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The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle

The Impenitent Princess


Monday dawns and we should be celebrating the return of Miss Mollie and the end of a drama which you can read here if you haven’t already caught up.

I even have another award for my indispensable involvement in the whole affair (affair being the operative word here!). Thanks Mollie & Alfie for the award – any time you put on another drama I’m right here 🙂

However, rather than celebrating, The Dictator, not The Producer you note, is a little upset with me and I am  annoyed with her.

We got back from our walk. All was well. I’d played with a couple of friends and had a good run. I was feeling good.

Me… out walking, well, posing in the middle of my walk.

We walked in through the door and the car keys came out. My heart sank. She was going out.

Then she said ‘Car’.

‘Great’, I thought,  ‘I’m coming too.’

I leapt into the car with my usual flair and cried all the way to the shops – again – my usual way of travelling.

The Dictator left me to shop. Cracked open the windows and left me. Left me!

She took me in the car because she knows I get anxious. It’s called separation anxiety.


Get it?

Separation. That means I do not like to be left alone – anywhere. And I’m going to show it, or rather sound it.

So as soon as she left I began to cry louder. She told me she wasn’t going to be long, but how did I know? Anyway, the length of time doesn’t matter to me.

When crying didn’t work, I moved into the front passenger seat and began to howl. Head up, lips pursed and howled like the wolves do at the moon in the movies. It felt quite good. And it got me lots of attention.

I know she could hear me as she stepped out of the supermarket because I could feel the vibes from her.

She remotely unlocked the car which is the signal for me that she is returning so I immediately stopped howling and jumped around with a big smile on my face.

She got into the car and quietly told me to get into the back seat and patted me. So I did but we don’t drive off. Not immediately.

She had to spend five minutes looking for the hazard light button which I had switched on and which she has never had to use before!

A guy came up to tell her what I’d done so I reckon I had made quite a stir 🙂

Well! I was perfectly justified in turning them on. What a hazard lights for if not to indicate some sort of a problem?

She didn’t tell me off but I could tell she was disappointed and just a little bit embarrassed. Actually, quite a lot embarrassed.

It’s separation anxiety – what part of separation does she not understand!

So I’m asleep now and she’s preparing dinner and has told me that I’m not going to the supermarket with her ever again.

Repentant? Me? Do I look Repentant?

Love the Proud Princess

Author: Zena

I am The Princess (aka Zena), niece of Zac the All Black and awesome Tibetan Terrier who took me in when I was just a six week pup and tried to teach me all he knew. When I was six and he was eight, Zac crossed over the rainbow bridge and all of a sudden I was alone. I could no longer be the ditzy, happy-go-lucky pup that I had been. This is a diary of how one Princess managed when the world turned real.

33 thoughts on “The Impenitent Princess

  1. The hazzard button was a great move Zena..bol..We had a dog that would howl and howl if we left it.. He was alright in the car but not at home.Hot summer days, he would have to be left why I went shopping, all the neighbors could hear him. Thank you so much for your help and we are pleased you like the award 🙂 xx00xx

    • I’m here to help any time. It was great fun and now I have a country: New Zenaland 🙂
      Yep The Dictator has told me I will be grounded from now on. The neighbours are quite a distance from the house so are unlikely to hear my howls and the house has no hazard lights to press.
      I will have to work on another plan.

  2. hahahaha
    Doggy cries when I park him outside a store, he barks and barks and barks, endlessly, it’s really embarrassing, however, at home he doesn’t do a thing and it’s not everywhere that he barks. I doubt he has separation anxiety, I think he just wants to get on my nerves.
    I’m glad you liked your island, you can now bring fauna from Australia.

  3. ohh and thanks for taking part of the craziness that was

  4. Poor Zena, I guess you’ve never really been alone. There aren’t hazard lights in the house, but there are usually remote controls lying around. You could experiment with those. If you find one that switches some sort of sound on, you should be able to make the sound louder if you keep trying. My cats can do this, so it shouldn’t be beyond a resourceful Tibbie!

    • Great thought Clowie. No. I have never been alone. I know The Producer would probably go out and get another pal for me but her beloved is happy with just me so I shall have to get used to being an only.

  5. Love the hazard light move Zena….VERY smart! I hate being in the car so there’s no chance I can pull that maneuver for the opportunity to embarrass my Mom but I’ll think of something ELSE that would work. Congratulations on the acquisition of your very own country: New Zenaland. I myself discovered that Sir Doggy has designated the area formerly known as Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Italy as “SAMALIA” which I am now in charge of. Trying to think of some kind of title to use – Sir Sammy of Samalia is just WAY too many “Sssss’s” don’t you think?????

