

Have fun everyone and hope to see at Sammy’s for the camping.

Love, Zena the adventurous Princess


Author: Zena

I am The Princess (aka Zena), niece of Zac the All Black and awesome Tibetan Terrier who took me in when I was just a six week pup and tried to teach me all he knew. When I was six and he was eight, Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge and all of a sudden I was alone. I could no longer be the ditzy, happy-go-lucky pup that I had been. This is a diary of how one Princess managed when the world turned real.

48 thoughts on “The Camping Princess

  1. Your backpack looks way cooler than mine, Zena! And now I know who to ask for help if I forget to pack anything 😉

  2. Zena, mes i bringing my trailer. If yous has forgotted ANYTHING just asks

  3. Uh, I don’t think I should be doing this while running for Pope.

  4. Not sure the beach is going to know just what has hit it! We are looking forward to it 😀

  5. Sounds like Aunty Shelfie has everything under control. Maybe give her a huge huggle.

  6. Fantastic adventure, Princess and the pics are just stunning! 😀

  7. Wow zena, and i thought i had a load of stuff. I forgot the tv but i have pacman for us to play:-)

  8. Wow Princess Z… absolutely look READY! Getting Raffles to haul your sled with all your packed up stuff is brilliant. Might as well put that boy to good use! He’ll be handy around the campsite no doubt. Don’t worry about umbrellas and stuff – we’ve got plenty of them available at the beach site. See you there!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. I particularly like that last picture – you seem to have convinced Raffles of his proper place in all this. You needn’t worry about bears in the woods – Pyrenean Mountain Dogs are very good at scaring them away. I don’t know who can watch out for the snakes though!

  10. Wowsers, I’z gotta get meself a back pack..BOL you look fabulous Zena, we are so looking forward to the trip 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Thinking its about time Aunty Shelfie started her travel blog!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. With Aunty Shelfie in charge you cant go wrong! Huggles to everyone (((xxx^.^xxx)))

  13. hahaha I guessed it – a girl and O.N.E. backpack? that’s a no-go ;o) I think Raffles needs a red nose too ;o) btw: thanks for informing me about the dunny ;o)

    • 🙂 I think if we come anywhere near your place at the moment we’ll both get red noses from the cold! No, the backpack is mere decoration. A girl needs luggage – and lots of it!

  14. Love it! Looks like you have everything!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • There still might be a couple of things I need. I’ll have to check with Aunt Shelfie if I can find her under all her new purchases in the bedroom.

  15. Glad to know there’ll be a bunch of us taking part of the nicest activity of all “Burn Mollie Alive” at Sam’s camping trip.
    You sure travel light, can’t not want to imagine the issues you have unpacking when you get home, but then being a princess you get everything done unlike us poor peasants.
    I’ll see you when we burn Mollie.

    • Lovely to have you back Doggy but I see your holiday hasn’t curbed some of your more blood thirsty sports! Yep, being a Princess is cool though I really could do with more help.

  16. Good luck on packing. Don’t forget a camera to take pictures and lots of batteries for the camera. 🙂

  17. That pink luggage is so stylish and you have found the best use for Raffles…Of course he’ll have to stay “below stairs” with the rest of the staff, but maybe you’ll let him join in a campfire singalong or a marshmallow roast…Your Aunt Shelfie sounds pawsome…you’re a lucky girl to have here there to guide you

    • I am very lucky to have the advice of such a well travelled Auntie who understands the need for pink 🙂 I’ll let Raffles come up and enjoy some treats – after all he’ll have to keep his energy up to pull me home again 😀

  18. Omg Zena! This made me laugh! If they didn’t know you were PRINCESS then they certainly do now!

  19. squeee!! Zena!! You must, must, must come by my tent for visit!! I do have my bug repellent packed and I got EVERYTHING I need through my Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel. I am so excited!! I have toys and noms for my woofie furriends and I also have a beach umbrella in case we need another one. See you tomorrow, paw pats, Savvy

  20. I sure hope those suitcases are filled with cookies!

  21. You look so fierce in your vacation wear! I’m so jealous!! Hope you have a fabulous time!

  22. See!!!! You’re so good at this stuff. Got yourself into all sorts of pictures with all sorts of fancy gear. Good thing you’ve got Raffles to pull all of that. You travel like a true princess (and you were sweet enough to think of others, taking spare items in case they forgot).

    • Yes, I do like to have my comforts and cannot bear others to be uncomfortable either, so lots of bowls, food, toys and I know the company is great.

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