The Princess Tails

The Musings of Zena, a Tibetan Terrier sharing her life and wisdom with Raffles, a Standard Poodle


The Impenitent Princess

Monday dawns and we should be celebrating the return of Miss Mollie and the end of a drama which you can read here if you haven’t already caught up.

I even have another award for my indispensable involvement in the whole affair (affair being the operative word here!). Thanks Mollie & Alfie for the award – any time you put on another drama I’m right here 🙂

However, rather than celebrating, The Dictator, not The Producer you note, is a little upset with me and I am  annoyed with her.

We got back from our walk. All was well. I’d played with a couple of friends and had a good run. I was feeling good.

Me… out walking, well, posing in the middle of my walk.

We walked in through the door and the car keys came out. My heart sank. She was going out.

Then she said ‘Car’.

‘Great’, I thought,  ‘I’m coming too.’

I leapt into the car with my usual flair and cried all the way to the shops – again – my usual way of travelling.

The Dictator left me to shop. Cracked open the windows and left me. Left me!

She took me in the car because she knows I get anxious. It’s called separation anxiety.


Get it?

Separation. That means I do not like to be left alone – anywhere. And I’m going to show it, or rather sound it.

So as soon as she left I began to cry louder. She told me she wasn’t going to be long, but how did I know? Anyway, the length of time doesn’t matter to me.

When crying didn’t work, I moved into the front passenger seat and began to howl. Head up, lips pursed and howled like the wolves do at the moon in the movies. It felt quite good. And it got me lots of attention.

I know she could hear me as she stepped out of the supermarket because I could feel the vibes from her.

She remotely unlocked the car which is the signal for me that she is returning so I immediately stopped howling and jumped around with a big smile on my face.

She got into the car and quietly told me to get into the back seat and patted me. So I did but we don’t drive off. Not immediately.

She had to spend five minutes looking for the hazard light button which I had switched on and which she has never had to use before!

A guy came up to tell her what I’d done so I reckon I had made quite a stir 🙂

Well! I was perfectly justified in turning them on. What a hazard lights for if not to indicate some sort of a problem?

She didn’t tell me off but I could tell she was disappointed and just a little bit embarrassed. Actually, quite a lot embarrassed.

It’s separation anxiety – what part of separation does she not understand!

So I’m asleep now and she’s preparing dinner and has told me that I’m not going to the supermarket with her ever again.

Repentant? Me? Do I look Repentant?

Love the Proud Princess


The Princess Investigates – Searching for Miss Mollie

I have been unable to rest today. With the crisis deepening and Doggy threatening to go to war we are in danger of forgetting that Miss Mollie is still missing!

The guinea pigs from Hutch a Good Life are scrabbeling all over the problem, Litchie from Long Life Dogs and Cats has been called out to mediate and Misaki and Sam are investigating.

I couldn’t just sit here all day without doing something.  So I decided that I, The Princess, would leave the comfort of my soft beds and ever open wardrobes in the land of bling and go and look for Mollie.

I searched everywhere at the reserve

I searched within the recent garden excavations a little afraid of what I might find. No Miss Mollie.

I searched around the compost – no hint of chicken livers or mummified pigs ears and NO SCENT of Mollie.

Then… all of a sudden I picked up a very interesting whiff! Could this be Mollie? I’m off to find out……..

With love – The Perspicacious Princess!


The Awarded Princess

Another award!!! Gasp! I’m on a roll folks. I’m on a roll.









A huge lick and a great big thanks to my guinea pig friends over at Hutch A Good Life for thinking of me.

This is a pretty award and will look great on my wall. I, like my guinea pig friends, am not a fan of fireworks usually. In the past I have had Zac to help me on those occasions when the world around me seems to explode with bangs and screams. Now The Producer will have to stand in for him. I think on those occasions I will call her The Guardian.

I think I will look on the award not as the fireworks that go bang in the gardens around me but rather as an indication of my affect on those around me.

I light up their life 🙂

I am colourful and pretty 🙂

I am full of light and bring joy 🙂

I’m sure my loyal followers can think of other comparisons (and perhaps not all of them polite!).

There are rules that I must follow and because my brain doesn’t remember things for long I shall write them down:

1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar

I have done both so I think I can get a gold star for that one.

2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 readers they appreciate over a period of 7 days (1 week) – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be ALL on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, etc.

