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The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


The Persuasive Princess

Most of you will all be preparing for Mollie‘s birthday party.

The ‘little’ guy and I will be there and have learnt that we have to step up our game costume-wise if we’re not to look like real losers.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve tried.

As The Help always wanted a Newfoundland I decided to make her dream come true.

Zena that famous Newfie

Zena that famous Newfie

What do you think? Look pretty good don’t I. If I was that size I could roll the pup instead of the other way around. Looks like a rather heavy coat to walk around in though so I figured I might try something different.

I could revert to my superhero outfit.

Zena - The Diamond Dazzler

Zena – The Diamond Dazzler

It’s cool but I play with it a lot so I figure I need a change.

There’s always our Christmas outfits.

Raffles & Zena

Raffles & Zena

When we tried them on though the boy has grown out of his and he refuses to be an elf again anyway!

I thought of going in my evening dress.

Princess Zena all dressed up

Princess Zena all dressed up

I thought it was a little boring though and when I saw Misaki’s outfits I realised I had to think outside the box a little.

The Help is always calling me a little monkey so that helped me think of the next costume.

Monkey Zena

Monkey Zena

What do you think of that one? A natural in the trees aren’t I?

And then I wondered about going as a bear.

Hear me roar!

Hear me roar!

Again though, rather a hot coat but very scary which would be fun.

So what do you think I should go as?

Of course the guy and I could go in our dancing gear.

Zena & Raffles in sync

Zena & Raffles in sync

Just feel you’ve seen that one and we need to surprise.

After trying on and discarding lots of different outfits, I have finally chosen one πŸ™‚

Then it was the boy’s turn. If you thought I was difficult…… just see some of these!

He thought he’d rather like to go to the party as a fireman.

Let me put out your fire!

Let me put out your fire!

When I laughed at him and told him he looked like a male stripper he was very offended.

So then he decided that he could be a body builder.

Now those muscles are genuine unlike the ones in the picture above

Now those muscles are genuine unlike the ones in the picture above

Again, I wasn’t too keen on him prancing around in a pair of speedos all evening so I sent him back to the drawing board and this was his next choice.

The Incredible Raffy-hulk

The Incredible Raffy-hulk

I began to see a pattern emerging here so I wasn’t surprised by this suggestion.



It wasn’t too awful but I suggested he think about something more original. Imagine my surprise with his next choice, influenced by the recent election of two popes in Blogville.

Swiss Guard Raffles ready to protect the popes

Swiss Guard Raffles ready to protect the popes

I thought that was pretty good but he really wanted to show off his muscles a little more. I suggested he get in touch with his feminine side and this is what he came up with next.

Angel Raffles

Angel Raffles

I think this one has to be my favourite. Which one is yours?

After all that hard work I’m going to go and rest, but I will leave you with a gift for the guys out there who enjoy such items.

The Help saw this down by the beach next to us and had to take a photo to make you guys jealous. Do any of you have such creative bins near you to (as Easy so eloquently puts it) autograph?

Wheelie Bin Beach Huts

Wheelie Bin Beach Huts

See you all at Mollie & Alfie’s 2nd April when you will see which outfit Raffles and I chose in the end.

Love from Zena, The Creative Princess.


The Catch-Up Princess

A thousand apologies to everyone because I have not been able to visit all your blogs, reply to anyone or keep you up to date on my every little movement.

This is due to The Helps inability to manage a visitor, ill health, doctors appointments, life in general and ME. I should come first shouldn’t I?

Don’t get me wrong. She makes sure I have food, water and the behemoth for company but as for making me a star, well she has totally dropped the ball.

So this post is by way of being a catch up post. A quick summary of our busy lives for the last few weeks.

As you know. Auntie Shelfie came to visit.

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

This was great. More cuddles and attention for ME. Not only that but a couple of times we had some girl-time and she took me to the village to get coffee. Coffee! Just like Zac used to do with son number two. I felt very special and sophisticated and I was sorry when Auntie Shelfie left. Needless to say I haven’t been to the village for coffee since 😦

The first thing Auntie Shelfie did when she walked in was to dress Raffles and I up in the latest French fashions.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Blue boy

Blue boy

The idea was good, but what she couldn’t have known is that this fashion was like a red rag to a bull for Raffie – it just gave him another way to drag me around! Before he could destroy me or the neck finery The Help removed it. She always is a bit of a spoilsport!

For the first few days of Auntie’s visit is was hot. Very hot. Meltingly hot. This was good for us because everyone stayed inside in the air-conditioning.

