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The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


I Won! I Won! I Won!

I am very proud of The Boy today. He did great.

We entered into a Scary Halloween Costume competition and we won πŸ™‚

Of course he wouldn’t have won without my amazing eye for gruesome detail and my incredible ability with stage make-up. And the competition was tough let me tell you, everyone looked very scary.

I mean, who else could make a cute (albeit hulking) puppy of 4 months look so scary that he won a Halloween competition? Only me. So, I won. He was just the model πŸ˜€

The competition for the guys was held at The Misadventures of MisakiΒ  – don’t you just love that name? M I S A K I.

Raffles won for being the scariest guy and I can tell you there are times when he doesn’t need that make-up to scare me! You wait until a behemoth who hasn’t yet got control of his body or legs bears down on you with that ‘I wanna play’ look in his eye and you’ll know fear!

Anyway, that apart, I won and the guy did good πŸ™‚ Judge for yourselves what a great job I did. Here’s a picture of puppy Raffles. Cute isn’t he?

Cute Raffles

And here’s the picture of scary Raffles after I had finished with him tee hee!

It also means we have a new badge to sport which is great.

Now there was also a girls competition held over at Mollie & Alfie’s blog. There was great competition there too and if I’d been in charge of my picture I think I could have won but The Producer did a poor job.

At first she couldn’t do it at all because she felt guilty making me look messed up and scary! Can you believe it? What a wimp. You’ve got to have a bit more backbone than that if you’re going to make it as a star. I do understand that I am gorgeous but if Nicole Kidman can wear a big nose for a role andΒ RenΓ©e Zellweger is prepared to put on weight for a film it just shows that sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

But The Producer didn’t really have her heart in the job and as a result it lacked passion and she didn’t win. Me, I threw myself into the job heart and soul and passion.

Not that I mean the pup any harm you understand. It was nothing personal. Well, maybe a teensy-weensy bit personal. Okay, it was personal –Β  but he had just been sick in my bed so that added a little motivation to my creativity! Any one of you would have felt the same so do not judge.

HUGE thanks to Mollie & Alfie and MisakiΒ  for doing all the hard work and giving us all such fun.

If you didn’t see the competitions I recommend you popping over.

Now I’m going to have to work on Christmas, there are sure to be some things going on nearer the festive season and The Producer needs a lot of training. Sometimes I despair, I am not sure I can do a thing with her!

Love from The Prancing Princess



The Proud Princess

Today was the first day that Raffles has been to the leash free park. No pics I’m afraid. It was all hands on deck to make sure it was a positive experience for the ‘baby’ of the house. And I was crucial to the whole event.

He wasn’t walking on the lead properly until yesterday and is still rather erratic, but I pride myself in having something to do with showing him the way and giving him confidence. We set off this morning fairly early because due to him being sick in the night The Producer was up early.

This dog is sick at the slightest thing. We think it might have been his vaccinations but it’s only a guess. It is rather weird but he uses his bed for the moments when he is ‘caught out’ or sick. Makes containment easy but cleaning up a pain because the short-sighted Producer got an enormous bed which she struggles to get in the washing machine! However, that is her problem.

The first night we had him he used his bed as a toilet and then kicked me out of my lovely bed and made that smell nasty. I know, I know. I shouldn’t have let him, but he’s big and he weights 4 kilos more than I do and knows how to use that weight. Anyway after that night The Producer has put my bed under a hall table where he doesn’t fit easily so that keeps him out πŸ™‚

All that to say that we had an early start so decided to give him his first taste of the reserve. The Producer and The Director are a bit concerned because the breeder told them he was dominant with other dogs so they are keen to socialize him and have him be friendly.

He loved going up the street. When he doesn’t know something or wants to think about things he sits down. It is quite funny. He doesn’t really look like a puppy so it is quite strange when he behaves like one. Because I was there to lead the way he was confident and we walked all the way to the park on the leash without a problem. I was quite proud of him, he did well.

