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The Boy Did Good

Mollie & Alfie's Valentine Ball Invitation

Mollie & Ranger’s Valentine Ball Invitation

This post was going to be different. Mollie and Ranger are throwing a Valentine’s Ball and all are invited. I haven’t met Ranger before but he is a cute Scottie with a great sense of humour so he and Mollie will make great hosts for the big bash.

As you can imagine I got a date quite quickly but I wasn’t even sure that the Pup should go.

Having put the question out there, it was unanimous, he should be allowed to join the fun. I told him and he was thrilled.

Then he realised he needed a partner so I put together this photo.

I was all ready to post a lonely hearts column.

You know the sort of thing. Good looking guy seeks charming lady, no strings attached, for a night of fun at Mollie & Ranger’s Valentine Ball.

Good looking guy seeks girl

Good looking guy seeks girl

I figured I should help the little guy out a little bit or he might end up having to go with one of the turtles which could have disastrous results for the turtle! He is still only six months and his legs don’t always obey directions.

Anyway, then stepped up the gorgeous Lady Litchfield and Raffles shall go to the ball and not only go to the ball but go with one of the most influential and beautiful. So it has all worked out perfectly.

He has his grooming date set for the end of the month so he should look great and as he’s with Litchi, I won’t have to worry about him at all and will be able to enjoy my date with Basil 🙂

He deserves it. Raffles I mean. He’s done well this week. Even I concede that much.

I mentioned briefly that we had Miss Seven staying with us. Her Mum was in Ethiopia visiting son Number One who is working there at the moment – don’t ask, it’s all very complicated and not at all how a normal pack behaves.

So Miss Seven came to stay. She had a great day running around with Raffles. He followed her about, ran when she did, lay down when she did, stopped when she did – you get the picture.

Considering that he can be such a klutz and he weighs more than she does and is almost as tall, he did very well and didn’t knock her over once in the three days she was with us. That in itself is impressive – but wait – there’s more!

The Gentle Giant at 6 months

The Gentle Shaggy Giant at 6 months

Bedtime is not Miss Seven’s favourite time. That is not unusual with little people. Our little Miss Seven feels like I do when I’m left alone. She gets anxious and in our house the main bedroom is separated from the rest of the bedrooms by the kitchen/family room. That seemed like miles and miles to Miss Seven and she did not like it at all!

Lights were left on, doors were left open and she was warned that Raffles and I might join her. This pleased her no end.

So she went to bed, tucked herself up with her teddies and cuddly toys and as soon as she was in bed Raffles lay himself down at the foot of the bed and stayed with her all night. I know! Amazing right? He didn’t come in to join us in the lounge, he stayed with her. He knew she needed him. Even I had to admit that it was sweet.

I went in when it was our bedtime and jumped on the bed. That was very cool. For three nights, Raffles slept at the foot of the bed and kept her company and I went in at bedtime and made myself comfortable on the bed 😀

I’m hoping she’s going to come and stay again soon!

In the meantime I am trying to dress the Pup and he is getting rather worried as you can see from this photo hee hee.

'And I have to carry a cane and dance?"

‘And I have to carry a cane and dance?”

Never fear, we’ll do our best to spruce him up for the lovely Lady Litchfield on the night.

Love from Zena, the impish Princess


So Many Awards – So Little Help! Smug Sunday

Little Miss Seven has been with us for a few days this week which  has meant that my Help has been busy with other things. The cheek! I have now voiced my displeasure and I am making her sit at the computer even though the sun is shining and the patio chair beckoning.

First things first and today I come first 😀

I have been given two wonderful awards this week and I am thrilled.

Cute Kirby over at Kirby’s Dawg Blog has very kindly awarded me the Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

Bless her. The Help is a little confused because we do have one Liebster Award but it is a different picture and so she isn’t sure if this is a new one or not. I have suggested she treat it like a new award anyway and that seemed to reassure her.

Apparently with this award there are a few different things to do:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Share five things about yourself
3. Answer five questions presented by Kirby
4. Ask five new questions to your nominated bloggers
5. Reveal your top five picks {with less than 200 readers} and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
6. Copy and paste the award on your blog
7. Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers and keep it going!