Then the weather cooled down a bit and then they were off. Visiting this place and that place. Shopping here, there and everywhere.

Before we knew it the holiday was over and Auntie Shelfie had to return to Boodle and Dunthorne which made us sad. Raffles has been into the room she used several times looking for her. I have told him she’s gone but he still hopes she might make a sudden reappearance.

The Boss took her to the airport and they had to put an extra plane on to carry the shopping.


Everyone in the village loved her and hopes that she comes back soon. She came to the park with us most mornings and saw the Poodle Pack for herself. Yes, there really are 5-7 Standard Poodles who meet regularly at the leash free – and not by prior arrangement.

I was told she arrived back safely to a relieved and happy Boodle and Dunthorne but minus one case. I hope she gets it soon or all that shopping was wasted!

As well as Auntie Shelfie’s visit there was of course Sammy’s Camping Trip. This was awesome. Sammy arranged lots of fun things to do and although my tent didn’t win the best tent, I won the scavenger hunt which is amazing.


And I get to sport the wonderful Sammy badge above for taking part.

If this wasn’t enough fun, I was tagged by Angel’s Whisper. Go take a trip and see her if you haven’t visited.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond Angel but you see it was a rather busy few weeks.

I haven’t been tagged before but it seems a little like being given an award except there isn’t a pretty badge.

First of all I have to post the rules:

1. Post these rules

2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post

4. Create eleven new questions to tag new people to answer

4. Go to their blogs and let them know they have been tagged

Post a photo of ME. Hmm-mm. Difficult. So many photographs, so little room. I have decided to be creative and post eleven photos with the facts πŸ™‚

I like to sleep in the most unexpected places. I love the blood rushing to my head.

I like to sleep in the most unexpected places. I love the blood rushing to my head.

I adore belly rubs

I adore belly rubs

My perching skills come in handy living with the behemoth.

My perching skills come in handy living with the behemoth.

I usually spend the day (and sometimes part of the night) on the big bed and leave the small one to Big Boy.

I usually spend the day (and sometimes part of the night) on the big bed and leave the small one to Big Boy.

I have absolutely no idea why some people confuse Ringo and Raffles at the park. They smell completely different.

I have absolutely no idea why some people confuse Ringo and Raffles at the park. They smell completely different.

I am often amazed at how cute I am. Especially with my hair growing longer.

I am often amazed at how cute I am. Especially with my hair growing longer.

In the spirit of full disclosure I admit to sometimes eating grass!

In the spirit of full disclosure I admit to sometimes eating grass!

And being a role model to a pup is really difficult, but I was generous enough to show him where the freshest, best grass was so he could throw up too!

And being a role model to a pup is really difficult, but I was generous enough to show him where the freshest, best grass was so he could throw up too!

And my favourite occupation is lying around and thinking. Or failing that, just lying around!

And my favourite occupation is lying around and thinking. Or failing that, just lying around! Here in the Pergola.

Lying on the carpet

Lying on the carpet

Lying on the tiles

Lying on the tiles

Now stick with me whilst I answer Angel’s questions.

1. Which do you prefer, water or milk? Water.

2. Do you like rain or snow? Neither

3. Do you believe in Furry-land? I live in furry-land.

4. Do you believe in Angels? Yes.

5. What do you do if you find a lot of money? I’d give it to The Help who would probably buy a bigger house or a new computer!

6. When are you the most active and when you are the most laziest inactive? I’m active between 8.45am and 9.45am at the park. The rest of the day is recovering.

7. What do you do if you had to take care of your own dinner? Eat Raffles’ dinner or cry.

8. Where would you fly to if you had wings? The Rainbow Bridge to visit Zac and the pals who are there.

9. How do you show your affection? By allowing belly rubs.

10. What color is your favorite? Pink of course.

11. What smell is your favorite? Chicken.

Now I think that this has been a long enough post and if you have read it to the bottom award yourselves a pat on the back.

Easter is hurtling towards us now so I leave you with this warning. There is only one Easter Bunny though there are many pretenders. If you see this imposter do not be taken in πŸ˜€

Easter Bunny Prissy Paws

Easter Bunny Prissy Paws


Love Zena, finally back with a post!


The Camping Princess

I am very excited.

I am going camping. Really. This is a first for me. Sammy over at One Spoiled Cat (don’t you just love that title?) is doing all the hard work and arranging things. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my pals on the blogosphere and doing cool stuff.

I know I’ll have fun when I get there but right now all I can think about is the packing.

Number One Son likes to camp so I thought he might be able to give me some tips but he likes to travel light. A sleeping bag, a tent and a backpack. That is all. A backpack!