Then we got into the park and it was quiet so The Producer let the lead drop. He followed me a little and then saw two dogs and ran back to The Producer. They stayed close to him but he was nervous with the dogs so they kept him away. Then a big Labrador came running up in the way they do. Just all laughter and clumsiness and I thought Raffles was going to bolt, but The Director kept him close to him and eventually he relaxed.

Raffles ‘thinking’

Then a couple of Standard Poodles came into the reserve. They were from the same kennel as Raffles. In fact it was due to them that The Producer found Raffles, because these two Standards were so friendly and quiet – huh!

Perhaps he recognised the shape or smell but in no time at all he was comfortable around these two and when another Labrador and small dog joined us he sniffed and was enjoying meeting them. The Producer was concerned that he might be a bit bossy with the little dog but there was so much going on that he was good. At one point he even did the correct puppy behaviour of lying down on his back and being submissive. They were very proud of him.

Unfortunately at that point a German Shepherd who they know to be a bit unpredictable came around and we could all see Raffles react to something in his body language. He was a little nervous but also wanting to get closer to the Shepherd and his tail went up and he began to prance a little. Not good signs. So The Producer and The Director decided it was time to take him out of the reserve and finish on a good note.

Deciding which Camellia to pick to decorate the lounge carpet with!

Maybe the German Shepherd would give him a nip and teach him to be careful, we dogs have our ways but The Producer doesn’t want him to have a bad experience and become afraid. I’m thinking at the moment that he might be too good a bodyguard!

Although they all clucked and drooled over The Puppy, I was the real star! Without me they wouldn’t have even got him to the leash free park. I gave him confidence and told him what to do. What’s more The Director hasn’t been to the reserve with me since we have had Raffles. After Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge you know that I couldn’t cope very well. I slept all day and when we went to the reserve I wouldn’t leave The Producer or The Director. I just stuck to their calves. Boy did he have a shock today. He was focussed on Raffles and when he looked up and saw me across the other side of the reserve playing with the Labrador he was amazed! Yay me πŸ™‚

I will leave you with my Halloween picture. The one I think The Producer should have used not the spooky one she made and sent! I am not a spooky Princess.

Love Princess Zena – dog trainer extraordinaire!


The Picnicking Princess

This weekend the family came down to meet the new ‘puppy’. I know he is a puppy in age, but he is huge and I cannot think of him as a puppy.

Puppies are the cute things I meet in the park. He is a behemoth!

The family agreed with me. T (Number 1 son) and A (his wife) and Magic my favourite seven year old. They all thought he was cute but huge and I think Magic would have liked us to have brought home the tiny, cuddly Maltese/Pomeranian they met at obedience school! I was hoping to give her a hint to swap them but she’s gone home and won’t be going to the next lesson.

I gather from Magic that it was a bit boring so I’m not sorry now that I didn’t go. At the time though I was mad to have been left behind. I whined and cried and barked and generally kicked up a fuss. This is what I do. I am a Princess.

Magic had hoped to see lots of cute little puppies running around but instead there were six cute puppies (not all of them so little…ahem) lying obediently, some of the time, on mats. The Producer was impressed. The Director was impressed. Magic was unimpressed.

I had to have a chuckle. Back here at home Raffles is doing most things like a gifted child. He can sit, he can stay, he can come when called, he is toilet trained…blah…blah….blah. He doesn’t walk on the lead yet and as he hasn’t had all his vaccinations this means that my leash free park time is still MY time. That will finish soon.

Anyway. As I was saying. The prodigal puppy is doing everything, including many things that Zac and I always refused to do like come when called. Why bother Zac used to say, when what we’re doing is so much more interesting. They’ll still be there when we’ve finished sniffing. He was so right. I have tried to teach this to the ‘puppy’ but Raffles seems to have a switch that makes him do what he’s told.

So when they asked at the puppy school which puppies could obey the sit command, The Director put his hand up. Come and show us said the teacher. Up he goes with Raffles and gives the command and Raffles just looks at him. He tells me he had stage fright – all those eyes on him! Silly puppy, that’s your moment I told him, you should grab it. Anyway, despite being asked to a couple of times he wouldn’t sit. He was shy. So sucks to him being the perfect puppy!