So thank you very much Kirby for thinking of me for this award I am very flattered and I shall do my best to answer your questions honestly (honest :-D)

I have to share five things about myself. One thing I am finding hard as these awards roll in is thinking of things you don’t know about me already. Here goes:

1. I am now an honorary Standard Poodle because I play with them all at the park – really!

     2. I am not as brave as I like to think I am which is why I need a bodyguard.

          3. I like to sunbathe.

               4. I am not very interested in meeting new people, but I am always interested in meeting new dogs.

                    5. Sometimes I enjoy getting away from the Pup.

There. That was actually quite cathartic. The unvarnished truth. ME 🙂

Now I have to answer the five questions with Kirby proposed:

1. What happened the  first day who got your dog/cat?

The first day I got home I met grass and Zac in that order. I was nervous in the car and very frightened about leaving my Mum and siblings, but as soon as I got to the house and met Zac I knew everything was going to be alright – and it was.

2. Do you have a goal in mind for your blog this year? what is it?

My goal is to have fun. I’ll keep going as long as I am enjoying it and as long as others seem to appreciate it.

3. What is the on thing of all others you love about your cat/dog?

The Help has always told me that she loves that she can trust me around anybody, particularly small people and babies.

4. An embarrassing moment with them, tell it?!

I think the most embarrassing moment was when I ate the snail bait because it came so close on when I’d tried some sleeping pills. The vet must have thought The Help a very bad influence on me!

5. What is a common misconception/ pet peever people have about your dog/cat/breed, that you would like to clear up!?

I have an enormous peeve but there is nothing I can do to clear it up. It is our name. We are called Tibetan Terriers, but we are not terriers! It is not that I have anything against terriers it is just that it is wrong. Would a Golden Retriever like to be called a Golden Terrier? No, because it isn’t what they are. We are not terriers. Some breeders have begun to call us TT’s to try and correct the error but it is only covering it up a little.

Now I have to think of five things to ask my nominees. Here they are folks:

1. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever been caught doing?

2. What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

3. What would your ideal holiday look like?

4. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

5. If you could go back and change anything in the past what would it be?

Now I know that many of you don’t really enjoy these awards so I have tried to remember who you are and not include you in my five. And I have chosen the five of you below because I would really like to hear your answers!


Mollie & Alfie


Jasper’s Doggy World

Angel’s Whisper


Now for my second award – yes I know! Aren’t I lucky.

The lovely Angel’s Whisper has given me such a pretty and beautiful award. The Shine On Award. It looks very dreamy and romantic. Just the right sort of award to get us in the mood for our Valentine’s ball!

The Shine On Award

The Shine On Award

This award is not only beautiful to look at but it comes without obligations too (which I have to admit is rather nice).

So I would like to pass this on to all my pals but especially to those who continue to encourage me and whenever I think I might slip off into the sunset (or the hot Aussie sun), they somehow draw me back and encourage me. In particular that means:

Mollie & Alfie

Hutch A Good Life

Clowie’s Corner

Easy Blog

Hey It’s Jet Here

Long Life Cats & Dogs

The last blog is missing one of it’s pals at the moment, and this award is our way of saying we are so sorry, we are thinking of you and we hope that Jangles will find her way home. Keep going with the wonderful work you do – shine on.

Who Has A Date for The Ball?

Who Has A Date for The Ball?

And Yes. I am feeling very smug and very loved today. Not only have I been awarded these fabulous awards, but I also have a date to the Valentine Ball – can you guess who with? And no. It is not Raffles. He is sulking and I’ve told him he can’t go.

What do you think? Should we let Raffles come to the Valentine Ball and if so who should we pair him up with? He and Clowie could make a striking pair but I’m sure she’s spoken for.

Let me know what you think – is Raffles too young?

Love from Zena, the very smug Princess 😀


REALITY Princess

After the activity of the leash free it is great to come home and find that two of our pals have kindly chosen us for a new award.

The Reality Blog Award

The Reality Blog Award

I want to thank Hutch a Good Life, Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and the beautiful Basil and a new friend we are following Peace, Love and Whiskers.

Hutch a Good Life is a creative blog run by four guinea pigs and their mum.

Peace, Love and Whiskers calls itself an amazing blog about amazing animals. I think it could be an amazing blog about animals 🙂

The rules and instruction for this award are as follows . . .

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them.

