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Bubble Magic


All the way back in November last year (yes I know that’s only two months ago but it sounds further back when I say last year), we received a prize from Misaki.

This prize was awesome. The edible treats were enjoyed straight away and were very much appreciated. The Producer has been hanging onto two of the other gifts until the timing was right.

One was the bling that Misaki sent for me. Because Raffles was just a puppy and still chewing on me a lot she didn’t want to attach diamond heart until he stopped getting my attention by dragging me around by my collar! Along the way she picked up some other little bits of bling for me too 🙂

Anyway, the good news is he has stopped chewing on my collar so I can now wear my heart 🙂

Misaki's bling heart, along with a little star, pink heart and a crown fit for a Princess which The Producer gave me :-)

Misaki’s bling heart, along with a little star, pink heart and a crown fit for a Princess which The Producer gave me 🙂

Then one day last week the time was right for the bubble fun. Misaki had sent bubble mixture just for dogs and although we had tried them a couple of times the pup just didn’t seem to have the eye coordination to follow them. Last week however, the day was still, Raffles is older and number two son was here with his camera and willing to take photographs.

The Producer did admit it was difficult for her to blow bubbles and take pictures at the same time.

We all came out for the big moment and I have to say it was the greatest fun watching Raffles try to figure out what these floating things were and then chase them. He is quite a big boy and not exactly nimble. He still seems to have trouble getting his back legs to turn when he wants them to so he overshot the bubbles many times.

To be honest, I think the bubbles won but we got some fun photographs of the occasion and we still have some bubble mix left to play with another time.

Here then is Raffles hunting the Incredibubbles from Misaki and we do thank you again for these wonderful prizes which we are still enjoying as you can see.

Okay. What I am supposed to do with these?

Okay. What I am supposed to do with these?

Oooh look! They're like little soft balls

Oooh look! They’re like little soft balls

And another one bites the dust!

And another one bites the dust!

Bubbles? I don't see any bubbles  - where have they all gone?

Bubbles? I don’t see any bubbles – where have they all gone?

I can't reach!

I can’t reach!

I could have sworn I saw another one.

I could have sworn I saw another one.

Shhhhh - I'm concentrating

Shhhhh – I’m concentrating

Gone to ground!

Gone to ground!

If I creep up very quietly......

If I creep up very quietly……

What do you mean that's all for today?

What do you mean that’s all for today?

Thank you Misaki. The bubbles were heaps of fun :-)

Thank you Misaki. The bubbles were heaps of fun 🙂

There are no photographs of me because I had fun watching the pup and didn’t try and chase the bubbles

Love from Zena, the bubbly Princess.

Author: Zena

I am The Princess (aka Zena), niece of Zac the All Black and awesome Tibetan Terrier who took me in when I was just a six week pup and tried to teach me all he knew. When I was six and he was eight, Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge and all of a sudden I was alone. I could no longer be the ditzy, happy-go-lucky pup that I had been. This is a diary of how one Princess managed when the world turned real.

44 thoughts on “Bubble Magic

  1. You were not just watching him, you were doubled over, laughing at him.

  2. The bubbles seem really funny… and yo must look beautiful with your bling!

    • The Producer has tried to take several photos today but I don’t think I am looking my best with this awful cut so I am avoiding the camera 🙂

  3. Yous has GRASS!!! Whe has so very much snow me is wondering if there was grass left. Yous has gived me hope! Me used to be a big bubble chaser but no more.

    • Yes Nellie, we do have grass though if the heat keeps up it will be dust in a few weeks 😦 We need to meet in the middle of the snow and the sun. Gosh, that sounds very poetic…. maybe I should write something ….. I shall go and lie on the grass and stare at the blue sky and have a think 🙂

  4. Great photos. Our neighbours were blowing bubbles yesterday and they floated over our fence. Zak just sat and looked at them and didn’t even bother trying to trace them. They just weren’t exciting enough for his liking. And I love all the bling but I don’t think Zak would approve lol.

    • No boys don’t get the bling. Raffles still occasionally tries to bite them! I don’t think my Zac would have gone for the bubbles either, some of us just think too much. It’s like fetching balls, my Zac always used to tell me if the human wanted the ball that badly they should fetch it themselves! No, he wouldn’t have chased the bubbles, but Raffles is a young soul and at this time in his life uncomplicated. Which means lots of fun for me….. 😀

  5. That’s some very nice bling you have there, Zena. Very nice!

  6. Oh Zena what lovely bling for your collar from Misaki! Quite girlie and sparkly – you’re gonna sparkle out in the sun like crazy! Bubbles are fun……sometimes when Mom’s washing dishes she makes some little bubbles for me that float through the kitchen and drive me nuts!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yes my bling is quite special and I wear it so well 😀
      We live close to the beach so we have to choose days without the breeze to play bubbles. I can see The Producer is going to continue the game, she has talked about taking them down to the dog park!

  7. Amazing photos!!! I’m so glad Raffles had fun:-)

  8. I must laugh so hard about ” another one bites the dust”… that was very nice from Misaki bubbles and a super-duper bling-bling….how great!

    • Doesn’t Rafi look vicious in that pic? I think I might use that in one of my stories one day – he could really figure as a bad guy with that one!

  9. What fun!!!! I should get those, i think Cody would like them but I am not so sure about Dakota

  10. Lovely pictures. Looks like fun and the bling is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you. It was good have number 2 son home who could take the photos and he enjoyed it because he got to play with his new camera too 🙂 Everyone was happy!

  11. Oh mygoodness,somuch fun with bubbles!!!!! That looks really fun actually, I should try that! Btw Zena I had to re-nom you on my bloggy.

  12. Do the bubbles stick to your fur?
    They stick to Doggy’s coat, he looks like a christmas tree

  13. Wow, getting into bling bling, Princess Zena. Looks great! It was fun seeing Raffles playing at his bubbling party 🙂

  14. Zena I love your bling…I’m sure it will look great for your more formal occasions…and those bubbles look like big fun…may have to hunt those down for Gizmo…he’s still pretty young & goofy with no dignity 😉

  15. Those bubbles look like so much fun! Just like Ruby’s bubbles 😀 I wish my mom would finally get some so I can play too!

  16. Those are some great photos of Raffles chasing bubbles! And your bling is beautiful! 🙂

  17. I love the bling! And I had no idea that dog-friendly bubbles even existed! I’m sooo getting some for Taylor! 🙂

  18. What awesome gifts and great photographs of Raffles. It’s so funny watching puppies with their complete lack of control over their legs 🙂

  19. You bling is lovely, Zena! And Raffles is becoming quite handsome, he’ll make you a wonderful bodyguard.

    • As soon as he understands his role he will, at the moment I am more his bodyguard! However, he is a bodyguard in training. You know puppies, you have to show them what you want from them.

  20. hey sweetie.. i wanted to tell you that I nominated you for 3 blog awards.. Please click the link to get them and the questions. =^..^=

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