Now this is hard because most of the blogs I follow have already received this award.  I will choose those who I don’t think have it and if you do already have it sorry, blame my little brain.

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3. The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 day (1 week) period.

Done and dusted 🙂

4. The Nominee shall make these rules, or amended rules keeping to the spirit of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, known to each reader s/he nominates.

Guys – if you don’t read this blog, you won’t know the rules …..hee…hee

5. The Nominee must finish this sentence and post: ”A Great reader is…”

A great reader is someone who can read between the lines and know what is really being said.

Thanks to all who have followed this blog and earlier who followed Zac the All Black through his trials. It is because of all the support and feedback that we had when we lost Zac that this blog has come about and although we have faltered from time to time, the desire to keep in touch and read the stories of our fellow furry travellers has kept us going.

With love from The Pyrotechnic Princess!!


The Decorated Princess


I have been honoured and recognised for being beautiful, well alright lovely – but it’s the same thing really. And I know it says lovely blog but it really means lovely ME!


I knew it would happen of course, I just didn’t expect it so soon.

An award for me? Really? Can I open it now?

Now. I would like to thank Zac because without him The Princess would never have come into being. Without him I was merely Zena. Dog ordinaire. Loving. Gentle. No-one. It is Zac who made me who I am today and who christened me The Princess and it is due to him that I stand in my magnificence before you today.

I suppose I have to thank The Producer as well but ….well, enough of that.

I really have to thank Misaki for giving me this award. Misaki is a very stylish Malamute who certainly recognises greatness when she sees it. Thanks Misaki. You can find out all about Misaki if you click on her name. Success as a reality star is all about promotion you know!

It is a good thing The Producer gave me that bath as it happens because as you can see, I am all ready to go to the ceremony and be adored.

I’m sending The Producer out for a proper tiara today.

Now the next thing I have to do is tell you seven things about myself – only seven sadly.

My favourite subject…….ME!!!!!

1. I don’t like pedicures. I don’t really like my feet touched at all.

2. I do love belly rubs and lie on my back in The Producers lap at night. If she stops stroking my tummy I bop her with a fluffy paw. Just a gentle reminder.

3. I hate being alone and will let them know it – loudly and long.

4. I am an early riser and usually by 6.00am I am scratching and whining at The Producer’s bedroom door to tell her she should be up. For some reason this is not appreciated!

5. I dislike bones! I like plastic bones. It is real bones I don’t trust. I know! Strange but true. There is something about them which I just don’t like.

6. I like to run and play. If there is no-one to play with I try to play with the birds but they cheat and fly off!

7. I am very friendly and would never snap or be rude at people but I prefer to socialise with dogs at the park. I do not like to be petted by strangers.

Snooty? Me?   Not too close please. Paparazzi exclusion zone.

Now the hard part. Nominate other blogs. It is not that there is a shortage of lovely blogs out there, it is that most of the ones I know have already received this award! I am the new kid on the block and a little behind.

So, if I nominate you and you have it – wonderful.

Otherwise I nominate:

Dakota’s Den – Dakota has a really cool name and is very pretty. She is a Shetland Sheepdog (The Producer rescued one of those once) and she writes about lots of interesting stuff.

Cat Chat – A little incestuous here because this is Dakota’s brother Cody, but I loved the blog about adopting a less adoptable pet and think it deserves a lovely blog mention, even if Cody & Dakota are related!

House Full Of Dogs – As well as stories about the dogs, this blog talks about dog adoptions and rescuing which I am all for.

Lexi and Jasper the Great Danes – I have to say when I come face to face with a great dane in the park I am a little intimidated, especially now I haven’t got Zac to protect me and The Producer doesn’t run to my side and growl like he used to! However, from what I have seen Lexi and Jasper are the typical gentle giants and I love the countryside they live in. Such green grass 🙂

Rumpy Dog – I like the way Rumpy and his team are highlighting important health issues.

Clowie’s Corner – I am pretty sure Clowie has the award, but if she hasn’t she should have!

Jasper’s Doggy World – Beautiful white shaggy dogs, beautiful New Zealand countryside – what’s not to love! Again, sure you have this award but went through all your blog titles and couldn’t find it!!

And that’s seven!

Lots of love The Proud Princess


The Price of Princessdom

Being a Princess is not as easy as you might think. Now that I have a blog there is a public out there and I have to be ready for the moment when I am discovered.