3) Answer the 5 simple questions. (see below)

4) Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify each of them. (see below)

5) Display the award on your blog somewhere.

1) If you could change one thing, what would you change?

I would like to be taller. Being able to run under Raffles has its advantages but I have discovered that bigger dogs get noticed more and I’m all about being noticed.

2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be? any year?

I would like to be two again. At two, Zac was four and was still well enough to play with me. We were like two puppies chasing and playing all day. They were good days.

3) What is one thing that really scares you?

Being alone. I cannot tolerate being alone. I cry, scream and get very upset. That is why Raffles came on the scene – he’s my comforter, minder and personal trainer!

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

I still dream of being a major star. I am a minor star but I would like to be bigger. Will I achieve it? I’m not sure. I don’t think The Help is good enough and in this world you need a good team around you to succeed.

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

The owner of our local petshop. Just give me one day as her and I’d clear the store of treats and choose a new bed, new collar and some new toys!!

Now the tricky part, nominating.

Texas, A Cat in New York

The Lonely Dogs

Raising Daisy

Easy Weimeraner

Mollie & Alfie  I know you love them 🙂

Savannah’s Paw Tracks

One Spoiled Cat

The Misadventures of Misaki

Jasper’s Doggy World

All That Jazz Cat

One Blue Dog

Love from Zenz, The Really Energised and Amazing, Lovely, Inspiring and Touching Princess 😀



A Prance of Poodles

First of all today a couple of administrative issues. Some of you out there, namely CatChat and Molly the Wally never hear from me because I seem to be unable to leave any comments or like your page. I have tried, honestly, and I do want to comment but for some reason the technology won’t let me, but I do enjoy your blogs guys.

In the spirit of change and moving forward I have decided to sack The Producer. Yeah I know. You’re all shocked. I just think the task is beyond her. Just read the above statement and you will realise it’s true. She will henceforth be known as ‘The Help’, because that was what she was put on this earth for – to help me 😀

Another cat friend (yes I do have them), invited his followers to help themselves to an award he had been given. Yeah Sammy from One Spoiled Cat. Thanks buddy.


Sorry Sammy and Savannah, hope we’re still purrfect furrbuds.

So being a friendly kind of gal I helped myself to The Friendly Blogger Award and invite any of my followers to do the same 🙂

The Friendly Blogger Award

The Friendly Blogger Award

Now. As most of you know I am a Tibetan Terrier. Some of you have heard of us, many of you have never met one before. Down at the leash free people often think I am some kind of an ‘oodle’, a Shnoodle or Spoodle seem to be the most common misconceptions. This is understandable because of the ragged haircuts I keep getting from The Help.

However, in all my years of visiting the leash free I have never met another Tibetan Terrier. We are THAT special.

Before we had Raffles, we did see a couple of Standard Poodles who came a few times a week. Now that we have Raffles it seems like there are Standards crawling out of every crevice in our village – it seems that they are very common popular.

One non Standard Poodle owner who was stood watching the crowd play together (for some reason they all seem to gravitate to each other and play only with other Standards), called them a ‘Prance of Poodles’.

So here are some of Rafi’s pals who he meets up with regularly. My job is to make sure the pup is okay and I can tell you I come back from the park exhausted these days. No more walking in gentile fashion with The Help whilst Zac sits in the middle of the park watching the world. Now it’s helter skelter from one end to the other trying to make sure the Pup keeps safe. Having a puppy is hard work as I’ve mentioned before.

So here are some of the Poodles who make up Rafi’s Pals and the ‘Prance of Poodles’ at our local leash free.

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Coco Chanel, a parti-poodle

Long before The Help had even considered a standard poodle she met Coco. She actually offended the owner by asking if she was a purebred or crossed with a dalmation (gasp of horror!), she didn’t know you could get poodles with this sort of a colouring. Fortunately the owner eventually forgot it was her who asked such an insulting question and is talking to her again!



Coco shares her life with a red Standard called Jacques. He loves balls so doesn’t play with the others in the same way, he is just interested in chasing that little yellow tennis ball.

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy & Rafi with me in the middle!

Daisy is an elegant silver standard who comes usually at weekends. You can see that Rafi is still in his puppy coat and has yet to match the elegance of these more mature dogs. There am I, right in the middle checking that he doesn’t get out of his depth.