Enough of Raffles. Back to Meeeeeeee! Today I went foraging. Really. Foraging. I do sometimes. Only in the garden you understand. I like to forage unmolested, well almost unmolested. With Raffles as a new addition I am lucky to get two minutes to myself. Puppies are EXHAUSTING.

Well for once my foraging was a success. Usually I come up with a couple of blades of grass and maybe an old soggy chew. Today I found something which The Producer called ‘icky’.

Me with the ‘icky’ thing that I found – you can just see it on the grass between my feet

The Producer was alerted to my picnic by the high-pitched barks of Raffles who wanted me to share the icky-thing-I-had-found. I wouldn’t. Sometimes we older dogs give in to puppies and sometimes we don’t, this time I wouldn’t. I felt I had to draw a line.

Raffles begging for the ‘icky’ thing

Me, ignoring Raffles and enjoying the ‘icky’ picnic

Raffles trying to get The Producer to take it from me

I ignored them both and as The Producer wasn’t going to touch the ‘icky’ thing I was safe. I finished it up and then had my dinner. I have no idea what it was. Something died in the garden a few days ago and it could have been from that or it could have been a bit of possum tail left over from some other massacre. Whatever it was it felt good to have foraged and found it for myself.

I came in from the garden and read my pal Easy‘s blog and got a little bit worried. After his night of being sick all over his bed and sick on the carpet on the stairs and sick…well, you get the picture, it made me a little worried. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been foraging for myself and eating leftover murder victims from the garden? Maybe I’ll be sick in my bed, my lovely nice black furry bed. I would not like that. I’ll let you know next post. Meanwhile, I hope Easy is better.

As an aside, talking of beds, Raffles has the most unpleasant habit of using his bed as an indoor toilet if he cannot get onto the grass. This is sort of tidy, but is a bit rough on the bed and the washing machine! The Producer is talking about buying a smaller, cheap bed until we are through the ‘accident’ phase of his life. As long as he can’t get near my bed I don’t care.

I leave you with a picture of a disappointed Raffles as he saw me finish the last ‘icky’ morsel and lick my lips πŸ™‚

It’s his ‘I can’t believe you didn’t share’ face

Ha! love Zena, The Provoking Princess


The Playful Princess

Many people have asked The Producer for a video. She is not very technical so you have to forgive the quality, the shakes and the boring bit in the middle! However, it does show you how much I am suffering! She is also mean and hasn’t paid for a video upgrade so you have to watch this through YouTube. I just hope she gets it right.

Love from The Pitiful Princess πŸ™‚


The Proud Princess

I won!

I won!

I won!

Well, okay. I didn’t win, but I did come runner up.

My friends the piggies (and Basil who is the cutest guinea pig) awarded me runner up for my ‘Over the Shoebox’ caption song for Basil’s picture. If you want to see it go to Hutchagoodlife.

As a prize they made up a collage of ME looking gorgeous and cute which is great don’t you think? I want The Producer to make it into a Christmas Card this year – we are still talking about that.

Wonderful Me by Hutch A Good Life

It’s been a pretty full on week here with The Producer regularly disappearing to visit her father in the hospital. We hope he gets out soon. It has meant we are a little behind with your blogs though and very behind with my blog and my mission to become a celebrity. In fact I am a little concerned, I won’t stay young and beautiful forever and the window of opportunity is narrowing so I feel The Producer needs to really focus on ME.

Anyway. Earlier this week The Producer went to the local pet store where we can get groomed as well (this is the one Hugh Jackman attended which excited Zac so much). It is a small village pet store which is against selling dogs or cats in stores and is very pet friendly. We are allowed in and many of the treats are at dog level so that we can shop for our favourites! The Producer came across these and took a picture because they looked ‘good enough to eat’. Of course they looked good enough to eat, they are good enough to eat. She complained that they looked nicer than the people cupcakes next door in the bakery. Ha! At last someone somewhere has recognised our place in the scheme of things – at the top!