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

    • Switzerland, all that snow, mountains and money – well done, The Producer lived in Switzerland for a time and loves it. Sir Sammy of Samalia has a certain ring which is pleasing, but I see what you mean about the ssss’s. More thought needed – not my strong point!

  6. Are we related? I think so. I’m very upset about the stores, why are dogs not allowed there? We give them a lot of money for dog food, treats, meat and we can’t walk in for choosing our needful things? no…this world isn’t fair :O)

    • I agree Easy!
      I am allowed in the pet store which is great. Zac used to find it so hard going in there because all the doggy treats are down at dog height and it was like a pic’n’mix for dogs. The Producer had to watch him carefully or he’d have eaten half the stock before she’d turned around! I, however, am more discerning and most of those treats don’t interest me. But I do like being able to go shopping.

  7. Hey that was a great idea to turn on those hazard lights! Funny, though, how some of our best ideas sometimes backfire on us….I guess our families just don’t understand many of our highly-skilled ways of communicating. 😉

  8. Dear Zena, the dictator will is only upset because she loves you. My beloved Shadow also had separation anxiety. If left at home she would destroy whatever was in front of her. She had to be crated her entire life so I wouldn’t come home to find furniture shredded or cooking oil bottles chewed open and left to empty on the carpet. There wasn’t a room she couldn’t damage. We did three courses of obedience training to try to increase her confidence. When we were together she was the best behaved dog in the state. But leaving her in the car was my worst mistake. She was still a puppy, about six months old. I left her to run into a store. I was gone for maybe 10 minutes. Maybe….I’m exaggerating the time because how could a puppy chew off the back of a car seat in less than 10 minutes? She literally chewed/pulled all the backing and foam stuffing from the back of the seat. Oh how I’d wished that she would only howl. I never did learn how to reassure her that I would always return. Finally I switched to night shift so she could be with either my mother or I most of the time. I hope you have better luck dealing with your anxiety.

    • Poor Shadow. I feel for her. Fortunately I do not do any damage, I just make a noise to show The Producer that I do not expect to be left alone. It is still very new to me. Zac has only been gone a relatively short time although it seems ages since he was with us. This is the first time I have been completely alone in my life and I am six and a half so it will take me a little longer to settle.
      I am not too bad if I’m left at home. And The Producer has told me that I just have to get used to it because I cannot go everywhere with her. Most of the time there is someone in the house so it is not too often but I just like to voice my displeasure.
      Shadow is lucky that you were able to make life adjustments for her.

  9. The neighbours have told my mummy and daddy that I howl when I’m alone. But turning the hazard lights on sounds pretty impressive to me!

  10. you beautiful girl!! OF COURSE you turned the hazard lights on because to YOU it WAS a “hazard” that you were left alone. You are right, how did you know she would be back soon?

    My downstairs doggy neighbor has separation anxiety too. He howls and howls when his “pack” leaves.

    I think I am good about my pawrents leaving because I have my kitty brother here with me but my heart goes out to the doggies that are afraid when they are left alone.

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • You are absolutely right Dakota. I was a hazard left alone 🙂
      The Producer knew it wouldn’t be easy for me without Zac, my stabilizer, but I know she is hoping that in time I’ll stop crying when I’m left. I would like another Zac around to make me feel safe.
      Time will tell what will happen.
      Will I spend the rest of my life howling when I’m left?
      Will I adapt to life alone?
      Watch this space 🙂

  11. Princess Zena, we’d like to recognise your bravery and courage by inducting you into the CSI – see here for more details:-)

  12. Well, you sure know how to make your voice heard!

  13. Hay gonna be Spooked for Halloooooooweeeen ?? xx00xx
    Don’t forget LLCD’S pawty’s coming up too 🙂 xxxx

    • I’m looking forward to the party, but I’m frightened by the spooking. I am a pretty Tibbie, I don’t want to look like Frankenstein!!!! Also The Producer has been awol in her head this week so she hasn’t blogged with me!

    • Okay, I did it. I asked to be spooked and now I’m hiding in my new bed (which I haven’t told you about yet) with my paws over my head.

  14. Zena, it sounds like your behavior was spot on since she carelessly left you behind!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  15. Awww…how can anyone get angry at someone as adorable (and logical ;)) as you, Zena?

  16. Congratulations on your well deserved drama award, Zena, what a great act in the car… 😀

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