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Rafi & Daisy share a moment

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

Me having a great workout trying to keep up with Rafi & Daisy

See what I mean about the quiet walks being a thing of the past? Now that I spend my time rushing after Rafi my fitness levels have really improved.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie leading Raffles a merry dance.

Cassie is his best friend. They play together most days because we time our leash free visits to coincide so that they can meet up and tire each other out! I have to monitor it all though as you can tell from the next picture. Cassie is brown with the most amazing golden tips to her coat. Women pay a fortune to get that look.

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Rosie, Cassie, Rafi & Me

Here I am checking that all is well. Cassie and Raffles are forever throwing themselves on the floor and wrestling together which is why he tends to be a grey Standard Poodle rather than a cream one!

Rosie is another pal who we see lots of. She comes from the same kennel as Rafi but has a different Mum & Dad. As you can see I really have to be in the middle of everything and often have to get vocal to keep things in check.

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rafi shares a rare quiet moment with Rosie

Rosie is a red poodle and she is very playful too. I find it strange that poodles come in so many different colours which often have little relation to the colour of their parents. I have a black & white mum and a black dad and I am black with a white star on my tummy. That to me makes sense and is logical.

Rafi had an apricot mum and a black dad and turned out cream – weird. Rosie’s mum was apricot too and her dad was black.

I have heard it said that black is the true colour of the poodle and that makes sense to me. Black is a cool colour 🙂

This is Ollie

This is Ollie

Ollie is another pal from the same kennel. He and Rosie are always together and it is good for Rafi to have a male role-model. Ollie and Rosie are about two years of age now, Cassie is one year and of course Rafi is six months.

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me

Ringo (lying down), Rafi & me int he foreground

This picture was taken a month a go and the little guy has grown a little. This is Ringo. Ringo is the star (yeah, I admit it) of the leash free. He arrives sitting up in the back of his convertible with sunglasses on to protect his eyes.

He jumps out and struts his stuff. He comes into the park and you can only say that he prances. His tail is up, his head is up and he is ready to party. He is white and handsome and boy does he know it! He and Rafi both like Cassie so we are a little concerned about what might happen when the little guy begins to feel he is a big boy! At the moment he is content to her0-worship Ringo and Ringo is used to that!

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

Ringo, Rafi & Cassie (lying down), what will happen to this menage a trois?

King Ringo

King Ringo

Undisputed King of the Poodles and loving it. Some there think Rafi is going to be just as handsome and even bigger than Ringo. At the moment all I see is a gawky guy who falls over his huge paws!

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

Ollie, Cassie and Rafi

The scrum

The scrum

Taken this morning Ollie, Rosie, Rafi and Cassie meet up for a good time. As you can see, I am right there with them. Afraid of big dogs – me? Not any more 🙂

Pudle-Hunds at play

Pudel-Hunds at play

Again, just this morning. Rafi on the left, then Cassie, ME in the middle and Rosie on the right. Behind us Chief the border collie and Roxy the long haired collie wait to herd any stragglers and help me to keep score!

I actually think there could be a soap opera in this.

What will happen when Ringo realises that he has a rival for Cassie’s attentions?

Will Cassie be able to continue to keep both Rafi and Ringo entranced.

Will Ollie move up and take a more central role in the drama?

Will Rosie feel left out and will Rafi ever look as good as Ringo?

Tune in for other exciting adventures in the leash free 😀

And what am I doing now?

As you can imagine. After such a morning, I am going to sleep – for the rest of the day!

Love – Zena, the exhausted Princess


Bubble Magic

All the way back in November last year (yes I know that’s only two months ago but it sounds further back when I say last year), we received a prize from Misaki.

This prize was awesome. The edible treats were enjoyed straight away and were very much appreciated. The Producer has been hanging onto two of the other gifts until the timing was right.

One was the bling that Misaki sent for me. Because Raffles was just a puppy and still chewing on me a lot she didn’t want to attach diamond heart until he stopped getting my attention by dragging me around by my collar! Along the way she picked up some other little bits of bling for me too 🙂

Anyway, the good news is he has stopped chewing on my collar so I can now wear my heart 🙂

Misaki's bling heart, along with a little star, pink heart and a crown fit for a Princess which The Producer gave me :-)

Misaki’s bling heart, along with a little star, pink heart and a crown fit for a Princess which The Producer gave me 🙂

Then one day last week the time was right for the bubble fun. Misaki had sent bubble mixture just for dogs and although we had tried them a couple of times the pup just didn’t seem to have the eye coordination to follow them. Last week however, the day was still, Raffles is older and number two son was here with his camera and willing to take photographs.