Pup Cakes from our local pet store

More tasty treats for those special occasions

I was a little annoyed that she didn’t bring us back any, but then I am getting a few more treats as they train The Puppy. I like having puppies around, I can boss them a little and I like the fact that they have to do all the work, sit, stay, come etc., and I hang around a get the treats with them. Clever isn’t it?

Talking of Raffles you probably want to know how we’re getting on. Well here are some snaps of him exploring the garden.

Green grass, cream dog, sunshine – what could be better? A black dog obviously!

Raffles tries out the sun lounger for size and comfort

Raffles thinking – no really, he does think – weird isn’t it?

At the moment Raffles doesn’t come to the leash free with me because he hasn’t had all of his vaccinations yet. So The Producer and I go alone and I have a time playing with some other dogs. I feel so much braver now that I have a big dog at home.

It is different than my relationship with Zac. He was my protector and everything to me. With Zac around I could be carefree and a puppy for the rest of my life. Not with Raffles. He is a puppy and although he is bigger and stronger than I am he knows that I call the shots when it comes to playtime.

I return from the park and that is when Zac and I used to tear around the house and have a play. For some reason my blood is up and I’m excited so I have continued this pattern with Raffles. I come home and shortly afterwards we’ll have a romp until I am tired and call a halt and then we do this:

My new bed and my new pal.

Yep. You saw it here first. I let him share my lovely new butterfly bed, although as you can see, he ended up with a bigger share in the end!

I think you can say that we are settling in together. Tomorrow he will have been with us a week.

love Zena, The Pooped Princess


The Prankster Princess


Day two (gasp)

Still here (gasp)

Only a little mauled (panting) fur a bit wet.

No sign of him leaving yet, beginning to give up hope (gasp) send help soon………

The ‘Frenemy’. You can tell he’s dangerous

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

“Listen to me, mister. You’re my knight in shining armor. Don’t you forget it. “

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

Okay, Okay, I’ll come clean. As is obvious from the blurry photos above this morning I caved. I’m not proud of it, I had intended to hold out for longer but who could resist this?

“You had me at ‘hello.'”

He has whined, grovelled, licked and pestered me since last night to play with him. I wasn’t going to give in that easily. He needn’t think that he can just come crawling back and I’ll respond immediately. So I made him wait and work.

The Producer finally realised that he had made my bed smell awful and washed it. That was one good thing. Then she put it under a table and although he can get into it, it is harder so he prefers his big one. I’m allowed on the red sofa he isn’t. Although he doesn’t realise that yet and he tried to follow me onto it after our game this morning and fell sprawling onto the kitchen floor legs flailing! Very funny. He is remarkably uncoordinated.

So with these rules in place I chose, I CHOSE, to play. The blurry photos above are the best that The Producer could do under the circumstances, I hope to train her to do better in future.

I hate to say it but you might all be right. With time we might be pals and if we’re not, well, he certainly will make a good bodyguard and a very handsome accessory!

I have learnt that I’m stronger than I thought. If I ignore him it drives him nuts hee! hee! The revenge of the older dog. I may be smaller but …… size isn’t everything!!

Oh and they have finally settled on a name. He is Raffles, Raffi for short. The Producer was going with Polo because that was her beloveds favourite but he gave in this morning. I don’t think it had anything to do with the nicknames she was using like: ‘Po-face’ and ‘Po-belle’ (that last one she pronounced like poubelle, french for rubbish bin), she plays dirty!

So my almost pal Raffles and I bid you adieu – love from The Princess, stirred but not shaken (and yes I do know that is the wrong way around but it is how I feel)


The Petrified Princess

Good grief! It’s not a puppy, it’s a pony! I kid you not.

Yesterday was the big day. I could sense the excitement. Fragile items were cleared away, new toys prepared and ‘new arrival’ could be sensed in the air.