Not happy!

Not happy!

Can you see my problem? That backpack is fine for my toothbrush (yes, I have one), and one of my coat brushes, my bowl and perhaps my lead but I couldn’t get anything else in it. So I am a bit worried.

Fortunately I have Auntie Shelfie from France staying with me at the moment.

PS: Boodle and Dunthorne, I am looking after her well, giving her lots of attention and taking her for a walk to the dog park every day. She did slip up once using your nickname of Dunny but we explained to her what that meant in Australia (an outdoor loo) which she had forgotten. Now she uses Dunthorne. You can thank me by sending me some French treats c/o The Help.

As Auntie Shelfie has done lots of travelling and likes pink I respect her opinions.

After all, she travelled light coming to OZ for two weeks as you can see below.

Shelfie travels light

Shelfie travels light

Auntie has been all over the world and knows the art of packing everything so I have taken advice from her on how much luggage we should take for this camping trip. I think the motto is be prepared for anything and everything.

Then Clowie from Clowie’s Corner gave me a wonderful idea (she is a very clever Pyrenean Mountain who I listen to a lot). She suggested that Raffles is big enough to carry the luggage so I don’t have to.

Brilliant! That means the Pup gets to go but only because he’s useful and I get to pack everything I need for the time away. We are dividing our trip between the woods and the beach so that means packing for both. With Raffles pulling the luggage I don’t need to worry about weight.

Sammy mentioned that he’s packing his binoculars for bird watching (?watching….. really Sammy?).

I have to plan some leisure items to pack. Raffles is easy, throw in some squeaky toys and he’s happy. I am more discerning. I usually lay back and enjoy television at night so I think I’m going to have to take a mini iPad along. Anyone have one to give away? The Help hasn’t got one of those yet.

Getting in the holiday mood

Getting in the holiday mood

So after taking lessons from Auntie Shelfie I have decided that I need lots of stuff with me ‘just in case’. My second best collar in case my best collar breaks. My third bag of treats in case I finish my first two and my second best bowl in case someone forgets their bowl. You get the idea? Even an extra bag in case I bring stuff home with me. I wouldn’t have thought of that one without Shelfie.

Auntie Shelfie has been enjoying the hot weather we have here in Melbourne and has been to the beach a few times so she advised me on what I needed to get a good tan.

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

Auntie Shelfie on the beach

As well as the things I have I will need to buy some new stuff. I need a hat for the beach, a hat for the woods. A parasol for the sun, an umbrella for the rain. I may even need a new outfit or two although Auntie Shelfie tells me it’s more fun to buy those when you get to your destination.

pizap.Zena on the beach

I know beaches but when it comes to the woods I am a little unsure what to expect.

What should I pack? I have thought of insect repellent. I am hoping there are no snakes or bears because as you know I do not like snakes or bears and I don’t think you can buy snake or bear repellent (there’s a niche in the market there for somebody).

I think I might have to get night vision goggles for the wood part of the camping trip.

pizap.Zena in the woods

As the pup has agreed to pull me we decided we should put in some practice. So if you happen to live just outside Melbourne and see us rushing by don’t worry – it isn’t Father Christmas.


I’m not sure I’ve got everything yet. I’ll check with Aunt Shelfie when she returns from the village where she is off – you guessed it – shopping.

They are putting out the red carpet and plying her with champagne as we speak. There has not been such an upturn in the economy for years. She has made a lot of boutiques very, very happy this week πŸ™‚

I have a new hero πŸ˜€

Have fun everyone and hope to see at Sammy’s for the camping.

Love, Zena the adventurous Princess


The Tardy Princess

It isn’t me that’s tardy – it’s The Help. She can give loads of excuses but the fact remains. She has not blogged about me for days and days and days. This is not good enough. I have a public to keep informed. Perhaps I should switch to Twitter so I can Tweet my every move.

‘Just been to the park BOL. Barked at white Maltese.’


‘Finished most of my dinner. Having a drink now then it’s tummy rub time.’

I do think that I could be popular. After all some of the tweets out there are not as interesting. However, I would still have to use The Help so I expect it would fail.

Now that I’m here I must get on with some lovely business. Our wonderful pal Easy gave me the Liebster award. I don’t know how many of these Liebster awards are out there but this one must have been made with me in mind. It is pink! So thank you, thank you, thank you Easy. If you don’t know Easy he is a very handsome Weimeraner who lives in a French village and leads a very interesting life. I always know I am going to have a smile on my face when I go and visit so I recommend you pop over too.