The Producer did admit it was difficult for her to blow bubbles and take pictures at the same time.

We all came out for the big moment and I have to say it was the greatest fun watching Raffles try to figure out what these floating things were and then chase them. He is quite a big boy and not exactly nimble. He still seems to have trouble getting his back legs to turn when he wants them to so he overshot the bubbles many times.

To be honest, I think the bubbles won but we got some fun photographs of the occasion and we still have some bubble mix left to play with another time.

Here then is Raffles hunting the Incredibubbles from Misaki and we do thank you again for these wonderful prizes which we are still enjoying as you can see.

Okay. What I am supposed to do with these?

Okay. What I am supposed to do with these?

Oooh look! They're like little soft balls

Oooh look! They’re like little soft balls

And another one bites the dust!

And another one bites the dust!

Bubbles? I don't see any bubbles  - where have they all gone?

Bubbles? I don’t see any bubbles – where have they all gone?

I can't reach!

I can’t reach!

I could have sworn I saw another one.

I could have sworn I saw another one.

Shhhhh - I'm concentrating

Shhhhh – I’m concentrating

Gone to ground!

Gone to ground!

If I creep up very quietly......

If I creep up very quietly……

What do you mean that's all for today?

What do you mean that’s all for today?

Thank you Misaki. The bubbles were heaps of fun :-)

Thank you Misaki. The bubbles were heaps of fun 🙂

There are no photographs of me because I had fun watching the pup and didn’t try and chase the bubbles

Love from Zena, the bubbly Princess.


A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It is early 2013 and already the awards are coming. I was so touched to receive a nomination from Angels Whisper for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Not only was I pleased to receive the award but I was challenged by the very inspired way that she chose to reveal her 15 nominees and so it got me thinking and made me work The Producer a little!

If you want to know what I mean, pop over to Angels Whisper and have a look at her footprint – very clever, artistic and inspiring.

Isn’t that what inspiring others is all about? To encourage someone to be creative or to do something they didn’t know they could do?

When I think about the word I feel a little unworthy of this award but if I have inspired anyone I am thrilled.

Through this journey of blogland many of you have inspired me. Kept me going when I might have just given up, caught me up in the fun of games when things were a bit dark and sad, launched funny picture competitions, serious rescue posts and generally kept me wanting to read more and travel further on this route with you all.

The rules of this award are pretty much as other awards:

1] Link back to the person who nominated you

2] Post the award image on your page

3] Tell seven random fact about yourself

4] Nominate fifteen other blogs

7 random facts about myself:


As for my 15 – I feel challenged to be creative now, so in my special Zena star below I have written the name of the blogs who have consistently supported, commented and involved me thereby inspiring me to continue with this blog and I’m looking forward to more fun in the coming year. Thank you to all of you and if I have failed to mention you please don’t be offended – blame The Producer, I do!!

She wasn’t able to use the clever application which Angel’s Whisper used to make her marvellous footprint, so I’m afraid we had to improvise 🙂


Maybe I should ‘inspire’ The Producer to get better on the computer in 2013, after all your only as good as your staff 😀

There is a famous quote ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’, today in OZ we are hitting close to the 40C in temperature so I’ve got the perspiration down, Angel’s Whisper thinks I’m inspiring so maybe that counts for 1% in which case I could safely say I am a genius!!
I think I’ll settle for being a star – it’s not as difficult 😀

Love from Zena,  the melting Princess xxx

You mean you can't do it? Get back to that computer and try again.

You mean you can’t do it? Get back to that computer and try again.

Love from Princess Zena


The New Princess

2013 is away and running and I have a new-look blog for a new Princess.

No. They haven’t swapped me and I’m not talking about Raffles. I’m talking about me. I am not the same anymore.

Before the infamous haircut and looking rather dishevelled after a 'play' session with the pup

Before the infamous haircut and looking rather dishevelled after a ‘play’ session with the pup

Those of you who started following Zac The All Black know the story. He was a very wise Tibbie. He was a world watcher, the power behind his Beloved and my protector.

