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A Prance of Poodles


First of all today a couple of administrative issues. Some of you out there, namely CatChat and Molly the Wally never hear from me because I seem to be unable to leave any comments or like your page. I have tried, honestly, and I do want to comment but for some reason the technology won’t let me, but I do enjoy your blogs guys.

In the spirit of change and moving forward I have decided to sack The Producer. Yeah I know. You’re all shocked. I just think the task is beyond her. Just read the above statement and you will realise it’s true. She will henceforth be known as ‘The Help’, because that was what she was put on this earth for – to help me 😀

Another cat friend (yes I do have them), invited his followers to help themselves to an award he had been given. Yeah Sammy from One Spoiled Cat. Thanks buddy.


Sorry Sammy and Savannah, hope we’re still purrfect furrbuds.

So being a friendly kind of gal I helped myself to The Friendly Blogger Award and invite any of my followers to do the same 🙂

The Friendly Blogger Award

The Friendly Blogger Award

Now. As most of you know I am a Tibetan Terrier. Some of you have heard of us, many of you have never met one before. Down at the leash free people often think I am some kind of an ‘oodle’, a Shnoodle or Spoodle seem to be the most common misconceptions. This is understandable because of the ragged haircuts I keep getting from The Help.

However, in all my years of visiting the leash free I have never met another Tibetan Terrier. We are THAT special.

Before we had Raffles, we did see a couple of Standard Poodles who came a few times a week. Now that we have Raffles it seems like there are Standards crawling out of every crevice in our village – it seems that they are very common popular.

One non Standard Poodle owner who was stood watching the crowd play together (for some reason they all seem to gravitate to each other and play only with other Standards), called them a ‘Prance of Poodles’.

So here are some of Rafi’s pals who he meets up with regularly. My job is to make sure the pup is okay and I can tell you I come back from the park exhausted these days. No more walking in gentile fashion with The Help whilst Zac sits in the middle of the park watching the world. Now it’s helter skelter from one end to the other trying to make sure the Pup keeps safe. Having a puppy is hard work as I’ve mentioned before.

So here are some of the Poodles who make up Rafi’s Pals and the ‘Prance of Poodles’ at our local leash free.

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Long before The Help had even considered a standard poodle she met Coco. She actually offended the owner by asking if she was a purebred or crossed with a dalmation (gasp of horror!), she didn’t know you could get poodles with this sort of a colouring. Fortunately the owner eventually forgot it was her who asked such an insulting question and is talking to her again!



Coco shares her life with a red Standard called Jacques. He loves balls so doesn’t play with the others in the same way, he is just interested in chasing that little yellow tennis ball.

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy is an elegant silver standard who comes usually at weekends. You can see that Rafi is still in his puppy coat and has yet to match the elegance of these more mature dogs. There am I, right in the middle checking that he doesn’t get out of his depth.

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

See what I mean about the quiet walks being a thing of the past? Now that I spend my time rushing after Rafi my fitness levels have really improved.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie is his best friend. They play together most days because we time our leash free visits to coincide so that they can meet up and tire each other out! I have to monitor it all though as you can tell from the next picture. Cassie is brown with the most amazing golden tips to her coat. Women pay a fortune to get that look.

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Here I am checking that all is well. Cassie and Raffles are forever throwing themselves on the floor and wrestling together which is why he tends to be a grey Standard Poodle rather than a cream one!

Rosie is another pal who we see lots of. She comes from the same kennel as Rafi but has a different Mum & Dad. As you can see I really have to be in the middle of everything and often have to get vocal to keep things in check.

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rosie is a red poodle and she is very playful too. I find it strange that poodles come in so many different colours which often have little relation to the colour of their parents. I have a black & white mum and a black dad and I am black with a white star on my tummy. That to me makes sense and is logical.

Rafi had an apricot mum and a black dad and turned out cream – weird. Rosie’s mum was apricot too and her dad was black.

I have heard it said that black is the true colour of the poodle and that makes sense to me. Black is a cool colour 🙂

This is Ollie

This is Ollie

Ollie is another pal from the same kennel. He and Rosie are always together and it is good for Rafi to have a male role-model. Ollie and Rosie are about two years of age now, Cassie is one year and of course Rafi is six months.

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me int he foreground

This picture was taken a month a go and the little guy has grown a little. This is Ringo. Ringo is the star (yeah, I admit it) of the leash free. He arrives sitting up in the back of his convertible with sunglasses on to protect his eyes.

He jumps out and struts his stuff. He comes into the park and you can only say that he prances. His tail is up, his head is up and he is ready to party. He is white and handsome and boy does he know it! He and Rafi both like Cassie so we are a little concerned about what might happen when the little guy begins to feel he is a big boy! At the moment he is content to her0-worship Ringo and Ringo is used to that!

