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The Super Sweet Princess


More cupcakes!!!

And these look gorgeous too.

Admit it everyone, you’re trying to fatten me up aren’t you?

Thank you so much to my pal Misaki for these beautiful cakes and another very pretty award to put on my blog 🙂

Don’t they look yummy? My last award was ‘One Sweet Blog Award’ now this one is ‘Super Sweet Blogging Award’ – I call that progress. I am sweet and I like pretty things of bright colours so these cakes fit the bill nicely and unlike some of the other pretty coloured things I have eaten in the past, these will not have me spending days at the vets as I slowly go from a black dog with pinkish skin to a black dog with yellow skin and then back again!

Now apparently with this award, as with most awards, I have to give credit to the one who passed it on to me – thank you again Misaki, you are a great friend.

Now I have to answer some sweet related questions. This actually made me realise how precious these gifts are because I do not have sweet stuff. Well, as I’ve said before, a girl’s gotta watch her shape these days. So I’m passing the questions onto The Producer to answer because that means I can have a good laugh!

The Producer Tackles The Hard Questions (and answers them honestly):

1. Cookies or Cake – Definitely cake and sadly the creamier or sweeter the better!

2. Chocolate or Vanilla – Chocolate, especially Lindt or Haigh’s violet and rose creams (put on weight just thinking about them).

3. What is your favourite sweet treat? Creme Brulee, chocolate mousse, profiteroles, black forest gateaux and vanilla slice – seriously, put all of those on one plate and I would swoon. I would fall into a sugar coma but I would go down happy!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most – Probably mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon, after dinner and in the evening. Like Misaki, pretty much all the time!

Back to Zena

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? Easy-peasy…… Princess Pumpkin Pie 🙂

Now for the part everybody loves and The Producer has gone awol so I can’t pass it onto her. The baker’s dozen of blogs I’m passing this onto and it’s in keeping with the spirit of the baker’s dozen because there might be one or two who have already received this award. If you have received it just know I thought of you and enjoy spreading the sweetness 🙂

1. Clowie’s Corner – such a sweet Pyrennean

2. Jasper’s Doggy World – two very sweet Maremmas who love life, eggs and everything

3. House full of Dogs – they recently had a sad event so here’s a reminder that their loss is not forgotton

4. Hutch A Good Life – Very sweet piggies deserve very sweet awards!

5. Angel’s Whisper – The very name of this blog is sweet, but the latest camouflage pics are better still!

6. Scottie Mom – Black dogs, Mr K & Heather they seem to be very busy so I’m sure a sweet break would be good for them.

7. I Love Schnauzers – Relate to the backpack issue Miss D, after that trauma I’m sure some sweet treats will be welcome!

8. First Puppy – If we’re talking sweet, they don’t come much sweeter than this

9. Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven – very cute grey and white curly ball of fluff, sweet, sweet, sweet. Almost as sweet as me!!!

10. Sandy Robinson’s Blog – A dog called Zak, need I add more?

11. I Adopted A dog Now What – Cute dog blog, kind of a theme here 🙂

12. Long Life Cats and Dogs – This is the blog of Lady Litchfield Love, Empress of Bordeaux and it always pays to keep in with royalty, plus they are having problems with the internet and deserve a sweet treat.

13. All that Jazz Cat – just to prove I am not prejudiced and I can find cats cute too 🙂

Okay, all done.

If you have received this before great, just enjoy the added sweetness.

If you receive it and want to respond you don’t need to comment on each blog, I’m just feeling chatty today!

If you HATE awards and do not want to respond I’m okay with that too.

Now onto a totally different subject. I GOT SPOOKED

Look at me all fierce

Me as you’ve never seen me before (or will again!)

Thanks to Mollie & Alfie for ‘uglying’ me up and making me look like Frankenstein Zena, this would give the dogs at the reserve something to be afraid of!


I am unstoppable today 🙂

Yesterday The Producer went out and bought another bed, yes, another bed! So now I have two and I lie in one when she’s at the computer and the other when she sits and uses the iPad.

Now normally, I wouldn’t think too much about it but there have been some other things happening which have caused me a little concern. I have heard them talking about how much we all miss Zac. We do. The house is so quiet without him and nothing fun happens any more.

I know that I have stopped playing, won’t touch my toys and just stay in my high sided bed sleeping all day except for when they take me out for a walk when I stay with my nose touching The Producer’s calf. I know I am a changed dog but I can’t help it.

I’ve heard them talk in whispers about depression and loneliness and there has been a lot of chatter over the Skype lines to other members of the family in far-flung places in the world. And I admit it, I am depressed but now I am a little worried too!

Because of our loneliness and my depression I sense that some kind of a decision was made about ten days ago. Then last Saturday I was taken over and left with Prissy Paws (aka Devon) for the morning and when they returned there was an excitement about them. The next day The Producer brought the new bed home. Since then I have seen a couple of new toys and the food and treat cupboard is being stocked up more than usual.