I can’t say I knew what to expect but I did expect a puppy. Puppies are small and cute right? They tumble along, lie on their backs and everyone goes ‘ahhhh’.

Not my puppy.

What does The Producer do but turn up with this enormous ‘thing’ calling it a puppy. I have my doubts. You judge from the pics. Does this look like a 14 week puppy to you? This thing is bigger than I am.

Anyway, they bring it home and I am excited. A friend thinks I. Nice after being so sad and depressed since Zac crossed the rainbow bridge. He was nervous of me, me! Little me. Great, thought I and reassured him that I was friendly. I must have overdone it though because the next thing I know he’s growling.

It may look like we’re having fun but believe you me I’m running, running for my life!

The Producer told him not to (far too gently in my opinion) and then the fun really started. We went into the house and I thought we’d have a little play. Trouble is he decided to take it far to seriously and went for me – twice! I think The Producer should have done more than growl at him, she should have sent him back!

She told me I should have put him in his place but I’m not that sort of a dog.

This is his ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look. They tell me he’s a Standard Poodle, oh yes, crossed with what I want to know – a Polar Bear?
Actually Polaris is his kennel name so I think I might be on the right track there.

To add insult to injury when night came we had to sleep in the same area. We had a few beds to choose from but of course he wanted mine, my special new bed. This time The Producer wasn’t there to help me so guess what! He slept in my butterfly bed and got his smell all over it – yuck.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the other big bed was nearby and The Producer didn’t get up until 3.00am to let him out. Too late! He’d poohed and peed in the big bed which meant he’d ruined both of them for me. No quiet peaceful night for me.Β  He didn’t cry – I did!

‘No Name’ sitting with The Producer’s Beloved – that man is 6 feet tall and that dog is sitting down!! Puppy??? Do they think I’m stupid?

I am not impressed.

All today he’s been coming the puppy, trying to play, let bygones be bygones. Huh! I am not happy and I am not going to pretend I am. Also, I don’t trust him. He still wants to get into whatever bed I’m in and as I won’t get in with him I have to vacate it to him. He is playing power games – at 14 weeks!

They haven’t agreed on a name yet. I think they should call him ‘Ivan the Terrible’.

Get used to the photos (unless they send him away – yay!) because The Producer has already indicated what a relief it is to photograph a non-black dog and even I, not his fan, admit he is handsome.

I am not sure where this relationship is going but I have heard of them talking about puppy training classes beginning next week. I hope it’s live in!

Love The Pessimistic Princess


The Super Sweet Princess

More cupcakes!!!

And these look gorgeous too.

Admit it everyone, you’re trying to fatten me up aren’t you?

Thank you so much to my pal Misaki for these beautiful cakes and another very pretty award to put on my blog πŸ™‚

Don’t they look yummy? My last award was ‘One Sweet Blog Award’ now this one is ‘Super Sweet Blogging Award’ – I call that progress. I am sweet and I like pretty things of bright colours so these cakes fit the bill nicely and unlike some of the other pretty coloured things I have eaten in the past, these will not have me spending days at the vets as I slowly go from a black dog with pinkish skin to a black dog with yellow skin and then back again!

Now apparently with this award, as with most awards, I have to give credit to the one who passed it on to me – thank you again Misaki, you are a great friend.

Now I have to answer some sweet related questions. This actually made me realise how precious these gifts are because I do not have sweet stuff. Well, as I’ve said before, a girl’s gotta watch her shape these days. So I’m passing the questions onto The Producer to answer because that means I can have a good laugh!

The Producer Tackles The Hard Questions (and answers them honestly):

1. Cookies or Cake – Definitely cake and sadly the creamier or sweeter the better!

2. Chocolate or Vanilla – Chocolate, especially Lindt or Haigh’s violet and rose creams (put on weight just thinking about them).

3. What is your favourite sweet treat? Creme Brulee, chocolate mousse, profiteroles, black forest gateaux and vanilla slice – seriously, put all of those on one plate and I would swoon. I would fall into a sugar coma but I would go down happy!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most – Probably mid morning, after lunch, mid afternoon, after dinner and in the evening. Like Misaki, pretty much all the time!