I need to tell you eleven things about myself:

1. I am in charge of civil disobedience at the park now. Whenever a dog is down I am there barking until it gets up and is safe again. Can’t have the others picking on it.

Me, policing the park

Me, policing the park

2. There is a Jack Russell called Pippin who lives in one of the gardens alongside the park and we love to race up and down barking and snarling at each other but if Pippin comes into the park we ignore each other πŸ™‚ I love a bit of contrariness.

3. The Help is growing my hair longer again which means more brushing 😦 but I am prettier πŸ™‚

See my curl? The longer my coat the more it will wave :-)

See my curl? The longer my coat the more it will wave πŸ™‚

4. Right at this moment I am lying in front of the air conditioner because it’s over 32 C outside!

5. Also right now I am not feeling too well. I haven’t eaten cheesecake Easy but I still feel that there is a queasiness in my tummy. Raffles was ill for a few days and got to eat cooked chicken and rice. I am hoping for the same!

6. I am the main guard dog in the house now. The puppy looks to me for when to bark! I’m looking forward to handing over those duties in a few months.

7. I have decided recently that I have been too easy on The Help. To keep her on her toes and to keep the focus on me I have begun to insist on variety for dinner, and I don’t like it all mixed up. It has to be kept in separate little compartments πŸ™‚ After all, I am a Princess!

8. I have never eaten ice-cream. I think this is a great lack in my life and it has become one of my ambitions to try ice cream one day, simply because so many of you tell me how good it is on your blogs.

9. I am able to eat a whole bowl of food very quickly and leave the half of a little white pill that The Help wants me to eat. Do it every time πŸ™‚

10. Michelle who lives in France is staying with me at the moment so I am getting even more cuddles and attention πŸ™‚ You can read about my french cousins Boodle and Dunthorne here in Zac‘s blog. I’m sorry she couldn’t bring the dogs with her, we could have had fun but I do understand it’s a long way for them to come.

11. I am an honorary poodle at the park and since Raffles and Ringo have grown so similar I also have to check the right dog goes home with the right owner! Can you spot the difference in the photo above or below?

See what I mean? I'm keeping the big dogs in order.

See what I mean? Where’s Raffles? I’m keeping the big dogs in order.

Now Easy has asked me eleven more questions which I have to answer (phew).

1. What was your favourite book/movie in your childhood? Lady and the Tramp. I love Lady and wanted curly hair just like hers.

2. What was the animal of your dreams as a child? Pegasus because he can fly and sometimes I watch the birds and think it would be cool to fly. Then when I joined Zac he told me that horses were evil so my dreams of Pegasus whisking me up into the tree tops was abandoned.

3. Can you read books or watch movies about anipals without an happy end? No, I am made sad too easily. Life has been sad enough I don’t want to read about sad stories!

4. If you have to describe your anipal with one word, what would you choose? I asked The Help about this and she paused and then said ‘Uncomplicated’. Not sure I like that. When Zac was with me she would have called me joyful.

5. If you had to pick β€œThe animal of the year” who would it be? Now that Zac isn’t here I guess I can like horses again so it would have to the racehorse Black Caviar.

6. Is there any animal of the world who scares you? Pretty much any animal that shows it’s teeth but in particular bears. As we don’t have bears in Australia I will continue to be scared of sharks in the water and snakes in the long grass.

7. Have you ever tried Dog- or Cat food? The Help tells me that when she was a child she ate the dog’s chocolate drops! Really you cannot take her anywhere.

8. Would you like to understand Dog- or Cat language? I would love The Help to be better at dog so that she can understand what I am saying faster.

9. Would you like do know what your anipals are thinking? Really? She thinks she does but thankfully she doesn’t πŸ™‚

10. What was the funniest thing what you bought for your anipal? Raffles! Here was I expecting a cute little puppy and in walked colossus – very amusing.

Now I’m not going to award anyone because I don’t know who has this award. Probably most of you by now.

What I will say is that if you are reading this and don’t have it please help yourself πŸ™‚

Now I must go and continue to prepare my tent for the camping trip with Sammy. I’ve completed my scavenger hunt and now I’m just getting a few bits and pieces together a Princess needs to go camping. Remember, I do not like to get wet, muddy or too hot. I like soft cushions, good food and company. So camping should be right up my street BOL πŸ˜€

Lying on the carpet in the air conditioning planning what to take on Sammy's camping trip. What a great way to spend Sunday.

Lying on the carpet in the air conditioning planning what to take on Sammy’s camping trip. What a great way to spend Sunday.

Love Zena, the rather warm Princess.