I suspect they are getting me a pal or a bodyguard. At this stage I am not too sure which. I thought they might be getting me a cat as a companion, then I thought they might be getting me a cute guinea pig like Basil but I’m still not too sure. Maybe you can tell what they are getting me from the bed The Producer bought:

Who is going to use this bed? Bodyguard or pet?

Love from The Perturbed Princess

Author: Zena

I am The Princess (aka Zena), niece of Zac the All Black and awesome Tibetan Terrier who took me in when I was just a six week pup and tried to teach me all he knew. When I was six and he was eight, Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge and all of a sudden I was alone. I could no longer be the ditzy, happy-go-lucky pup that I had been. This is a diary of how one Princess managed when the world turned real.

38 thoughts on “The Super Sweet Princess

  1. Me and Nellie think that in light of your growing fame and dare We say fortune, you are going to get yourself a bodyguard. We hope that the Producer has given some thought to colour co-ordinating you and your new assistant, we wouldn’t want to see any fur clashes. Love Nellie and Jasper. PS thanks for the award. We do appreciate them, it is just that our help is a bit slow acknowledging them. Too busy out in garden or at work.

    • You can’t get good help these days! I have awful trouble with The Producer.
      A bodyguard, okay…….. a bit of a daunting idea.
      How big will it be?
      How old will it be?
      Will it be a puppy? If so they needn’t expect me to bring it up!
      Maybe it will be something very cute and cuddly which will be like an animated teddy bear? Or a Jack Russell – boy can they be fierce!!!

  2. Congratulations on your award – and thank you!
    The bed looks large enough for a bodyguard, I don’t think it can be for a cute guinea pig.

  3. Ah ha, we were wondering if this might happen. Fab news. You must be v excited 🙂

  4. Definately a bodyguard Zena, with your new found fame, your a super star 🙂 Love the award and the spooky 🙂 Have a sweet day, my furiend xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Congratulations…creme brulee and lindt – you make me hungry!!!! Your spooky picture looks great: the princess of darkness ;o) I’m very excited who will share this bed with you… Hope it’s not Kevin Costner – the name of his cd is: famous for killing each other – be careful ;o)

    • Yikes!! Hope it isn’t Kevin Costner then. I like The Princess of Darkness….. my alter ego. She just might have to appear if The Producer springs too great a surprise on me!

  6. A playmate will be fun. I thought my Daddy Chalkie would teach me to play but he never really bothers with me. He is very Aloof!

    • Well, I hope a playmate will be fun. Zac used to play with me as much as he could which usually involved me running like crazy around the room and him sitting in the middle blocking me with his body every now and again! I liked that play, it was safe!!
      I will try to be nice…….. all depends if it is a rough puppy/kitten/guinea pig 😉

  7. That bed is huge, you and Doggy would be so happy there.
    I gave up the bed idea for Doggy, he doesn’t like to sleep on one, he only uses it to drag it around the house, the bigger the more mess he makes with it.
    You should look your diet, too many cupcakes are not good.

    • (Splutter! Splutter!) Are you implying I am fat??????
      I do so watch my diet – which is why The Producer had to answer all the sweet questions 🙂
      I do hope whoever they bring in doesn’t drag my new beds around the house…sigh… everything is just so orderly now.
      I wish I could have Zac back but onwards and upwards we struggle.
      And yes Doggy, if you ever come to visit there are TWO beds for you to try and if you prefer cool tiles or warm carpet.

  8. Maybe s/he is going to be your agent! With your rise to fame you’ll surely need one to keep a track of all your public appearances 🙂

    • Good idea Misaki. Well mystery will be over soon. The Producer just told me to enjoy my last night of peace 😦
      I just know it’s going to be this little whiny puppy and it’s just not fair, I’m supposed to be the only whiny puppy in the house!

  9. I think that bed is too big for a cat so i would say BODY GUARD!!
    Congrats on your great award!
    Did you ever see the thank you that Cody posted on his blog for his?

  10. Hey Zena! Thank you for following my bloggy! I hopped over and WOW! That bed is not for a teeny piggie or even a large Maine Coon Cat…something humongous this way comes Zena…you are so gonna luvluvluv it! paw pats, Savannah

  11. Any news about the new arrival?

    • Oh yes…. news… news…. breaking news….. It is in the pipeline and when The Producer can draw breath she will sit down with me and give a tell all exclusive on the ‘dog with no name yet’

  12. Do tell, the suspense is killing mummy.

  13. I don’t know, Zena, but only Princesses have a huge bed like this 🙂
    Congratulations on your Super Sweet Award and thank you so much for passing it on to us, that’s so Super Sweet 🙂

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