Back to Zena

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? Easy-peasy…… Princess Pumpkin Pie πŸ™‚

Now for the part everybody loves and The Producer has gone awol so I can’t pass it onto her. The baker’s dozen of blogs I’m passing this onto and it’s in keeping with the spirit of the baker’s dozen because there might be one or two who have already received this award. If you have received it just know I thought of you and enjoy spreading the sweetness πŸ™‚

1. Clowie’s Corner – such a sweet Pyrennean

2. Jasper’s Doggy World – two very sweet Maremmas who love life, eggs and everything

3. House full of Dogs – they recently had a sad event so here’s a reminder that their loss is not forgotton

4. Hutch A Good Life – Very sweet piggies deserve very sweet awards!

5. Angel’s Whisper – The very name of this blog is sweet, but the latest camouflage pics are better still!

6. Scottie Mom – Black dogs, Mr K & Heather they seem to be very busy so I’m sure a sweet break would be good for them.

7. I Love Schnauzers – Relate to the backpack issue Miss D, after that trauma I’m sure some sweet treats will be welcome!

8. First Puppy – If we’re talking sweet, they don’t come much sweeter than this

9. Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven – very cute grey and white curly ball of fluff, sweet, sweet, sweet. Almost as sweet as me!!!

10. Sandy Robinson’s Blog – A dog called Zak, need I add more?

11. I Adopted A dog Now What – Cute dog blog, kind of a theme here πŸ™‚

12. Long Life Cats and Dogs – This is the blog of Lady Litchfield Love, Empress of Bordeaux and it always pays to keep in with royalty, plus they are having problems with the internet and deserve a sweet treat.

13. All that Jazz Cat – just to prove I am not prejudiced and I can find cats cute too πŸ™‚

Okay, all done.

If you have received this before great, just enjoy the added sweetness.

If you receive it and want to respond you don’t need to comment on each blog, I’m just feeling chatty today!

If you HATE awards and do not want to respond I’m okay with that too.

Now onto a totally different subject. I GOT SPOOKED

Look at me all fierce

Me as you’ve never seen me before (or will again!)

Thanks to Mollie & Alfie for ‘uglying’ me up and making me look like Frankenstein Zena, this would give the dogs at the reserve something to be afraid of!


I am unstoppable today πŸ™‚

Yesterday The Producer went out and bought another bed, yes, another bed! So now I have two and I lie in one when she’s at the computer and the other when she sits and uses the iPad.

Now normally, I wouldn’t think too much about it but there have been some other things happening which have caused me a little concern. I have heard them talking about how much we all miss Zac. We do. The house is so quiet without him and nothing fun happens any more.

I know that I have stopped playing, won’t touch my toys and just stay in my high sided bed sleeping all day except for when they take me out for a walk when I stay with my nose touching The Producer’s calf. I know I am a changed dog but I can’t help it.

I’ve heard them talk in whispers about depression and loneliness and there has been a lot of chatter over the Skype lines to other members of the family in far-flung places in the world. And I admit it, I am depressed but now I am a little worried too!

Because of our loneliness and my depression I sense that some kind of a decision was made about ten days ago. Then last Saturday I was taken over and left with Prissy Paws (aka Devon) for the morning and when they returned there was an excitement about them. The next day The Producer brought the new bed home. Since then I have seen a couple of new toys and the food and treat cupboard is being stocked up more than usual.

I suspect they are getting me a pal or a bodyguard. At this stage I am not too sure which. I thought they might be getting me a cat as a companion, then I thought they might be getting me a cute guinea pig like Basil but I’m still not too sure. Maybe you can tell what they are getting me from the bed The Producer bought:

Who is going to use this bed? Bodyguard or pet?