My idea of being ready is sitting around looking pretty which I can do without trying.

I’m ready for my public now

But The Producer had other ideas. She decided I needed a wash. I went along with it. What’s a girl to do? Personal hygiene is important.

We gals never look our best at this stage!

So I had a bath. I didn’t complain or cry like Zac would have. I was brave. Not happy, but brave.

Read my face! No more baths.

I came out very wet as you can see.

This whole thing had better be worth it!

The Producer dried me with a loud machine and brushed me which I do not like but she told me I would be even more beautiful it so I suffered. Again, I was brave.

Looking like Doggy’s sister here!

Then the final product – voila! What? Well do you see any difference?

BEFORE – Looking gorgeous in the great outdoors

All that suffering. All that wetness. All that brushing and I look the same. Judge for yourselves.

AFTER – Blow Dried, Primped and NO DIFFERENCE!!!!

Okay so I smell good to The Producer but the dogs at the park laughed at me.

And I feel soft for The Producer to cuddle but was it worth it? I would say a resounding NO!

And what’s more to add insult to injury having recently called me a guinea pig The Producer has once again cast doubts on my doghood just because I have refused to eat a bone today! Well it was messy and bloody with meat still on it! I know I am eating a raw diet but let’s not push it.

So the bone is sitting out there on the grass and The Producer has sadly moaned about how Zac would have loved it and I have looked at her reproachfully and told her that if she hadn’t bathed me and made me smell ‘nice’ I would probably have eaten the thing, as it is I don’t think I will.

It’s all her fault! So there.  From the Pouting Princess


I Am Dog – Hear Me Raw!!

This week has been a confusing one for me. This is where Zac used to help me so much. At night he would explain all these little things I didn’t understand. I’m not sure I could always believe him, but most of the time he was a truthful Tibbie.

I am confused because The Producer called me a guinea pig. Guinea Pig! I am not a guinea pig!

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a guinea pig. Some of my best online pals are guinea pigs. I’m thinking of  Nutty, Nibbles, Buddy and Basil. I have seen their pictures and we are nothing alike.

I am a dog. I am a TT, a Tibbie. A Tibetan Terrier. See. Below is a picture of me and a guinea pig. We are not alike are we?

Sigh. I think it has something to do with this new diet I am on. Raw meat. I love it. Before I would sometimes eat, sometimes not, now I am finishing every meal.
But I know The Producer hasn’t got it for me because I am a picky eater although I prefer the phrase gastronomically challenged.

She is trying this diet to see if it improves my health not wishing to lose another pal too early. At the moment I still scratch my tummy as much as I did but she is watching me!! I never did have the ear infections and joint and bone problems Zac had, so The Producer is not as concerned, she just wants to do the best for me. So I am back to this dilemma of being called a guinea pig.

No offence to guinea pigs but I am The Princess. I am a dog. See. Look at my picture. Does that look like a guinea pig to you? And would guinea pigs eat raw meat? I think not. I am all dog. Judge for yourselves!

Love The Princess – A DOG!!!!


The Soon-To-Be-Princess

Once upon a time in a land far, far away from other lands a princess was born.

She didn’t know then that she was destined to become a princess. She was black, soft and fluffy with a white star on her chest.

The soon-to-be-princess was a little Tibetan Terrier who expected nothing more from her day than the routine of feeding, sleeping and occasionally a little gentle play. All she knew was the safety of tucking in close to her mother and the nurturing warmth of her presence. Each night her mother’s heartbeat lulled her to sleep.

As the weeks passed she grew bigger but it was only when she snuggled next to her mother that she felt safe.

They called her Bovais Ladyhawk. It  meant nothing to her. It sounded a strong, fierce name and she didn’t feel strong or fierce. In fact, she was a little timid and shy and many things frightened her. The world outside the kennel seemed very loud, very big and very scary. So she stayed close to her mother confident that as long as she could hear that heartbeat, all would be well.

Then one day when she was six weeks old the worst thing she could ever have imagined happened.

She was picked up, taken from her mother, from the little run she had always lived in, and put in a box with a wire front. The soon-to-be-princess was scared. She whimpered and cried. She wanted her mother. She didn’t want to go away.

The soon-to-be-princess was taken on a long journey and when it finished she was very tired but she was also very frightened. There were no familiar smells and she couldn’t see or hear her mother.