He was everything to me and he filled the house with his quiet presence and his fun ways. I went from my Mum and brothers and sisters to my Uncle Zac who became my Mum, Dad, best friend and teacher.

I was the ditzy one. I got to have fun all the time. I played. I didn’t think about anything serious. I didn’t worry about anything. Well I did but I always looked to Zac for reassurance and he didn’t stress so that helped to keep me calm.

I was the one who pushed him to play all the time and wouldn’t let him rest. He was the one who would disappear under his Beloved’s desk for peace.

I would cry and bark until I got the last chew and he would let me steal it out of his mouth!

I would dash off to the leash free park and run amongst the strange dogs and if I got in over my head it was Zac who came along and put the rough dogs in their place.

When he went OTRB too soon we were devastated and I was lost.

A moment of peace

The Producer realised very soon I was not happy as an only dog

After the first weeks of intense grief passed I still couldn’t leave The Producer’s side. I began to stay in my lovely new bed and only got out to eat.

When we went to the park I would walk with The Producer and keep my nose touching her leg. I wouldn’t play.

When Miss Seven came to call with son number one and his wife I didn’t even wag my tail. I was so miserable.

Who was I? How was I going to cope? What was I going to do now?

All of a sudden pain had entered my world and I had never experienced it before. I had lost my innocence.

I feel the pain of Zac’s loss all the time and I always will. I sometimes think I hear him and I remember what he was like and loss fills me and I feel the grief again. It is a constant pain which I am learning to live with.

Looking back I realise that my life revolved around him. If he went into the garden, I went into the garden! If he went into the kitchen searching for treats I would run to be before him. I didn’t have a thought of my own. I just ran to do whatever Zac was wanting to do before him. I must have been annoying but he was so tolerant.

When he left me I didn’t know where I belonged any more. I knew I still had a loving home, cuddles, food, comfort, walks and all the things to keep me safe but what should I do with my day? Who did I turn to during thunder storms or the long nights alone?

Everything I had known and believed in and lived for had gone.

One thing The Producer couldn’t do was leave me alone. I was very vocal in my distress and she soon realised that I was not destined to be an only dog. I needed company, the furry kind.

And along came Raffles.

Seek and ye shall find! I am there - Raffles, not quite six months looming over me

Seek and ye shall find! I am there – Raffles, not quite six months looming over me

I admit he isn’t my idea of a puppy. He is almost six months old now and is about four times my size and three times my weight. Playing with him can be a rather overwhelming experience.

But if she thought that by getting me a companion things were going to go back to ‘normal’ she was wrong. It isn’t that easy.

I know The Producer had hoped that the old playful Zena would come back when she got Rafi but I’m afraid that Zena is gone. Once innocence is lost it cannot be regained.

The careless, frivolous, empty-headed Zena who shared her life with Zac has gone. That carefree Zena crossed over the rainbow bridge with Zac.

There is a new Zena in the house. A quieter Zena. A Zena who has had to take on more responsibility and I now find that I am taking on the role that Zac once played with me, though without his wisdom.

When I go out into the garden, Raffles comes too because he doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

When I have a chew Raffles lies in front of me and yips and cries until I turn away and let him have it.

He is often wanting to play and now I am the one running under The Producer’s desk to get some peace!

When we go to the leash free I try and keep up with him and check that he’s okay and not being roughly treated by the older dogs.

I am more careful.

Life has happened. What has occurred cannot be undone and I am not the same.

I am doing well, or at least better.

I am a better dog with Raffles around than without him. When he goes to be groomed I am a wreck until he gets home.

For a while I was his ‘guide’ dog. Because he was anxious in new environments they would take me to places to lead the way and give him confidence – fancy that! That made me feel proud and empowered. I was the brave one. I was the one who was leading the way. I was the wise one.

I am more mature now. I am a Mum in a way. I have responsibilities. I cannot just be the empty-headed perennial pup that I was once. I have had to grow up.

I know that The Producer misses the pup in me. Misses the playful, ditzy, silly Zena who fell off the table and drove her crazy with the squeaky toys!

She misses the Tibetan who sneaked into the bedroom in the middle of the night to join Miss Seven and who was so full of joy that the room would laugh with her.