Love from The Perturbed Princess


The Fashionista Princess

Having talked about my own fashion line for a while I thought I would let you know some of the hottest trends for Princess dogs out there at the moment and the sorts of things I’m interested in because being a Princess isn’t easy. It takes sacrifice and investment, The Producer needs to understand that she should invest in me and that it’s worth her sacrifice!

For those of us who are graced with longer locks, hair accessories may be just the thing to brighten up a dull day and draw attention to the eyes, always an important feature of us dogs.

These are just two girly examples of the types of things that can be found. Guys if you want something I’m sure I can do some research!

Now just having had a new bed I’m all set in that department. I love my furry butterfly Zena Cave, but if I had spied this little number before The Producer had left I might have put in an order.

Clearly the little dog would not be part of the bargain. I would probably want to add pink chiffon curtains and perhaps a little touch of Swarovski crystals to the crown. Perhaps Lady Litchfield would like this one?

In OZ now we are moving towards the summer and although our spring has been remarkably wet so far (for us) when the sun does shine it does get bright. These glasses are pictured in gold but I of course would want them in pink with crystals inset along the sides.

The Producer isn’t really into coats and clothes for me, though she buys enough for herself, but I went and found a selection anyway just to give you all an idea of the sorts of things you can buy for yourselves.

A raincoat, a must for these wet spring mornings

The gold is great for any shade of coat

I am not a fan of the car as you know. I do tend to be a tad impatient about arriving and find it hard to settle. This mode of transport looks quite comfortable but I’m not sure it would help me to become a better traveller, once again, dog not included!

Most of us dogs have a collar, guys and gals, and I believe that too little thought is given to these essential items. I myself have been given a red leather collar – red leather! No imagination! I have posted the one below which I think is much more suited to my desired status of celebrity, bling is a must if you want to be noticed.

Christmas is coming and if your people want to get you that gift which has that rock-chic vibe let them know that you want your own guitar!

Impress the guy or gal next door with one of these

And if you are new in the market of accessories here is just a little of what you can try to persuade your people to buy for you. The stuffed dog is a model but would make a great toy to chew.

Inevitably fashion can go a little too extreme and although these methods of transport may make these very little furry friends happy, this is not how I want my public to view me!

Finally here is a little something which I have created in order to really add that celebrity gloss. The trainer Cesar has highlighted how many dogs like to carry things in a backpack so I have created my own modelled by a friendly Puli. In this bag all the essentials can be held including, as pictured, the necessary celebrity accoutrement to add a little style to your walks.

So those are my fashion tips folks – lots of love from the Mischievous Princess

PS: For those who are new to my blog, none of these things are for sale through me, and nothing in this post is to be taken seriously. This is all very much tongue in cheek πŸ™‚

PPS: A more serious and possibly disquieting announcement could be on the way soon – can you guess? Some of you should because I’ve left hints on your comments.

The Perturbed Princess


The Pudgy Princess

Ha! That title caught your attention didn’t it? Well, you will be pleased to hear that I am not really pudgy, although I have gained a little weight with my new almost raw food (that’s another story).

The title was supposed to catch your attention and underline the fact that I HAVE ANOTHER AWARD and this one is a really pretty one. This is the ONE SWEET BLOG AWARD and if I did eat all of those cupcakes I would indeed be podgy! So I’ll give them to The Producer and she can eat them and be plump because it doesn’t matter about her figure but if I’m to be a reality star I really need to watch the waistline.

This really cute award was given to me by the supportive piggies at Hutch A Good Life. I think Basil had something to do with it!
So thank you my piggy friends, I really appreciate your support.

I think animal cupcakes are a great idea and I am planning on getting The Producer to create cupcakes with my picture on them for her next party. I wonder if the local pet shop would be interested?

We have to pass it onto five friends and I’m getting in quick because I know that this is quite a new award and before long I won’t have five friends who haven’t had it!

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Yay guys! Enjoy the cakes and be sure to run around and burn off the calories afterwards so you don’t become pudgy!

Yes, I have been out of my bed this morning for a walk – but rest is important to beauty too you know!

Love The Sweet Princess