She was very anxious.

The soon-to-be-princess with the white star on her chest

Then she was put down onto something soft and springy and for a moment the soon-to-be-princess forgot to be afraid. The stuff she was walking on smelt so good and felt so cool on her paws. She had never felt grass before.

The soon-to-be-princess ran around on the grass with her nose parting the soft blades as she played.

Then she remembered her mother and became afraid again. She cried.

Zena with Zac the All Black

Suddenly a big nose stretched down and touched her nose very gently. The soon-to-be-princess inhaled a familiar smell and looked up into the big brown eyes of her Uncle Zac. He was very excited to see her and they began running around the grass together.

Zac told her that she wasn’t called Ladyhawk anymore. Her new name was Zena.

And that night as she shared his bed and went to sleep with his heartbeat in her ears Zena, or as he liked to call her, The Princess, knew she was home and safe.


What’s in a Name?

The Producer needs to invest in some more headshots!

So. Zac’s Beloved and I have been hashing a few things out, laying down ground rules and trying to come to grips with our new status.

I’m still sad, but I am picking up my life more and looking forward.

I have decided to star in this blog and therefore a few things need to change.

This will be about ME, and will only include others in so far as they affect ME. I have the central role.

This is my house now, I lie wherever I want. I did even try the cream leather chair the other day but was caught out. However, at night……… 🙂

I do not like being left alone. That is really when I miss Zac the most. However hard I try not to I cannot stop the anxiety rising and I panic. I think I am getting better but that is a hard one for me. But more about these things later.

The final piece of business was what to call Zac’s Beloved?

We both agreed that Beloved was the term she and Zac used and it should be preserved for him.

I came up with some great ideas but they were all shot down. I thought Babushka had a nice ring to it but she didn’t want to be thought of as an old Russian grandmother which I suppose I understand as she is neither a grandmother or Russian (though to me she is pretty old) having said that anything over ten looks old to a six year old.

She searched for the right noun for one who is followed constantly, one who is shadowed or stalked. She came up with Victim, Prey, Quarry, Stalkee, but they all have such negative connotations. I follow her around all the time, I’m not about to pounce on her. Anyway I think she was trying to be sarcastic but it’s water off a duck’s back to me.

I thought Mother Superior was rather good but she felt it was too long to type. Darling and Dearest were high on the list but they reminded us too much of the film Lady and the Tramp which was Zac’s favourite.

Then we looked at  Honey, Angel, Cherish, Esteemed, Endeared, Idolized, Respected, Treasured but somehow they just weren’t right. Precious was a good one which was suggested to us, but every time she hears it she thinks of that skeletal creature out of Lord of the Rings and she thought maybe being pictured as an old Russian grandmother might be better.

After being told I wasn’t allowed to sit on the cream chair I came up with a few new ones; Superintendent, Keeper, CEO, Manager, Boss lady, Numero Uno, Controller and Supervisor! Needless to say she wouldn’t allow me to use those. I rest my case.

As I am a Princess I did think of calling her the Queen but I think that gives her a little too much kudos. I am the muse, the inspiration, the artist, the source and focus of this blog and that should not be forgotten.

And that’s when it came to me. She is the one who has to look after me, create the right conditions for me to thrive. She has to supervise my day to day needs and raise funds for my food. She has to hire personnel to take care of my grooming and healthcare needs and accommodation if we travel anywhere.

She will be involved throughout the whole process of this project to spotlight ME.

From henceforth she shall be known as The Producer.

See you later – love Zena, Superstar Princess

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


The Unhappy Princess

This is me btw – I know there is a strong family resemblance.

As the days have continued we have done most of the ‘firsts’ without Zac. The first walk. The first trip into the village. The first drive in the car.

These are some of the hardest things. There are still more to come of course.

I am not sure how I will react to the first thunderstorm. Zac used to bark back at thunder, he wasn’t afraid, he enjoyed it. I didn’t like them but when I was with Zac I wasn’t afraid of anything.

For the first few days I was sure he was going to come back. I kept willing him to walk through the door, but I knew from the behaviour of His Beloved that something really bad had happened because she was so upset. I just didn’t want to accept it.

I could sense that she was shocked at the speed of it all too, so was I. In the morning we woke up, the usual happy family. By that evening we were devastated. How quickly things turn.