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

King Ringo

King Ringo

Undisputed King of the Poodles and loving it. Some there think Rafi is going to be just as handsome and even bigger than Ringo. At the moment all I see is a gawky guy who falls over his huge paws!

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

The scrum

The scrum

Taken this morning Ollie, Rosie, Rafi and Cassie meet up for a good time. As you can see, I am right there with them. Afraid of big dogs – me? Not any more 🙂

Pudle-Hunds at play

Pudel-Hunds at play

Again, just this morning. Rafi on the left, then Cassie, ME in the middle and Rosie on the right. Behind us Chief the border collie and Roxy the long haired collie wait to herd any stragglers and help me to keep score!

I actually think there could be a soap opera in this.

What will happen when Ringo realises that he has a rival for Cassie’s attentions?

Will Cassie be able to continue to keep both Rafi and Ringo entranced.

Will Ollie move up and take a more central role in the drama?

Will Rosie feel left out and will Rafi ever look as good as Ringo?

Tune in for other exciting adventures in the leash free 😀

And what am I doing now?

As you can imagine. After such a morning, I am going to sleep – for the rest of the day!

Love – Zena, the exhausted Princess

Author: Zena

I am The Princess (aka Zena), niece of Zac the All Black and awesome Tibetan Terrier who took me in when I was just a six week pup and tried to teach me all he knew. When I was six and he was eight, Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge and all of a sudden I was alone. I could no longer be the ditzy, happy-go-lucky pup that I had been. This is a diary of how one Princess managed when the world turned real.

41 thoughts on “A Prance of Poodles

  1. Boy its fun to sees yous guys out tearing around and yous guys has GRASS!!! Not snow! We is up to the top of my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon’s back in snow!! And she swims in it! Silly Dog!

    • Ha! I bet Raffles would be the same as Cinnamon, I’m guessing he’d love snow and come out looking like an icicle. We’ll soon be tearing around on dust though, summer has begun and temperatures are rising 🙂

  2. Raffles is big enough to not only take care of himself, but you too. He’ll never learn if you don’t let him make mistakes. Sleeping is good-baby sitting is bad.

    • I never knew I was so protective and (dare I admit), at times a little jealous – he’s MY puppy. Only I’m allowed to chew him! Though usually it is him chewing me 😦

  3. Wow a prance of poodles. Mummy likes that. She thinks a group of maremas would be mence of maremmas. Me and Nellie are sorry to hear that you were forced to fire “the producer”. We know how hard it is to get good staff. At least the help remembers to feed you and not go off to work, forgetting to give Me and Nellie our morning dinner. Such hardship. The puppy sure keeps you on your toes. Love Nellie and Jasper, two very hot maremmas.

    • You are very forgiving Maremmas. I have discovered a harder streak in myself these days and if The Help forgot breakfast I’d have to demote her further- she might end up as Pooper-Scooper so she’d better look out 😀

  4. Wow do those poodles look happy! What a great time they’re having. 🙂

    • They have a wonderful time. Cassie goes to the leash free again in the evenings but we haven’t told Raffles that! The Help cooks in the evening so the time doesn’t work out for her.

  5. Dear Zena,
    I commend your entertaining tales. Thanks for keeping us all up to date. Say hello to “the Help” for me, please. She is one of my friends, and don’t forget it!

  6. Looks like a blast, but I would not one to be the one in charge of bath time after that romp!

    • The Help has decided baths are not going to happen very often. She waits for him to dry and gives him a quick brush and then the what she hasn’t got off drops off onto the carpet through the day! By the end of the day he’s looking pretty clean again. Of course he would look cream every day if she did bath him but at the moment we’ll settle for a grubby off white and a happy Rafi 🙂

  7. Great photos! My Zak has a girlfriend who is a Tibetan terrier/miniature schnauzer cross. And no-one can ever work out what she is! She and Zak are planning on making puppies at the end of January. It will be fascinating to see what they look like and whether any take after Zak with 1 ear up, 1 ear down lol!

  8. What a glorious prance of poodles they are. Good thing you’re there to keep things safe Zena. Think you’ll find it’s Miss Savannah 😉

  9. That’s amazing all those Poodles in one place, I love Coco’s colouring 🙂 So funny Zena, the photo of you trying to keep up..BOL..Have a great nap now 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Everyone at the park seems to find me funny, just because I can run under most of the Standards as I’m checking on the behaviour! Ah well, at least I get noticed 😀 Coco’s colouring is pretty special isn’t it, and the name is cool coz she’s black and white Coco Chanel’s favourite colours. See, I like fashion 😀

  10. Wow I am tired just reading about it all – think I may have to go for a lie down! It looks like so much fun, and I can’t wait for the next instalment!