I just don’t feel the joy that I used to feel, but I am having more moments of happiness.

When the pup and I play in a way that doesn’t involve my being squashed, chewed or jumped on – at those moments I feel a little of the old Zena stirring, and just for a moment I forget the pain of loss and the play absorbs me and I am happy.

Those moments are good and as the pup and I settle in together the good times are increasing.

We often share the same bed and that is nice. We enjoy our walks together and it is good to feel that I have a special pal again.

As Raffles becomes a little more mature and a little more able to control his limbs, playing is a lot less dangerous! So I expect these times of happiness to increase.

Sharing a bed and some comfort from a pal

Sharing a bed and some comfort from a pal

So I face 2013 as a different Zena. The old Zena is gone and I know The Producer misses her.

But the new Zena is stronger.

The new Zena is able to look out for a puppy four times her size.

The new Zena isn’t afraid of the big dogs at the park anymore because she has one at home!

The new Zena will stare down the big dog and say ‘No, it’s my chew.’

The new Zena is very fit and has learnt to run fast and turn quickly to evade the puppy ‘hugs’.

The new Zena remembers Zac with love. She misses him like crazy and she tells Raffles all about him so he is never forgotten.

The new Zena remembers some of Zac’s wisdom to pass on to the next generation.

The new Zena appreciates what she has a little more than she did and if life has taught her it can be cruel, it has also shown her she can survive and find a measure of happiness. This feeling is different than the joy of innocence that she expressed before but valid nonetheless.

The new Zena might just rock!

So come on 2013 – let’s see what we can do with you 🙂

The new Zena plays hard!

The new Zena meets trouble head on!

Love from Zena, the New Princess


2013 Starts With A Surprise


Well, just when I thought the year had started on a very sour note I had a wonderful surprise. Due to our lovely, kind and funny blogger over at Mollie and Alfie.

The sour note? I got butchered. Have you ever gone for a haircut and come out just hoping to get home and hide yourself until it’s grown? That’s me. I am now under the desk and throwing The Producer reproachful looks.

I was looking very cute and shaggy. Everyone said so. But the hot weather is coming and I keep getting puppy slobbered and chewed so The Producer decided I needed a trim and a bath. If it had only been a trim I could have tolerated it – but you can see pink skin in places!! I really think she needs to be sacked. How can I maintain my level of stardom with such a look? Paris Hilton never had this problem. The Kardashians can get decent haircuts, why not me?

I was the laughing stock of the dog park. Actually, I tell a lie. I went unnoticed at the dog park.

Before we had Raffles we used to go to the leash free and walk around and come home. We would occasionally see a Standard Poodle or two. All of a sudden we have Raffles and Standard Poodles are crawling out of our village in droves. Someone decided to call them a ‘Prance of Poodles’ as they ran around the reserve.

But I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Today is about ME and about MOLLIE and about saying a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

There was I, feeling self-conscious and hiding under the desk when the postman came and delivered a parcel to me. Princess Zena it said. I would have loved to have heard the comments at the Post Office 🙂

My Prezzie (had to hide the address because The Producer is paranoid)

My Prezzie (had to hide the address because The Producer is paranoid)

I was very surprised because I wasn’t expecting anything. When I opened it there was a beautiful Christmas card from Mollie, Alfie & their Mum along with a wonderful chicken treat for myself and Raffles which we will save until tomorrow.

I know Christmas is gone and so it is officially late, but it came at just the right time when I was feeling so low.

My Goodies - which I will share because 2013 should begin with a good deed :-)

My Goodies – which I will share because 2013 should begin with a good deed 🙂

So a ENORMOUS thank you to Mollie, Alfie and their Mum for our Christmas treats and cards and more than anything for thinking of us. You are the best and we really appreciate all that you do and all the encouragement you send our way.

This means 2013 has started in a fantastic way – with a prezzie for me! May the rest of the year continue with the focus on ME 😀

If photographs of me are a little sparse for a few weeks you know why!!

I also popped into Sammy to celebrate the New Year and discovered it was his birthday so I grabbed his birthday badge to decorate my blog today. Being on the other side of the world means I am usually early or late for things, but I don’t think anyone minds 🙂


May 2013 be a great year for you all and we look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Love from Zena, the pretty pleased Princess 😀