The pain was heart-rendering and then I could sense guilt in his Beloved. I heard her talking about what if’s. What if they had tried a different vet? What if they had used a different food? Useless thoughts.

This event has sobered me. The old me would never have given any time to think much at all but now the house is so quiet I have nothing but time for thinking.

I know his Beloved was worried about me after a few days because I wasn’t eating. I didn’t feel hungry. I felt sick all the time.

I still wanted to go out for my walk in the morning but I wouldn’t leave his Beloved’s ankles. I wouldn’t play with the dogs at the park. I felt isolated from them all. I felt so lonely and I didn’t feel safe anymore.

After five days I began to get used to the silence. I became used to that aching hole and the feeling of half of me gone was familiar. I don’t know if that will ever lift. I don’t know if I want it to.

I don’t want to forget Zac and I know his Beloved won’t forget him. It won’t be possible.

I found that I could eat again. It felt strange to stand at my bowl without Zac scoffing from his bowl next to me but I could do it. That gave me confidence.

When we went to the park I recognised some familiar furry faces and went up to meet them. I even had a quick run with one.

Wait for me!!!!

His Beloved and I are working through things.

My routine has changed a little but not too much.

I know that things will never be the same. I can never return to the carefree, untroubled Princess that I was, but I am beginning to accept that he has gone and I am beginning to cope. I am less frantic.

His Beloved has talked to me about Zac and she has stopped crying every time she thinks of him. She can laugh at some stories of when he was young and she can look at his photographs. That helps me too.

I still have pangs of guilt when I forget him for a moment and get immersed in a smell or a play.

Last night some dogs came on the television and I ran to the screen barking but there was no Zac to join me and I quickly stopped again, for a moment I had forgotten he wasn’t there to rile up, that made me feel guilty too.

Don’t think that I’m going to talk about Zac all the time. I won’t. It is just still fresh for me and I am still adjusting to being a single dog. It is quite a change.

For instance, I won’t be able to get away with anything any more.

They knew straight away that it was me who had rolled on Ajay’s bed and disarranged the pillows! When Zac was here there was always a certain amount of doubt about which one of us might have done such things, not any more. The buck stops at me!

I have realised that I can no longer push Zac into doing things on my behalf. I have to make it plain what I want.

If I want to come in from outside I have to ask. Before I used to rely on Zac to notice I was at the door and tell his Beloved.

And then there is the food. I always left that department to Zac. He was always more into food than I was. For instance I haven’t bothered with treats so much since he’s been gone, I’m not that interested. It was Zac who used to ‘assume the position’ and sit on his mat for a treat whenever he was brushed, cut or could think of a reason why he should be rewarded!

One thing that concerned his Beloved was the thought that maybe there was a special diet out there which might have helped Zac if she had known about it. So she is changing me over to a raw diet to see if it helps my itchy tummy. This is nothing like as serious as Zac’s allergy problem by the way. She had researched raw before but her old vet didn’t recommend it and sometimes it is hard to know what to do for the best. So instead she gave us special, no grain food made in Australia.

Now however she feels more confident about trying the raw diet and I’m pleased. I like raw and of course now I can’t rely on Zac to tell her so I had to let her know. This I did by not touching any of the old food she put out and only eating the raw. I thought that would be pretty obvious but she didn’t give me any more of the raw roo meat.

So I went to her, sat and looked up at her like Zac used to. It wasn’t a complete success. I didn’t get extra meat but I did feel that she understood. I shall have to wait and see what the next few days bring. There seems to be a lot of waiting and seeing at the moment.

I guess I am having to take on more responsibility for myself. I am having to be more assertive. I think the fun will come back in time but I haven’t felt much like playing yet.

I am not a brave and fearless Tibbie like Zac. I am his Princess, gentle and a little timid. And yes, I like pretty things. I step lightly, I can run, I am agile. Zac was not agile. I don’t mind walking on wet grass and whilst I don’t love baths, I don’t hate them like he did. I quite like to feel clean and tidy.

I didn’t need to think or worry or work things out. He did all the thinking (and more) for us both. He did bring me up though and some of his ways must be in me by nature (he was my blood uncle) and by nurture. Only time will tell how much.

One thing I have always done better than Zac, though he would never admit is, is to sound an alert. If someone comes into the drive I bark. Zac always thought that was rude. He thought everyone was his friend. I don’t. I will bark. His Beloved tells me I am good for doing that.