  11. Coco is so beautiful. Well you all are but I must admit I had never seen a poddle like her :-). It is normal to be a bit over protective also xxxx

  12. I have never seen so many Standard Poodles! I have only ever met two, before Raffles. It looks like a great way to keep fit – you’ll be releasing a fitness DVD soon, Zena!

    • That could be a good idea Clowie. I’m just a bit worried about The Help. When we used to go to the leash free with Zac we’d walk around a few times, since meeting up with the other Standards she tends to stand and talk a bit more. Good for me but she should join in a bit more.

  13. The reason you can’t leave comments on Cat Chat and on Molly’s blog is because we are on Blogger.

    Blogger doesn’t allow you to leave a comment without some sort of “verification” as in posting Anonymously or posting with your name…….it is similar to WordPress which also doesn’t let someone comment without registering.

    Thanks for letting us know 🙂

    • But I do manage to leave comments on other Blogger sites. I’ve tried the WordPress and the anonymous buttons without success. I shall persist and maybe I’ll discover what I’m doing wrong.

  14. Well Princess Z it appears you’re “holding your own” at the leash free surrounded by the prance of poodles……poodles EVERYWHERE! I’ve never seen coloring like Miss Coco has but it’s rather startling! Good for you being such a good big sister to klutzy Rafi – he seems to be having fun getting to know his fellow poodles at the park.

    Kitty Hugs and Happy Friday!

    • I think Zac would be surprised if he could see me now 🙂 He’ll be looking down from the RB and chuckling. I do hold my own and I’m proud of it. Coco is different isn’t she? Not a colouring that you can use in the show ring yet apparently but very startling. Cassie’s owners are playing with the idea of getting another poodle and they are intrigued by the idea of a parti so perhaps one day we’ll have another interesting combination to photograph. We had no idea there were so many standard poodles around and we do know that one of Rafi’s brothers is in the village somewhere, he just hasn’t come to the park. We’d love to see him though.

  15. First a hommage to the poodles: As my mom was 7 years old she had a classmate who had a black standard poodle, named Oliver and my mom read her reading primer to him – every day (poor doggy!). Up until now she knows the name of the poodle and she can describe him exactly. The name and the look of the boy is gone with the wind. So I think poodles leave pawprints for ever in your memory. Now the hommage to the Tibetan Terriers: As my Grandparents lost their Foxterrier, my granny want a Tibby. But unfortunately we all were unable to get one, no one was in a shelter, no breeder had one ( all were reserved) and after some months they abandoned and they haven’t a dog by now. So for this, I think it’s a honor to share your home with a Tibetan Terrier, specially with a Tibetan Terrier PRINCESS! Have a beautiful Friday – because you both are BEAUTIFUL ;o)…uuuuch I wrote a novel… sorry ;o)

    • That is lovely thank you, I think it is an honour to share a home with me too 🙂
      The Help first came across Tibetan Terriers in France and bought their golden girl Toffee from a breeder close to Bourg en Bresse. They went to a local dog show and saw them ‘in the flesh’. Of course The Help fell in love with us as a breed immediately (who wouldn’t), and there was a breeder advertising a 5 month puppy so the following week they went to just look. Ha! Who goes to just look at a puppy and comes away without it? Certainly not my help! I know she would have had another Tibetan after Zac but we do tend to latch onto one person and be very attached to that one, sometimes almost ignoring other members of the family. That is why they decided to go for a Standard Poodle.
      And I have to say they made a good choice. Okay, so I would have preferred he wasn’t the size of a small pony so that I could play more without getting squished, but in other ways he is a great comfort to me and he loves everyone in the family which is nice for them.
      I love that your Mom remembers the poodle and can’t remember the boy – that’s how it should be!!

  16. Zena that is a ready-made cast for a soap…And you’re just the dog to script it…Sorry about your staffing problems…it really is hard to get good help …

  17. Hey furfriend! Whee have four surprises waiting for you here!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  18. I love that you have a leash free park! Wish we did.
    Playing with those poodles look like a loads of fun! Enjoy your nap

    • We are lucky and it’s just a short walk from where we live too. Fortunately all the dogs are great friends and I think I am now an honorary poodle! Yes, it is great fun and The Help likes it because we come home and are content to enjoy the rest of the day in the garden or sleeping.

  19. Wow, what a lot of happy poodles. Loved the pictures 🙂

  20. Zena, it is good to see you again. I thought I had you on”Follow” but apparently I am no better than your Help. 🙂 First, Ringo really does look like the star! Second, I never saw a spotted poodle before, either (sorry, parti-colored). Third, I wonder if Raffi will end up being an apricot when he is done growing and getting his adult coat. And finally, I think you, Zena, must be the REAL star, since you are the only Tibetan around. Oh, and my Xena says hi!

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