I have had to re-think what I will call his Beloved. Beloved was Zac’s name. He adored her and she him. She loves me too but we have a different relationship.

So I have been thinking of an appropriate title for her which is mine, all mine. Anyone have any ideas?

Love Zena, the unhappy Princess


The First Week Without Zac

I am Zena. The Princess.

Many of you know me through the blog of Zac the All Black. I am his niece and the one he named Princess. The name has stuck and since he has    crossed over the rainbow bridge I wear it with a certain amount of pride.

Zac and his Beloved blogged together for only a short time. I slipped in and guest blogged a couple of times when Zac wasn’t looking. That was fun    but I am not sure if his Beloved and I will be able to work together in the same way. She and Zac had a special relationship and it doesn’t come around all the time. I accept that, I too had a special relationship with him which another dog could not fill.

I am not sure if this blog is just a start or is in fact an end.  Zac’s pals out there have been so supportive and his Beloved and I were very moved by the tributes and comments which his passing caused.

We want to say thank you and we still want to keep up with all of you, but seeing Zac’s picture on the comments  didn’t seem right. So I have volunteered, not to take his place, but to continue the contact he made with each one of you and we will see where it goes from there.

She and I have to work out our relationship now without Zac. Often I would demand his Beloved’s attention only to make him jealous, though he didn’t usually mind.

I did a lot of things to annoy him and now he is gone and I miss him so much. I didn’t really manage to irritate him with my pranks. He was so tolerant and gentle with me. He was the wise Tibbie. He was the thinker and his paws are big ones to try and fill. So I won’t try.

I am The Princess. The one who he shook his head over. The one who was always young when he was around. I am not sure who I am now and I will have to discover that now.

I never thought there would be a time when I would be without him. To be honest, I never thought.

From the beginning he taught me what was expected of me in the family. He taught me the routine.

He taught me to run when the front door opened and if we were lucky we might get out of the gate and have to be chased, that was fun.

He taught me to sit and wait for treats at a certain time.

He taught me to bark at the bad guys and the horses on the television.

He taught me to run and get a toy to greet his Beloved with in the morning.

He taught me to sleep cuddled up together after a haircut to keep warm and so many other things.

I used to plague him to play with me and eventually he would give in.

I would run away from him at the dog park and he be forced to follow me to keep me safe.

I would pretend to see something on the television to make him jump down from his Beloved’s lap and then I would take his place!

I was the fun one in the family. The one who had no worries and no thoughts beyond the moment.

Not any more.

I knew Zac was struggling with pain but when he left me I was devastated and lost. His Beloved was so upset we just held each other and cried. For the first few nights I couldn’t sleep and I spent the nights crying until I became so upset I howled. His Beloved got up to comfort me. She was lucky, she has her beloved to hold her, I had no-one.

It has been a week now and the aching, raw pain has eased a bit. I am doing more with his Beloved than I used to. I sleep outside their bedroom door and I can hear them breath at night which helps me.

I go in the car to the shops rather than stay in the house by myself. I have even walked to the village but that upset all of us because we knew how much Zac would have loved it.

I am having to grow up and think about things a little more. At the dog park I don’t leave his Beloved, I don’t feel safe yet. I am not sure if I ever will.

Our favourite seat

In the evenings there is no competition for his Beloved’s lap, but I only sit on her for a short time. Somehow even her cuddles aren’t the same without Zac. And although I watch the television I haven’t the heart to run and bark at the things I see because I know he isn’t with me and most of the fun was winding him up!

I am forced to reflect that I did not give him a very peaceful time and I am sorry for that.

His Beloved is finding the house very quiet with just me. I know that, but at the moment I cannot be happy and bouncy and I am not even interested in treats or dinner. Everyone tells me it will come. I am in no hurry.

I know that his Beloved and I see Zac in many places around the house, the garden and even the dog park. We would give anything to have him walk through that door but he will not.

I know he has gone before me over that rainbow bridge and one day I will catch up with him again and then I will feel whole once more. I will be able to tease him and this time, because he will not have pain, he will be able to chase me like he could when I was a pup. And if there are television screens over the rainbow bridge I know he will be watching one of his favourite shows, ‘Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.’

In the meantime his Beloved and I have to readjust. Have to get used to the silence and have to learn to work together – just us – alone.